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Milind Singh

I love to travel. In 6th and 7th Grade (2016-2017), I was part of a professional touring boychoir and I traveled through most of the United States and several cities in China. One of the requirements of being on tour was to maintain a daily journal of my travels. Since I started traveling and writing at such a young age, the love for both of these has already been instilled in me. I love meeting new people, trying new things, and being in unfamiliar places. I hope my blogs instill a love of traveling & writing in you as much as I have.

Asia » China March 20th 2019

Day 21: Hong Kong The only reason we were in Hong Kong, instead of ending our tour the day before, was that we would be performing with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong (or CCOHK for short). After breakfast on my 21st day of the tour, we took a ferry to an island where we did some sightseeing and had lunch. We then went to the Hong Kong City Concert Hall, where we would be rehearsing and performing with the CCOHK. We had a four-hour rehearsal in which we went over the Michael Haydn Mass. We slowly went through each movement of the mass to see what it would sound like with the orchestra. We also went through the other pieces we would be performing with the orchestra. Finally, the rehearsal was over, and it ... read more

Asia » China March 20th 2019

Day 16: Zhuhai > Shanghai Day 16 was one of the craziest days of my three and a half week tour to China. We spent only a little more than 24 hours in Zhuhai, even though we had a concert there (that was just interesting) and then we had a flight to Shanghai that reached its destination more than four hours after it was supposed to, and I slept extremely late, but that’s coming later. First, breakfast. After that, our tour manager took us on a walk along the Zhuhai Pier. It was sweltering, and the fact that a sweater is part of our uniform did not help. On our walk, we saw the huge casinos of Macau, very close to hour hotel. We must have walked for longer than I thought because when we got ... read more

Asia » China March 20th 2019

Day 11: Chengdu Day 11 was the first day after four days of going from city to city. I was happy to not have to step on a plane that day. After another great meal at the Sheraton in Chengdu, I went shopping. To clarify, my friends and I were given about two hours to explore the “old town” of Chengdu, which was basically two streets, old houses, and a bunch of shops. I knew my dad loved to read, and I always saw him using the weirdest things as bookmarks (and never actual bookmarks), I bought him two wooden handcrafted bookmarks with cool designs. My brother loves eating Chinese food, and no Chinese dish is complete without chopsticks, so for my brother (and myself), I bought a set of four chopsticks with pandas carved into ... read more

Asia » China March 20th 2019

Day 6: Beijing On the night of my sixth day in China, we had our first full concert. But before all that, other things happened too. Because the American Boychoir was also a school, we had work and assignments just like students at other schools. On tour, we would still have classwork, but we would take it around with us and do it whenever we could. On the morning of the twentieth after breakfast, we had three hours to do some work. Our previous designated work time was on the flight from Newark for about four hours. After wrapping up some work, we had lunch and a rest period so we would be ready for our first concert of the tour. After about two hours, we got dressed and drove over to the Beijing Concert Hall. ... read more

Asia » China March 20th 2019

Day 1: Newark > Beijing The morning of my flight, I was up an hour before I had planned. I couldn't contain the excitement in my stomach. After hastily getting ready, I made sure that I was at school before the call time: 6 AM. I double checked my duffel bag and backpack to make sure everything was there. The doors to the bus were the point of no return. I had to make sure I had absolutely everything ready to go. The ride to the airport felt forever long, but finally, we reached Newark Airport. Under different circumstances, I wouldn’t have wanted my parents there. This time, though, their smiling faces and continuous photo-taking made me feel less nervous. I wasn’t embarrassed because of my parents. This was one of the biggest moments of my ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Lake George March 18th 2019

Lake George has been a favorite vacation spot in our family for years. My parents have been there four times, but they say it’s a magical place regardless of how many times you visit. Before the actual vacation part started, my family and I visited Bard College for my brother college applications. As the younger sibling, I don’t really get a say when it comes to going on college tours. This time though, the weather was good, so I didn’t have much to complain about during the tour around the campus. Soon after, we were well on our way to Lake George. On the first night of our trip, a childhood dream of mine came true. I had ice cream for dinner. Nothing else; just sweet, sweet ice cream. Martha’s Dandee Creme was one of my ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva March 8th 2019

Alright this one is going to be a little different. All the other past trips I have written about have either been with my family or school. This trip to Europe in March of 2019 was the first time I traveled completely alone to another country. During my trip, I visited Switzerland, France and Belgium, albeit small parts of each. The trip started in Switzerland, and then I went to France and then came back to Switzerland. I flew back home from Belgium. Some of the highlights were skiing in the Alps, the Geneva International Motor Show, and Belgian fries. The last is one especially exciting. In total it was a ten day trip starting on March seventh and ending on the seventeenth. For me, the excitement started on Monday, and my flight was on Thursday. ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines November 16th 2018

Initially, I was very excited that I would be leaving school two days early, thus extending my thanksgiving break. When I heard my family would be driving through the midwest to go see my cousins in Iowa, I was a little less excited. I decided, though, that I wouldn’t ruin my trip even before it started. I was sure there had to be things to do in the Midwest. My parents picked me up from school on Friday, November 16 at about 7 pm. There wasn’t much more to do than driving that night. So, we drove west as far as we could before we got tired. This ended up happening at about 1 am, five hours after we had left. We had arrived in a town on the westernmost end of Pennsylvania, less than an ... read more

Europe » Iceland December 30th 2017

My family loves to travel together and see new places as much as possible. We recently visited Iceland in the summer of 2017 for two fantastic weeks. It was not just another place to check-off on a list, but, a life-changing experience. I hope to return there someday. This vacation was the first time I went on a road trip across a whole country. One of the most memorable parts of this vacation was that we planned the entire trip ourselves. Or rather, my mother planned the entire trip herself. Because of this, we went where we wanted to when we wanted. We had complete freedom to explore at our own pace, and that made the vacation so much better. If you ever have the chance to go to Iceland, make sure you go and try ... read more

Europe » Iceland December 29th 2017

Iceland Travel Diary: The Days This post covers my experiences of our Iceland trip. The post - Iceland Travel Diary: The Beginning, Destinations, and Conclusion give the background for our vacation. My recommendation would be to read that post before reading this. Here are some additional links: Check out the map of our trip at You need a google account to view this map. Check out: for all the pictures from our trip. All pictures in this blog have been taken by my brother. You may check out my youtube channel url= read more

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