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18th March 2019

Well written
Good job in writting this Milind! I You are very honest and dedicated in your writting. I like the idea of doing the boat first and then the ziplining. Short term comma from cake is certainly not a bad thing. I look forward to going there in future and visit Howie caves on my way back to NJ.
22nd January 2018

Great Blog & Awesome photos!
Way to go Milind & Vibhu Keep up the good work!!
16th January 2018

Clear & Convincing Tips
After reading the information provided by Milind Singh about Iceland, one gets a feeling to visit the Iceland at the earliest available opportunity. Thanks for the excellent information and wishing you a very bright future.
14th January 2018

Very good and helpful
The points mentioned in the blog are very helpful and very narrative for those going to travel .very good keep wrting thses blogs they mean alot for everyone in their planning
7th January 2018

Impressive and Detailed
It is very impressive and detailed and yet very concise. I am sure it will be very helpful for many in planning their trip.
6th January 2018

5th January 2018

Amazing write up Milind!!! Lovely description and attention to details was superb... now the next trip for us to plan is Iceland..
5th January 2018

Excellent Imformation
Hi Milind, Really well drafted blog with lot of information. Keep it up. Any tips for Sweden in winter? Going there in wk03. 👍👍
7th January 2018

Thank you
Thank you for your support! I have not been to Sweden yet, but you should definitely, pack warmly!
5th January 2018

Good Information
Very informative outline of the Trip and great help for the people planning to visit the Iceland.
5th January 2018

Amazing Iceland
Your expressive description of the places almost transported me to the Iceland. Very well written and pleasantly supported with the pictures!!
5th January 2018

Great Tips
Had a good time reading your blog. It is very well organized. Great Job Milind
5th January 2018

Excellent information
Hi Milind, you have described your travel experience really well. This will come in handy when we visit Iceland in next few years.
5th January 2018

Iceland Travel Diary
Excellent! Tempted to visit...
4th January 2018

Regarding Iceland Trip
Excellent narration. Well written.
4th January 2018

Wonderful blog
Enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the wonderful pictures!! Thanks for the useful travel tips! Great job Milind!!
4th January 2018

Amazing information about Iceland trip
My son have a dream for a trip to Iceland. I hope we will go there in future and this blog will definitely help. Before planning , I will surely take the tips from this blog. Keep it up👍

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