A Quiet Day at the Myconian Ambassador Hotel – Mykonos, Greece

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October 14th 2014
Published: October 14th 2014
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My stomach has been off, and Deke wanted to relax so we stayed mostly around the hotel today. Our balcony has my beloved palms nearby, and it is quite warm. George treated us very well at breakfast as usual. I am going to have a massage and thalassotherapy (sea water therapy) today. I had thalassotherapy a few years ago in France. I enjoyed swimming and exercising in sea water. As far as I can tell, thalassotherapy is a European luxury; I have never heard of a thalassotherapy spa center in the United States. I have seen a few pregnant women here at The Myconian Ambassador Hotel, and also a woman with a newborn in her arms. Gentlemen, if bringing these women here was in any way your idea—good move. These women should be letting someone take good care of them. I saw on the spa brochure that there is a pregnancy massage offered. I treated my sister, “Lauren” to one when she was in her last trimester, and she said it was the best massage she had ever had (this was in St. George, Utah).

The hotel often has playing a genre of jazz I can’t quite place. Proprietors play it a lot in finer hotels and restaurants both in Europe and the United States. This genre is so sophisticated it seems to ask of the guests, “Are you really cool enough to be here?” In my case, the answer is no, but I pretend that I am anyway. My husband, Deke, without a second thought, believes he is cool enough to be here.

Deke doesn’t care about spa treatments, but he really loves hotel robes. The first thing he does when we check into the hotel is make sure there is a good robe that fits him. He was particularly pleased last evening when the maid brought us fresh robes without us having to ask.

I made an error in my blog yesterday; I didn’t provide the name of the monastery that Deke and I visited I provided the name of the Diocese. The name of the monastery is the Holy Monastery of Tourliani. My father, “The Count,” had been ailing this past summer, so I lighted a candle for him in the monastery’s church. Dad, I have been praying for you, but my prayers flung up to heaven can only take me so far; after that, they need a boost. I figured that in a church that old where earnest prayers have been offered by spiritual seekers for so long, it could only help your cause.

I am finished with my thalassotherapy and massage appointments. I enjoyed getting into the pools with different salinities and letting the jets hit different parts of my body. My favorite part was letting the jets hit the bottom of my feet; that felt wonderful. In the thalassotherapy pools there was a good mixture of ages, and from what I could tell they were mostly Germans.

I continue to read Aristotle. He proposes: “. . . . the man who flies from, and fears all things, and never stands up against anything, comes to be a coward; and he who fears nothing, but goes at everything, comes to be rash.” This reminded me of the Buddhist “Middle Way.” The Middle Way is a balanced approach to life, and discourages extremes. Following The Middle Way is said to lead to happiness for the self and for others. I am thinking about this; I think that Deke would love me to adopt it more fully; sometimes he gets tired watching me go up and down, and so do I.

I have no pics today, but hope to have quite a few for tomorrow.




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