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Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht May 21st 2010

Well, we left for real this time, and got to Amsterdam and Maastricht safely. The flight was just as good this time, only this time actually finished it. I got less sleep than last time I flew to Europe on a plane, though. After moving just about every piece of furniture in the house that could be moved, I left on Thursday in the afternoon. We landed in Amsterdam at 8:30 AM their time, where we claimed all our bags and trooped out to a waiting bus. It took until about 1 PM to travel through the entire length of the Netherlands, down to Maastricht, with a stop for lunch at a truck stop. It was actually quite nice, a small sandwich with ham, crispy bread, and cheese, and potato soup. Once we got to Maastricht, ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Houston May 16th 2010

Well, now that it is all over, I can say that it was quite an experience. In a nutshell, the volcano in Iceland put out too much ash again, and we had to come back home after getting less than four hours from landing in Europe. Though, as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story" is I guess what you came to hear, and not the "nutshell" version, so here it goes. I was dropped off by my family at the Dallas airport in plenty of time to go through the ticket window, checked baggage, and security on Sunday, May 16th. I found the terminal without any trouble, and checked in my thirteen students who would come to Houston from Dallas with me as the connecting flight for our group to Houston. From Houston ... read more

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