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1st January 2014

Sounds like a dream! Can\'t wait to come back to visit..still checking out schools to work at! Not sure if I want full time or just a tutoring job.
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1st January 2014

Hi Nancy and Dennis - great t hear from you. Harry and I visited Rich in Hong Kong and then went onto the Phillipines which were great. We survived an earthquake and just missed the typhoon. We have just come back from skiing for Xmas in Austria. We will be visiting Rich again sometime in Sept/Oct. All the best to you both. ( This is m first blog - we are not good with technology ) All the best to you both xx
31st December 2013

Thank you for the blog. I like it :) and love that you ended the December with the street protesters! That sounds like an exciting ending and 2014\'s start for Thailand :)
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12th January 2011

great photos!
great photos!
29th December 2010

birds eye view
Thanks Nancy and Dennis for the great photos of Thailand!!! My brother Rich was there and I have a beautiful ring he brought me (a Pagota shape). I'm glad you are enjoying your trip. Please stay safe and hopefully I'll see you when you return.Love,carol
27th December 2010

Your lives are so fun khun Nancy and Dennis. I love your pictures of the year.
6th November 2010

wow! amazing trip, and beautiful photos.
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28th September 2010

Good memories
Dear Nancy, You brought back many memories for me while reading your blog. Thank you for shearing! Hope to see you soon in the recommended restaurant by you on Thong Lor.
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29th December 2009

Sending Well Wishes!
Tammy and I miss you guys so much! I wish there were less miles between us but we are very excited for you guys. It looks like you are settling in and really enjoying yourselves - keep the information and pictures coming! Can't wait to visit - maybe 2010 we will be able to make our way West??!! :) Love you guys, Joel, Tammy and boys
27th December 2009

Oh my-does this bring back wonderful memories! Den remembers vividly the bridge over the river when he was stationed in Thailand 40 years ago! It looks like a great time so far and I am sooo jealous! I promised my "Thai" family I was going back in 2 years to see Mint graduate from university.....maybe you will still be there!!! I talk w/my family weekly-Mint has had a few setbacks w/her illness and wants to wait to hook up with you when she is feeling better....hope that is ok. May enjoyed Christmas here VERY much! It was a joy to see her open gifts on Christmas morning! Well I look forward to hearing from you again...enjoy the New Year- I hear its pretty exciting htere that night! Love, Karen
27th December 2009

Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Hey guys! It's so nice to hear from you! Randall told me that you all were emailing eachother the other day. It is very important to him to keep in touch with you both. Our family had a great holiday this year. We spent it with my parents, and actually had a sleep over at their house! Fun!! All is well in Bend, with beautiful frozen fog weighing down everything, and no mountain in sight! Kind of strange to not at least get a peek of them. Ange had her first accidentthe first day of ice and snow a few weeks back. but she is okay and so were the other people. Just a little wake up call for her to not get too cocky while driving. No harm, no foul.. Miss you both and look forward to seeing more pics! Take care! XOXO
26th December 2009

Happy New Year!
I must say that this was the most interesting Christmas letter yet! Company is arriving today, Bill, Cathy and the girls and Jeff and Ed. Keep on writing I love reading your blogs.Love, Daniele
26th December 2009

Merry Christmas
If I understand correctly, you guys are now living full time in Bangkok??!! You've got to give me a little more background as to how this came about and what your plans are. All is well here in MN. A lovely white Christmas. Thanks for keeping us on your blog list. chuck
25th December 2009

Many thanks for your good wishes and photos. Happy Holidays to you, too. I also went to the WWII bridge several years ago. Memorable. Enjoy your stay in Thailand. You're right, too. The Thai people are lovely. Hugs, Hilary
25th December 2009

best wishes
Merci Nancy et Dennis de vos bons voeux. A notre tour, une merveilleuse année 2010. Vos photos sont très intéressantes et je vous envie de manger cette nourriture thai.... On vous embrasse tous les deux. Lucille et Jean.
25th December 2009

Merry & cheers!
it looks like the good life to me! sightseeing, swimming, massages, and parties!
5th January 2008

In your picture at the Metropole, are those flowers on the sleeve of your t-shirt, or did you get a floral tattoo on your arms!
26th December 2007

We are having fun along with you!
Wishing you both a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - Rebecca, Ted, Lila and Willie
25th December 2007

your travels in Vietnam
Hi Nancy and Dennis, I SO enjoyed seeing your photos and reading Nancy's write-up. I visited the same places a little over a year ago, and your blog entry brought back lots of memories. I also did the Halong Bay excursion with young people for about $50 round-trip from Hanoi. Are you going to Mai Son? I enjoyed that. The one place I missed which I would have liked to have visited is Sapa up in the mountains. Are you going there? Where's your next stop? Let's keep in touch. I'm traveling to Quebec at the end of January to see my son Marc and then down to Guatemala for a month to work on my Spanish. Also hope to visit Costa Rica while I'm down there. Back to Paris at the end of March via Boston and Quebec. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season in Asia. Hugs, Hilary
15th December 2007

Great pics!
Hey guys! Glad your trip is going well. Miss meeting you guys at Roy's for coffee. Our trip to Barcelona was great, except for the day I was pick-pocketed. The cruise was wonderful. Lou and Mike
13th December 2007

Loved the photos-still LOL about the "new food reviewer in town" - -Thai food comes in bottles, not on a plate!!
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4th December 2007

Hey guys. The food sounds and looks amazing. Wish I was there. Especially after yesterday's snow day... xoxoxo,S
15th February 2007

Hey guys! It's great to finally hear from you! Hope all is well and we will be seeing you again soon. We had to change our number so here is our new one, 541-306-6085. Randall is going nuts because he hasn't heard from you. Take care!
15th February 2007

on to the next chapter!!! - - it's a page-turner!
4th January 2007

Come on Home
Hi Nancy and Dennis, The Holiday chaos is over....back to the grind here at OTE. We are finishing up the babies room. It's done in an Ocean theme with lots of vintage pieces. It's mostly what I like...what does a baby know huh? Things are going great with the baby. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl and want to be surprised. If it's a girl her name will be Clementine Faith and if it's a boy, Jasper James. I hope it works out that you end up in Portland. That's nice and close. Any definite plans yet? We miss you and I hope to see you in person soon. I should be out of work from about mid March until mid June. Stay in touch and be safe. Hugs to you. Crystal
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