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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 27th 2014

Deke continues to hopefully heal in the Electra Palace Hotel. The poor man is splinted and ready to go home; we depart for Salt Lake City in a couple of days. Deke encouraged me to get to the Acropolis since it is so near. As I began my ascent up the hill, I felt a heavy sadness. My husband, with whom I came to celebrate our anniversary, was in the hotel room with a fractured patella; there was no seeing the Acropolis up close together. I have no Aristotle quote today; I guess that I am grumpy. I took a lot of photographs; I hope that you enjoy them. Yasas, Monique... read more
Parthenon 4
Athens Sky
Acropolis 038

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 26th 2014

Most of the day, I stayed in the hotel room with Deke; the poor man is suffering, and both his back and his knee are hurting. He is getting better with the crutches, but it is still a bit of an effort to get to the bathroom. Needless to say, we will be leaving Greece a little earlier than we had planned. Despite his pain, Deke is his old logistical, genius self, taking care of the details needed for an early exit. I offered to do this for Deke, but he trusts himself more than he trusts me with this kind of thing. The staff at the Electra Palace Hotel has been very accommodating in helping us with Deke’s additional needs, and it is appreciated. I suppose if one has to suffer a fractured patella, it ... read more
Acropolis Museum 012
Acropolis Museum 009
Dekes Poor Knee

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 25th 2014

Deke and I awoke to a rainy day in Athens; there was a lot of thunder and lightning and I mentioned to Deke that perhaps Zeus was angry. It was really quite dramatic to experience in the shadow of The Acropolis. Deke went out to run some errands, and came back hurting and limping; he had fallen on wet, slick marble in the plaza area at Athens Center Office Complex and hurt his knee and back. The pain was so great, we decided that we should ask for a consultation with a physician. The physician came to our hotel room, and arranged for an x-ray technician to come to the room as well. We discovered that Deke had a fracture at the inferior part of the patella; Deke would be immobile. Throughout the night, medical folk ... read more
Deke Goes Down 008

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 24th 2014

It was our last day at the Astra Suites hotel; I kept looking out the window so I wouldn’t forget the beautiful view before us. The time went far too quickly in Santorini. At Astra Suites, we were in one of the units closest to the Aegean and to the ever-present Skaros. Because we were so close to the sea, our room would get a bit humid. Deke could never get used to it, but didn’t want to move to a unit higher up on the hill of our hotel because the accommodations were so good; we had a large room. I asked Anne Marie, one of the concierges, if there were units available that were possibly available for my parents—where the guests didn’t have to walk so many stairs. Anne Marie told me that they ... read more
Arriving in Athens 014
At the Santorini Airport
Sunset Near the Acropolis

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 23rd 2014

Last night Deke and I, while walking to a restaurant for dinner, saw a beautiful site. It appeared that a couple was renewing their vows, inclusive of not only a red carpet, but of fireworks as well. From what our guide Leftelis said, Santorini is a big wedding and vow-renewal destination. I suppose that in a sense, Deke and I have renewed our vows by taking this trip to Greece to celebrate our three-year anniversary. Though I suffer from motion sickness, I felt that I just had to take a tour of a couple of volcanic islands; I thought that the tour might entail a ferry ride; instead I learned it was a catamaran tour. We left from the southern part of Santorini, and the waters were very rough. I did what the crew and captain ... read more
Catamaran Tour in Santorini 003
Catamaran Tour in Santorini 007
Catamaran Tour in Santorini 009

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 22nd 2014

We were served a lovely breakfast at Astra Suites as we normally are, but it was our server, Marinos’ day off; however, Dimitri did a good job as well. There was very little wind today, so I decided it was the day to climb most of Skaros (I won’t go up the last part, which just looks too scary). Anne Marie, our concierge, told me a good way to go so that I could see the remnants of the medieval castle there. I have no idea how people hundreds of years ago were able to build on such a steep surface. On the opposite side of Skaros from where we can see it at the hotel, is a Greek Orthodox church. It faces the Aegean and seems to be welcoming people both to Skaros and to ... read more
Umbrella at Poolside 1
Skaros Hike 1
Sunset 1

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 21st 2014

I awoke before dawn and was treated to what I can only describe as a rainbow dawn. At the horizon was a layering of color above the Aegean and the city of Oia. Skaros, ever present before our balcony, appeared to be waiting patiently anticipating the full rise of the sun. It was the beginning of another sporadically windy day in Imerovigli. Our breakfast server, Marinos, didn’t disappoint us; he is always entertaining when he shows up. Deke wanted to take it easy again. Sometimes, I miss Deke when I embark upon an excursion out when he wants to stay in. I have come to think of our times together and our times apart as, “the dance of together and away.” We seem to do this dance better than most, but it still takes a measure ... read more
Imerovigli - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy - Copy
Skaros and Imerovigli (2) - Copy
On the Way to Fira 2 - Copy (4) - Copy - Copy

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 20th 2014

I awoke to a wonderful view as I normally do at Astra Suites with the geological formation, Skoros before me. My habit now is to go out onto the balcony every morning to get fresh air and absorb the magnificent view. When I went outside, I saw whitecaps on the Aegean and felt breezes strong enough to take my breath away. Suddenly, a big gust came up and blew over our umbrella. The umbrella has a very heavy base. Astra Suites has provided us with a double-sized lounging bed, and the small pillows were starting to blow off of the bed. Despite a little bit of fear, I felt invigorated and alive—the way that children do when they are faced with just the right amount of fear coupled with excitement. Though it was no day for ... read more
Deke Relaxing on the Balcony
Sunset with Skoros
White Caps Near Skoros 2

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 19th 2014

The staff at Astra Suites Hotel arranged for us to have a private tour of Santorini by car. Deke was running a little late, but eventually we met our driver, Lefteris. Lefteris is a young, handsome man who said that he enjoys his work, though he was at one time, working two jobs. I mentioned that George, the waiter at The Myconian Ambassador Hotel, was sending home part of his wages to his parents. Lefteris stated that from time to time, he does as well. I have been impressed with the quality of young people here willing to care for their parents monetarily. It has been just the opposite for me; my dad, “The Count,” and my mom, “Mamma S,” have helped me in times of financial troubles. Outside of economic concerns, I think there is ... read more
View from Red Cliffs - Copy
Black Beach View - Copy
Akrotiri Ruins 2 - Copy

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 18th 2014

When we got up today at the Astra Suites Hotel the sewage smell coming from the bathroom was worse than it was the night before. The staff spoke to a plumber, and the plumber stated it had to do with the high winds the night before, which had come from a direction they don’t normally come. The staff was very apologetic, and said that they would need to flush the system with water to clear out the smell. A female member of the staff told us that this was the hotel’s number one priority. Now Deke is a man who likes to be the number one priority of any hotel, but I don’t think that he wanted to go about it in this way. We spoke to George at Astra Suites. George is a man after ... read more
From Our Balcony 3
Skaros 1
Old Greek Man

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