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Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht June 7th 2010

Day five, our last day of the group trip, started really early, at 7 AM, to be exact. Today we had to drive quite a ways to make it back to Maastricht, but we would also stop twice to tour World War sites. The first stop was at the city of Verdun, to pick up a map of the battlefield and to eat lunch after driving all morning. Almost everyone chose to eat at the same place, which had good food but was quite slow. It took awhile for everyone to get their food and then get back to the bus. Yes, I know slow service in Europe is considered polite service, but we were looking for a bit faster service than what was provided. After that, we stopped at the World War I battlefield of ... read more
Verdun ossuary
Inside the ossuary
Battle of the Bulge monument

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg June 6th 2010

If I had to pick my two favorite days, it would probably be today and yesterday. Yesterday because of the mountain and lunch, and the general beauty of the scenery, today because of the castle we went through, viewing the Rhine falls, and getting to go on another cruise. Since I have been getting up at 6:30 AM every day anyway, I got up a little earlier, went out on my balcony, and took some pictures of the sun coming up over the Alps across the lake. It was pretty, but not as cold as I thought it might be before the sun came up. Thankfully, after breakfast, we did not have to tear ourselves away from Montreux yet, as the castle we were going to tour next was on another side of the city. Chillon ... read more
Lake Geneva 1
Lake Geneva 2
Chillon Castle 1

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Montreux June 5th 2010

Day three of the group trip was definitely one of my favorite days, maybe my favorite. We went into Switzerland and the Swiss Alps, so that should give a clue as to how beautiful everything was. Even though we drove for over seven hours today, it was worth it. Today was definitely a nature day, rather than a cultural day. There is not a lot of description here, but enough, and lots of pictures. The day started with another great breakfast, then we left at 7:45 AM. The drive from Austria into Switzerland was gorgeous, with the Alps rising in the distance, then traveling next to, and finally into the mountains. We stopped around lunchtime at Vitznau, which is a town built around Lake Lucerne. At the train station, we got out and had time to ... read more
Lake Geneva 2
Train to get up the mountain
View from on top of the mountain

Europe » Austria » Vorarlberg » Bregenz June 4th 2010

Day two of the group trip began with a nice breakfast at our hotel. Breakfast here is certainly not like breakfast at home. At home, in a continental breakfast in a hotel, there is usually cereal, fruit, some kind of special bread or pastry, and not a lot else besides coffee, depending on the level of hotel one is staying at, of course. Here when one gets a hotel breakfast there are different kinds of bread, cheeses, and meats, plus fruit, juice, and coffee. I do not understand the fascination with salamis and bolognas for breakfast, but there is always ham, which is good too. We had a little time in between breakfast and when we would leave for the museum, so I used it to go to the cathedral in Rothenburg, St. Jakob’s Church, a ... read more
Altar carving
Pipe Organ
Shame Mask

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber June 3rd 2010

Well, now that the group trip is over, it is kind of tough to remember the first couple of days, especially the first day. It seems so long ago. But first, before I get into the specifics of day 1 of our group trip through Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, and Lichtenstein, let me just say that it was an amazing trip. I saw snow-covered mountains, beautiful lakes, castles, forests, and had some experiences and saw some places that I will never forget. First was breakfast. The cafeteria people had packed our breakfast the night before, so I was eager to see what they packed. It was rather interesting. A cheese sandwich, a ham sandwich, an apple, a Capri Sun pouch for juice, and…a Snickers bar. Now everything else I can understand, but a candy bar ... read more
Rhine River
Castle from Rhine River
Residenz Palace

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht June 2nd 2010

It occurred to me that some folks might want to see my room and one place in Maastricht that I already know well: the train station. So here are some pictures to help explain where I am! Pictures of some of the churches around town, some of beautiful scenery around a walking trail along a canal, and other places around here will be added later.... read more
My room 2
Food place
Bathroom adjoining my room

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 30th 2010

Today was my last sightseeing day in Rome. I would be here part of tomorrow too, but I have to leave so early tomorrow that I will not be able to see anything. On the schedule today: just two places, the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. But first was another good breakfast. They have such a range of jams available here that I had two different kinds today on my roll, and I had two different kinds yesterday as well. I tried a little bit of the coffee today, but it was terrible. The Vatican is a ways from the city center, so I had to think out the metro routes and etc. well beforehand, to make sure I would end up where I wanted to be. Mission accomplished, I arrived at the Vatican metro ... read more
One of the animal statues
Another animal statue
Showing the walls and ceiling

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 28th 2010

Today was the second day of my stay in Rome. After the first day, things could not get much worse, so today was much better. I woke up early, contrary to what I thought would happen, and went down to breakfast. Il Rosario has two breakfast rooms, where they have all kinds of jams set out to go with large rolls, orange juice, and coffee. After two rolls and orange juice, I went out for the day, armed with my map. In less than ten minutes walk, I was at the Colosseum. This was first on my list for the day, so I went down to the entrance and got in free with my Rome Pass. I spent the next hour or so wandering around. People do not realize how truly huge the Colosseum is ... read more
Colosseum exhibits
How big is this place?

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 27th 2010

Well, today was the start of my trip to Rome. On the whole, it went quite well, I only got really lost once, and saw everything that I wanted to see. First, though, how I got there. I flew out of Eindhoven airport (about an hour away from Maastricht) in the afternoon, and saw Zurich and the Alps from above as we flew over them. The actual flight was shorter than I thought it would be, and uneventful. Upon landing in Rome at 6:30 PM, I got on a bus to the main hub of all public transportation in Rome, Termini train station. At Termini, I went by the tourist information place there in the station, and bought a three-day Roma Pass. This pass gives the holder free transportation on the metro and regular buses, free ... read more
Il Rosario door with control panel
My room in Il Rosario
Il Rosario garden

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 26th 2010

Today was a rather filled day. I wanted to go to Eindhoven and the Eindhoven airport so that I would know where everything is for when I fly out tomorrow. Since I was already traveling, I may as well go to Amsterdam as well, and see what I can see. The entire morning was taken up with traveling to Eindhoven, figuring out how to get to the airport from the train station, and seeing where I needed to go the following day. It was time-consuming, but absolutely necessary, and much better than trying to figure it all out when there are actual deadlines involved. I got to Amsterdam right before lunchtime. First stop was the Anne Frank House, which was a better experience than I expected it to be. Not that I am not sympathetic to ... read more
Anne Frank House
Van Gogh Museum

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