Africa » Uganda August 16th 2018

So a little disappointed that we failed to see the Tree Climbing Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It seems they haven’t been seen for a few weeks and eerily we were around 10km from the Congolese border in this park. Apparently animals that wander over the border, especially elephants but lions too meet a sinister fate never to return. On the way out of the park we saw the sign post to the border post with just 7km separating us from Congo. Our driver Stanley even got the “welcome to the democractic republic of Congo” notice on his cell phone. Weird. Anyway as you know from the previous post we had made it along more effing rough roads high high up into the mountainous Bwindi Forest and the next day saw us ready to go ... read more
1608 gorilla1
1608 Impala feeding time
1608 long horned cows

Africa August 14th 2018

Okay guys Feels like we are in deepest darkest Africa. Oh we are. That explains lack of many facilities including any kind of half decent wifi, hot running water (today anyway) and a variety of other things. We have been in an amazing lodge in Kibale owned by a Scottish couple who are training the local staff and running the place properly and that was fantastic as was the chimp trekking. 10 mins into the bush and there they are! We spent about an hour crashing through bush and keeping up with them. One of their workers is a guide, Jackie, who took us on a great walk through the local village, countryside past banana and tree plantations and to the crater lakes where our guide picked us up. We met the locals and delighted the ... read more
1308 Bigodi wetlands lizard
1308 bigodi wetlands monkey
1308 bigodi wetlands

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region August 6th 2018

Okay so we made it. Qatar were are a great airline but the 17.5 hour flight Auckland to Doha was just a bit too much (for me especially). Just a tiny bit of drama when I got sick 10 hours in -used up many a sick bag and held up the queue in the loo several times. As a result the airline staff requested a check up by the medics on arrival. by that time my stomach was empty and all other vitals were fine such as heart rate, temperature etc. However what wasn't aware of was that there was a note on my transfer flight and we got to the boarding gate and they held us up not convinced I was okay to fly. They called the medical centre who cleared me..Phew.. Must say the ... read more
Hummingbird_Ent bot Gardens
Bird_Ent Bot Gardens
HornBills_Ent Bot Gardens

Africa » Uganda August 3rd 2018

Getting that super excited, nervous, too busy, icky sicky feeling in the tummy now… one more sleep then we will be off. It’s been a full on couple of weeks organising last minute things with work and home. Hoping we survive the long haul flight okay. Nick and Andrea Davenport did the same one a couple of days on their way to Kenya/Tanzania safari and survived okay. Gave Qatar airlines an average rating. Interestingly we’ll be connecting with them for the same long haul flight home from Doha! So hopefully will be able share exciting stories and photos to bide the time. I’ll try really really hard to update this blog with some notes and photos. I found the one I did for South Africa really handy when it came to finally starting to put the ... read more

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