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After a break back in the UK for two weddings (which were great) we started the trip again. Our flight went through Washington DC and rather than spend the day at the airport we ventured downtown to visit the famous capital. Clearing customs was fairly easy considering the usual paranoia of the US and within the hour we were standing outside George W Bush's residence. Having seen it from the back at first we didn't think it was too impressive, only to walk around the corner and see the traditional view across the lawn. Some pad - makes No 10 look like a little terraced cottage! We walked all day, up to the obelisk surrounded in flags affording great views of Capitol Hill, the Whitehouse and the long lake with a memorial at the end. Made ... read more
Vietnam War Memorial
Patriotic or what!
The White House

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec September 2nd 2006

Well, writing about a STAG do is a little taboo. Suffice to say we had an excellent weekend. Sampled the amazing Slovenian Alps around Bovec, canyoning and hydrospeeding and a little drinking and eating. I recommend the Pink Panter (not a typo) night club! We also spent an excellent two nights in the capital, Llubjiana. A beautiful city, compact but with everything on offer for culture hungry STAGS. We stayed in a hostle that used to be a prison. A very individual place with quirky rooms and in an area full of arty people and buildings! Much more interesting than a travel lodge! Obviously we spent time walking around the city - went to the castle and were lucky enough to see a medieval parade. Over the weekend we had literally no sleep and returned exhausted. ... read more
Our Hotel
Watersport the order of the Day

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 6th 2006

Needing a break from Buenos Aires we decided to go to Uruguay for the day! We departed on the ferry early morning on an organised tour that included transport, lunch and a guide for Colonia. The ferry journey was fun - great views of the BA skyline and then nothing until we arrived in Colonia a few hours later. We were met by the guided and jumped onto the tour bus for the rest of the day. It started off very badly with lunch. It was probably the worst meal we had eaten during our whole trip! Not too good considering we had paid extra to have a better menu! The rest of the day was really good. Our guide was very knowledgable about Colonia, the oldest city in Uruguay, and we saw everything. There was ... read more
Colonia Church
On the way back to Argentina
Flower Pot

After a fun but cold time in Uyuni we decided to head across back into Chile. The journey is not that far but again on terrible roads! We left Uyuni in the middle of the night and I don't think I have ever been so cold! The bus made good time to the border but that was when things slowed down to a walk/crawl. We were kept there for over 4 hours. During that time we had our bags searched, people were turned back to Bolivia and a dog wee'd on an american girls leg whilst we were waiting! Once through we thought we'd get on our way to Calama and then San Pedro - no such luck. The bus decided firstly to stop for lunch, then we had a flat tyre, then the fan belt ... read more
Local Church
Valle de la Luna

We were lucky enough to have time to go back to Uyuni, our first visit being more than we bargained for 6 years ago but that story is for another time. After another long journey from Potosi it was a good feeling to be back somewhere we knew. On first appearences it had not changed a bit. By complete chance we ended up in the hostel that rescued us last time and it was exactly the same - just as cold as well. We had hooked up with an English guy who was going to book a different trip to ours - he was so indecisive I couldn't work out how he had got so far away from home by himself! We just wanted to do a day trip back out to the Salt Pans and ... read more
Flamingoes at Sunset
Salt Pans
Train Cemetary

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi July 20th 2006

Going back to Bolivia was quite exciting and after a couple of months of relatively easy travel it was going to be quite a shock! We crossed the border and instantly everything was different - but in a good way. This is South America and Bolivia is unique. We spent the day waiting for our overnight bus to Potosi. Only a couple of hundred kilometres but it was going to take us about 8 hours. The roads were exactly as they had been 8 years ago - terrible. The bus journey wasn't the worst but certainly not comfortable. We arrived in the dead of night to a deserted Potosi. It was absolutely freezing and we really struggled to find anywhere to stay. We eventually settled on a hotel but were given the most awful room you ... read more
Silver Mountain
One of many churches
Short Fuse

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cachi July 15th 2006

We arrived in Salta after a 16 hour bus journey from Mendoza so we were pretty knackered. Our first day was spent exploring the city which seemed to have a very South American feel to it compared to the more European feel that the rest of Argentina emulated. There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the main shopping street and the square was lined with an ornate cathedral, beautiful buildings and orange trees. The city came alive in the evening as alot of the buildings and churches were lit up with different coloured lights. On our first night we ventured to the outskirts of town in search of a parilla which we did not find but we did dine in a little restaurant owned by 2 doctors who ran it in the evening. We ... read more
Can I help you?
The Mountain of 7 Colours
Salta Hotel

South America » Argentina » Mendoza July 10th 2006

After an awful overnight bus journey from Malargue we arived in Mendoza feeling a little tired - and hungover. A crazy hostel tout bundled us into a taxi and sent us to his "amazing" hostel. It was pretty good apart from the fact they played loud music all night and early in the morning (and that was the staff). Not the place for us oldies to stay! We moved the next day to a great place called hostel Lao. Run by an English guy and his Argentinian girlfriend it was just what we were looking for. Graham and Lynny came along too and we had our own little room with ensuite out in the garden - perfect. It even had a swimming pool if the weather turned out finer. Mendoza is a pretty city with tree ... read more
Bikes and Wines
One of Many
Our Hostel

After an excellent time in Pucon we headed back to Argentina over the Andes - our first stop Bariloche. The journey was pretty spectacular despite it raining for most of the way. We found a nice hostel and stayed there with Graham and Lynny. The main reason to go to Bariloche is for skiing and hiking. We heard that the snow was not so great so left the skiing for another resort but managed to do a really good hike one day. The best evening we had was ten pin bowling. Six of us went along having heard the pin replacement machines were something special. Only after a couple of goes did we realise that the pins were being put back up by hand! There was a whole team of guys at the end of the ... read more
Bowling Gang
Manual Pin Replacement
Hiking Around the Lakes

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón June 30th 2006

The Moreno Glacier was going to be hard to beat but nevertheless we went on in search of natural wonders and new cultures, Chile did not disappoint. The drive from El Calafate to Puerto Natales was pretty hairy, over mountains on a snow covered road, at night and in a very small bus. In true South American fashion nothing fazed the driver and we arrived safe and sound to a very cold and quiet Natales. Searching for a hostel was not so easy - most were closed as this was the low season. Eventually we came across Magallania - run by a very laid back guy. It comprised a few bunks, lounge, kitchen and dirty shower. We only stayed one night but the guy was so nice we felt a little bit bad so made up ... read more
400 metres from the summit
Captain Birdseye
Ships Cargo

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