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15th April 2012

Note the two alligator rides in the picture
2nd March 2012

Happy belated Birthday babe, you kept that one quite. Keep up the good work with the stories :} lol. They make me chuckle .Love Carol XXXX
25th February 2012

Thanks for the mail. What a day, even against all the amazing sights you're seeing, your 60th will remain an unforgetable day stand-out day forever. Glad to hear your both having a great time. By the way, while fascinated with your tick of
a short eared owl 500 miles offshore, I did, if you remember, ask you to keep a look out for an Albatross, not quite the same thing!
19th February 2012

Happy belated birthday you old codger, sounds like it was a fantastic day xxx
15th February 2012

My wifi connection went down just as I posted my comments for your birthday tomorrow. So just in case they don't get posted......have a great day tomorrow, have one for me as the sun sails over the yardarm.....and many more of 'em. Happy Sa
iling from Martin and Jill.
14th February 2012

Hi Paul,Linda Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Really enjoying reading your blog, it's great to read your adventures after a hard day's work and wish we were with you. Hope the good times continue. Sue and Bob xx
12th February 2012

Paul, as ever I'm loving your travel diary. I proper LMAO at the Dambusters part - if my Dad was there you would have had a willing partner in crime to tear about the deck arms outstretched!
12th February 2012

Trust you to end up on Randolph the Rasta's tour of Rum outlets!!! Sounds great fun x
From Blog: Week 2
30th January 2012

Hey PaulSounds great, very jealous! Glad you're having a good time, say hello to the sun for me! xx
From Blog: Week 2
30th June 2011

The snake was too fast to photo, and despite gingerly moving things about whilst packing there's been no sign of him since - unless ????
From Blog: Week 11
28th June 2011

I wish it was me that found the snake ,,, did you get a pic ,, and I am sooooooo jealous I could cry :-{ ,,,,,,, sounds like you had a lot of great times out there !!!!!! see you soon xxxx
From Blog: Week 11
23rd June 2011

Paul I'm soooo jealous - this is the life eh? Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself mate! x :>
From Blog: Week 11
9th June 2010

Great pictures.... I am always looking for something special and I've found , thanks.
24th April 2009

From Blog: Table Mountain,
30th March 2009

Glad to see... you can still have fun despite the major inconvenience of your ship breaking down! Keep up the great writing. Louise BrownTravelPod Community Manager
From Blog: The C Word

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