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Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Vieques September 16th 2007

A few observations from our stay here on the island of Vieques, just off the east coast of Puerto Rico You know you're on an island when: *A horse stampede runs wild through your property *We're going to the beach...again. *Taking a nap is easy *Catching up on our reading; books and blogs. *Watching the horse, or chicken cross the road while driving *We can pick fresh limes and papayas on our property *A power outage can follow a heavy rainstorm *and is the reason we unplug the phone and laptop during a storm and monitor hurricane weather sites *Interesting dining options *Another day, something else breaks down, and Dennis repairs it (today, it's our landline!) ... read more
And the view to the west
Fresh papayas

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 5th 2007

Our last month in San Miguel went by fast. We developed a rythym and adjusted to living here a bit more. We made some new friends with common interests which made it fun. In January, we also had guests from Oregon to share our experience in San Miguel. On Thursday of last week, we made the 9 hour drive to the Texas border at Nuevo Laredo. The roads were good and we made good time with another 4 hours drive up to Austin. We'll stay with our friend Joan while I fly to Tampa to visit my parents and we wait through February in Austin before heading north.... read more
Great Colors
Great Sky
Short Term Parking

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende December 24th 2006

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family Our travel break is almost over as planned, 3 months in South America and 3 months in Mexico. Had we the chance to do it over again, we would have spent all our time in South America, exploring more of Peru, Chile and a visit to Patagonia in southern Argentina. We found the diversity of cultures, history and landscapes so stimulating, along with great food and wine. We've had some great experiences and met some wonderful people along the way. During the holiday season is when I miss seeing friends and family. We're ready to get back to the States and settle down. We'll start making our way north by the end of January or earlier, if possble. Our first choice is Portland, but that may be open ... read more
Templo de San Francisco
Little Angels
on the streets 1

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende November 10th 2006

Now that we’ve been here for one month, we can give you a clearer picture of what it’s like to live here. For one thing, each morning arrives with a cacophony of noises. First off, the dueling roosters announce the start of each day just before sunrise. Secondly, there are the numerous church bells that ring regularly announcing a mass. I’ve counted eleven churches on the tourist map of the town. This morning at 5:0am I first heard the soothing sound of chiming church bells ringing in the distance. Not too long after that, it was the loud bells clanging from the nearby Santo Domingo church repeatedly at 6:00, 6:15 and again at 6:40. We talked about the frequency of the bell ringing with other visitors in San Miguel trying to figure out the significance, but ... read more
In the Jardin
Street scene
Rice,Beans and Corn!

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende October 16th 2006

First off, we’d like to thank our many friends who hosted us in Sunriver, Bend, Sisters, Vancouver and Tucson in September while we made the transition from our travels in South America to Mexico. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re just sorry we couldn’t make time for everyone. What a long, long trip it’s been! We drove from Bend to Tucson in two and a half days, driving through Yosemite National Park. Spectacular scenery, but a bit crowded in the park and overpriced concessionares. While we were in Tucson visitng Rick and Anne, we finalized one of the two requirements to drive our car into Mexico - we purchased Mexican car insurance from a local agent. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s a legal requirement in Mexico. For the second requirement, a temporary import license ... read more
On the Road, Again!
The Grand Mayan
Lush Landscape

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 2nd 2006

We were enjoying our stay in Salta in northern Argentina after the arduous trip from La Paz, but decided we'd better tour more of the area to get a feel for the wonders of the north and how different it is to the rest of Argentina. We rented a car for 4 days and decided to travel on 2 circuits around the area. First, we'd follow the Andean circuit which follows the route of the famous Train to the Clouds (Tren a los Nubes) which we'd planned to take but is no longer running, and then the southern circuit to the Valley of Calchaquies which runs through some beautiful canyons enroute to Cafayate, the northern wine country in Argentina. The entire drive is loaded with suprises in scenery that we hadn't anticipated. The northern route runs ... read more
Posada Con Los Angeles
Brilliant Red Landscapes
Location, Location, Location

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 22nd 2006

Pardon the dated material as we finished this trip the 8th of August and have since traveled into Argentina. The one hour flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque was spectacular. Departing La Paz at altitude and flying by Mt. Illampu was impressive. Landing on the grass strip and opening the cabin door to the warmth of the jungle was a welcome relief. We were booked in a local hotel just off the square, so we were able to wander around the one horse river town until our ride up river was the following morning. Passing through the square after dinner I noticed some activity near a temporary stage. What we didn´t realize was that it was the national Independence day, and the band played all night long. I mean all night long. We were met at ... read more
Our river transport
Early morning view
Heading upriver

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi August 10th 2006

Our visit to the Tarabuco Sunday market was like a step back in time. We hired a private taxi to drive us the 30 miles or so. He was such an animated fellow, driving like the usual Bolivian: using the left lane on the windy road, passing on curves, pointing out various sites that we couldn´t understand, and going faster than I would prefer. Aside from that he would have a great laugh and then go all quiet which led me to believe he may have had a bit to drink and was tired, but Dennis didn´t think so. Once I asked him to drive more slowly and that we weren´t in a hurry he was just fine. Once we got to the main square where all the vendors were selling their wares we saw what ... read more
Market shopper
Checking the coca leaves
Cerro Rico

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico July 29th 2006

My last entry mentioned that we were planning a mountain biking trip from La Paz. What I failed to mention was that the route would venture down the so-called "World´s Most Dangerous Road". Yes, there is some validity to that well earned title a we heard that 3 vehicles had gone off the cliff in the last week. And if I´m so afraid of heights why would I even consider this trip? For one, I feel less fear when I'm in control, for another, I enjoy a good a good thrill now and then, and finally, we chose the safest tour operator on the route (one guide per seven riders;our group of 16 had 3 guides) The route is 40 miles of which the first 10 are paved and the balance is dusty gravel, made even ... read more
Post-Ride Relaxation
Coca Fields near Corioco
Jeep for the return

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 20th 2006

We spent about 9 days in Arequipa, Peru. It´s Peru´s 2nd largest city after Lima and has a very comfortable feel. We found a great small hotel (they´re called hostal´s here) with a quiet feel, beautiful gardens and an easy walk to the city center. Next, we found the street with the good Italian restaurant that the Brit in Puno referred us to and settled in to tour some sites in town. First was the Santa Catalina convent that was closed to outsiders for 400 years. Just incredible how a young life can be directed due to the social mores of the day. It was the second daughter or son that was sent to a religious order, with no questions asked, for life. Oh, and you were only able to speak during needlepoint sessions once a ... read more
View of Chivay
Young Girls on the trail
Viewpoint of the Canyon

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