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11th September 2013
Walk through Noosa National Parl

Nice photo of Noosa Park!
hello, my name is Sara Vitali, I am Italian and I am working in Brisbane for Tony Charters & associates. We are organising a conference in Noosa (in November) about sustainable tourismo and I am looking for photos to use in our social network (linked in and facebook especially). I am currently looking for a photo different than beaches and ocean, we are full of them. I was wondering if we can use yours (Walk through Noosa National Parl) for our next post on fb. Waiting forward your answer Sara Vitali
From Blog: Noosa
6th August 2013

My heart bleeds for you!!!!!
20th July 2013

A somber visit
We've been to these sites and it is amazing mans inhumanity to man. Love to see you post some photos.
16th July 2013
I want to spend my most of the time on trips, and it is my dream that at least one time I go to vietnam. I heard that it is a awesome country.
From Blog: Hoi An Vietnam
25th May 2013

Please respond
Pam, are you getting my e-mails?
From Blog: Adelaide
13th June 2013

Hope you are all ok
From Blog: Adelaide
19th May 2013

My Sunday's just starting!
Sounds just perfect, Pam. Next time you do this, make sure Canada's on your itinerary. Or just come for a visit. Lots of Love, Linda
18th April 2013

What a sweet little animal.
We're watching a special on public TV about the animals in New South Wales. Fascinating. I envy you.
From Blog: Noosa
15th April 2013

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From Blog: Brisbane
25th March 2013

Wow what an amazing time
Hi Pammy You sound like you are having the most amazing time. Keep up the good work. I am tired just reading it. We are all good here thanks off on Thursday to mum and dads for a week over Easter. My brother and fmaily will be down as well so I think mum and dad will need a brteak when we leave. I love hearing about everything you have been up to. Take care and dont get up to too much mischief. lots and love and stay safe. Em. pete. Kian and maisiexxxxxx
From Blog: Cairns
11th March 2013

I am so jealous of you right now!!! What an amazing thing that must have been to watch Xx
28th February 2013

Being bitten
You didn't say what or who bit you!! Sounds like you're having a fabulous time.
23rd February 2013

Would much rather have done this with you on our day together!!
17th February 2013

Enjoying yourself
Well Pam it sounds like you are having the most amazing time. Keep enjoying it. I love looking every now and then at your blogs they really cheer me up in this cold weather. Take good care of yourself lots of love Emma and familyxxx
3rd February 2013

Hi from Peggy
Alison has just read me your latest blog. I am very envious of the hot sunny weather you are having - wet and windy here for weeks! Love from Auntie Peggy x
From Blog: Return to Maketu
11th January 2013

Just been catching up with you Pam you still seem to be having a really good time. Happy New Year keep on enjoying yourself
11th January 2013

Just been catching up with you Pam you still seem to be having a really good time. Happy New Year keep on enjoying yourself
10th December 2012

Hey Mother
Sounds like you are having a fab time adventuring here, there and everywhere and meeting interesting people along the way. Loads of love to you and will email you soon. Enjoy, its freezing here, heating on full blast, wrapped up and working, we want to be like you and be galavanting off around the world. Speak soon. XXXXXXXXX
28th November 2012

Sounds like so much fun! I've never been to Vegas, but I know what you mean about the Grand Canyon. It's almost frightening in its power. L
27th November 2012

Traveling by train for so long hours? It is not a good idea, definitely will get tiered. Not far from LA Santa Barbara, Solvang and Hearst castle are one of the sought tourist destinations. Do have a visit in your next trip.
5th November 2012

Pity about the waterfalls they were amazing but it was May when we went and the snow was still on the ground. Did you see any bears. Bryce Canon , Grand Canyon and Zion are really good if you get a chance to go to any of them
29th October 2012

Only me
It does all look rather bleak!!!! Hope your not affected by the awful weather over there? Sorry we missed you at the weekend. We're in next Saturday evening if you want to try again but not Friday or Sunday. Love you lots xxx
28th October 2012

Why don't you fly up to Canada?
21st October 2012
River nr Orange Masachusetts

River nr Orange Masachusetts
I just love this photo Pam. Keep snapping!!
From Blog: Washington DC
19th October 2012

Sounds like you are having fun
You sound like you are having a fab time. i wish they did breakfasts like that over here. Sau hi to Elvis for us!!! Take care and keep enjoying yourself Emma and coxxxx

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