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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 17th 2014

It is our last day at the Myconian Ambassador Hotel, and I am feeling wistful. I have grown attached to the staff here: sensitive Virginia; efficient Konstantinos; enthusiastic George, and; The Philosopher’s serious ways. I feel like when I leave the hotel, I will be leaving friends behind. Of course, the staff may be happy to see our backsides as we leave. I don’t think that Deke likes to admit it, but he has enjoyed conversations with George in the mornings at breakfast. I’m out on our balcony looking at the Aegean. It is likely that I will never experience this exact view again; it is bittersweet. One of the staff, Nicholas, drove us to the ferry and helped us with our luggage. He is a muscular man, and besides being a gentleman, it appears to ... read more
Leaving Mykonos - Mykonos Town Windmill
Leaving Mykonos Town 2
Leaving Mykonos - 10 16 14 - Flower Near Myconian Ambassador Hotel

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 16th 2014

Last night Deke and I went to the restaurant, “Nautilus” in Mykonos Town. The food was excellent, but the most interesting part was meeting the proprietor, Vasyli. Our cab driver told us on the way over that if we could find a happier man than Vasyli, we needed to call him. Vasyli greeted us warmly and with enthusiasm. He has quite long, flowing hair and appears to be in his early thirties. Many people who came to Nautilus hugged and kissed him. I know that I embarrassed Deke, but I just had to ask, “Vasyli, why are you so happy?” He said that he loves his job, and loves people. Deke stated that he was very lucky, and that people would be jealous if they knew how happy he was. The concept of jealousy seemed foreign ... read more
Platis Yialos Beach - October 15, 2014 005
Platis Yialos Beach - October 15, 2014 008
Me in Front of Notos Restaurant on Platis Yialos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 15th 2014

I got an early start because I needed to catch the ferry from Mykonos Town to Delos. Deke stayed behind at the hotel because his idea of sight-seeing is a private tour with a hired guide; I’m a bit hardier than Deke in this regard. I noticed that there were a lot of Americans on the ferry—commensurately more than I have noticed at The Myconian Ambassador Hotel. The ferry ride was pleasant, but crowded. After buying a ticket to enter the ruins, I saw the following sign regarding the rules: “It is strictly forbidden to: . . . .” We hardly ever speak so forcefully regarding rules in the United States. Maybe if we did, more people would obey them. Delos has very rocky terrain, and I couldn’t see much plant life, though I noticed some ... read more
Delos Ruins 15 - Copy
Delos Ruins 5 - Copy
Delos Urns

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 14th 2014

My stomach has been off, and Deke wanted to relax so we stayed mostly around the hotel today. Our balcony has my beloved palms nearby, and it is quite warm. George treated us very well at breakfast as usual. I am going to have a massage and thalassotherapy (sea water therapy) today. I had thalassotherapy a few years ago in France. I enjoyed swimming and exercising in sea water. As far as I can tell, thalassotherapy is a European luxury; I have never heard of a thalassotherapy spa center in the United States. I have seen a few pregnant women here at The Myconian Ambassador Hotel, and also a woman with a newborn in her arms. Gentlemen, if bringing these women here was in any way your idea—good move. These women should be letting someone take ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 13th 2014

Thus far our stay at the Myconian Ambassador Hotel has been very pleasant. Virginia, who I believe is the concierge, is a demure and lovely person. She has dark eyes which are very mysterious, like she holds a lot of feeling and information which others may never recognize. Because all of the seven members of my family, my husband, and my sister-in-law all have blue eyes, it is familial to me. It is the brown-eyed people who hold the clandestine for me. Her eyes are like my Greek friend, Eleni’s—they reflect a depth, which is hard to comprehend. She has been wonderful to Deke and me. I told her that Deke wasn’t easy to please, but that she was doing a great job taking care of him. I told her that I was easier than Deke, ... read more
Holy Diocese of Syros Church
Boy and Cat on Paraga Beach
Deocon at Holy Diocese of Syros

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 12th 2014

Yesterday I called my mother and father. My father, whom Deke nicknamed, “The Count,” told me to “be careful” regarding my first blog. Translation: Don’t do or say anything stupid. That ship sailed long ago, but The Count still has hope for the future. Dad, just so you know, Deke is my editor, and errs and the cautious side of things. Deke put the kibosh on a couple of things already as he believes that discretion is his watchword. Last night Deke and I ate at Yialo-Yialo, a restaurant on Platis Yialos beach near The Mykonian Ambassador Hotel. It is the end of the season and the restaurant was very quiet. Our waiter, Vangelis, was friendly and provided excellent service. I asked about Platis Yialos, and he said as compared to the other beaches nearby it ... read more
Lobby of Mykonian Ambassador Hotel
Flowring Plant at Mykonian Ambassador Hotel
Mykonian Ambassador Hotel Pool

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 11th 2014

Our driver Nicholas told us that October is a good time to come to Mykonos. It is still warm, and the large crowds of summer are gone making it is easy to get reservations at the good restaurants. We are staying at The Mykonian Ambassador Hotel. Its architecture reflects the region, a white boxy style with colorful shutters and doors. The interior is also mostly white, and provides a sort of pure, monastic feeling. The Mykonian Ambassador Hotel is also a thalassotherapy spa (sea water therapy spa). Upon our arrival the staff greeted us warmly with drinks and showed us to our room. It was small by American standards, but cozy with a large balcony and private Jacuzzi. The views from the balcony of the Aegean are beautiful. There were palm trees near our balcony, and ... read more
Balcony View 2
Balcony View 3
Balcony View 4

Europe » Greece » South Aegean October 10th 2014

Journey to Mykonos Upon takeoff from Salt Lake City, I gazed upon The Great Salt Lake below; a strange sometimes arabesque play between earth and water held my attention. The clouds, mostly cirrus over the Salt Lake Valley, streaked across the sky. Flying eastward over the Wasatch Mountains, yellow quaking aspen leaves winked from near the peaks. The rockier peaks to the south reflected a little bit of snow. I held hands with my husband, “Deke.” We are heading out on an adventure, and our first destination, Mykonos, Greece, is the furthest east I have ever been. Our first stop was JFK. I was intrigued by a couple outside at The Sky Club because they looked so happy and glamorous in the sun. They willingly let me take their photograph. I was also able to get ... read more
Deke on the Plane to JFK
Nice Couple Outside at JFK

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos September 11th 2014

On October 8, 2014, my husband and I leave for Greece to celebrate our three-year anniversary. We will spend one week on the island of Mykonos, one week on the island of Santorini, and one week in Athens. I am “armed” only with a new camera for my birthday, and a love of writing. I undertake this endeavor dubiously, but with enthusiasm. I hope to share with you not only photographs, but my impressions. A wonderful Greek in America has graced my life. Eleni Kourti, actress and writer, was the first friend I made in New York. My boyfriend at the time was a NYU professor, who insisted that Eleni and I should meet. Feeling a bit sassy and independent, I resisted, wanting to choose my own friends. Upon my boyfriend’s insistence, I called Eleni. I ... read more

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