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So i got up at 6am and i had the squirts which was a great start, maybe it was the ice in my drinks last night?, or maybe my stomach as issues with central america? So anyway i headed out of the hostel after taking some imdoium and got a truck to the bus terminal and then i got a chicked bus to Chendega as per the Lonely Planet guide, it took forever and would have stopped for a chicken if chickens could keep money in there beaks...hehe Then at Chendega i got a chicken bus again to the border and it totally took forever and so far it had taken 4 hours just to get to the border. At the border the bus can not cross and the are guys there with rickshaws and so ... read more
These Streets Are Not Paved With Gold

So after my last entry i headed back to the hostel and chatted with some other travlers and paid my money for the volcano trip the following day, it was a pretty lazy evening as i had a veggie quissidilla from the cafe at the hostel and then watched CSI New York and Law and Order Special Victims unit and then went to bed at 11 and the fan was on in the dorm but all it did was make noise and was not much use to be honest and then the staff decided to play pool and the table is right outside the dorm i was in and i could keep hearing the clanking of the balls, i dug out my ear plugs and eventually fell asleep and i got up at 9.30am which was ... read more
Cerro Negro
Volcano Baording

So after updating my blog in the internet cafe in Liberia i headed back to Alctraz/stalag 7 or locally known as the Guncaste Hotel, I sat in the cafe and read the Lonely planet for a while and evlvated and iced my swollen foot/ankle, after whiling away some time doing that i then went to my room to do some repacking and to tend my cuts and clean them up and use some savlon on them. I then headed back to the cafe and got chatting to a Candian traveler Lisa and she has spent 2.5 months in Guate and Nica and was staying at the hotel and getting up at 4am for a flight from Libera back home, we chatted for a while and then i chatted to a Candian guy called Rich who lives ... read more
Libera To Mangua To Leon 002
Libera To Mangua To Leon 003
Libera To Mangua To Leon 004

So after updating my blogs yesterday i took a walk around Liberia and its official the is bugger all to do here and if you ever come here use as a tranist stop and keep heading somewhere else. I went back to the hotel to find out how much it would cost to go to the local volcano, 30 dollars and its like im strapped for cash need to get to Nica and have already spent too much here in Costa and in Panama. So i could not see anyone around the transinica ticket place and so i booked the bus from my hotle for tuesday and paid for another night. I walked around liberia for a while in the vain hope of seeing something and i even walked upto the barrio ( in daylight though), ... read more

So the bus finally turned up and i assumed it was a direct bus how wrong i was, it made loads of stops, was not arir conditioned and i was jammed in to a seat and knees crushed at the front and back kneed aswell and sweating like a pig and later on some of the Ticos shut the windows, it got to the stage the people standing up to and the pan american highway you would imagine is more than one lane either way. but it is one lane either way so if your stuck in slow moving traffic then your stuck, we were behind traffic for a while then we stopped at a cafe and i got some food and drink and then we carried on and we got to libera and i seriously ... read more
Liberan Church
Local Volcano

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 29th 2008

So Erin made me a packed lunch and dropped me off at terminal 4 and we hugged and said our goodbyes and i went into the terminal. In the car i had started to get an icky stomach and i still have it now, so it was not comfortable having to wait an hour in line waiting to check in, it was a tuesday night and you wouldnt imagine it would be busy and it was not busy, its just American airlines happy staff were limited and not the most helpful and they gradually took there time to work through everyone, eventually i got through and the whole european liquids thing is not a thing in the states, i got through security and then needed to dash to the toliet because of my dodgey stomach, i ... read more
Costa Rica
Panama City
Panama City

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Torrance January 29th 2008

Well today was my last day in the US, me and erin headed to some sports outlets and i got a smaller fleece and gave her my original fleece and i bought some quick dry and sweat wicking tshirts for hiking as my cotton tshirts i have will be useless for hiking. I posted some postcards to my girlfriend and mum and dad and gran. I also called my family via skype and all is well and i have my tax rebate back which is great:), also went to trader joes which is this supermarket that does really good fresh and organic stuff and alot of americans i have met harp on about it, it seemed fairly ok, i charged all my stuff up and packed all my gear and was ready to go. Erin took ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Torrance January 28th 2008

So after the turmoil and lack of sleep over the weekend i had a great sleep in a really comfortable bed and a great sleep and i did not get up till 10.30 am and i had toast and yogurt and took my malaria tablets again and remembered my multi-vitamin and asthma steroid in-haler and i finished off the weekends blog. Erin was feeling a bit better than she did yesterday and we headed off into LA, first stop was Redondo beach which merges with manhattan and samosa beach. We then headed for Hollywood and passed hollywood and vine which use to be a famous prostitute hangout and we then headed up into the hills and the Hollywood sign and the houses on the way up were small and nothing to shout about but are not ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 26th 2008

So because of the late night we did not get out of Kerri's apartment until about 1pm and first stop was Alamo park and some photos in front of the painted ladies a series of postcard type house used in a kids show and i think in some other TV and then it was over to the Golden Gate and no rain this time which was great and we drove over the bridge and went upto a peak that overlooks the bridge from the Sausolito side of the bridge and it afforded great views and after that excursion we headed back over the bridge and drove through Ashbury Haight which is the Bohemian/hippy area and swung by the former house's of Charles Manson on cole and Janis Joplins old place on Lyton Ave and also the ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz January 25th 2008

So after both me Kerri had an early night by hitting the sack at 11 last night and so we ended up getting up just after 10am and i have to say Kerri's blow up mattress is quite comfortable and i jumped on the computer and finished off yesterdays blog entry and uploaded some pics, Kerri was suppose to be working today but called in After some faffing about we got out the apartment 15 mins quicker than, first stop was the Golden Gate bridge and the rain was bucketing it down and if anything i thing it was worse than yesterday and Kerri blamed me and said id brought this crap weather with me from the UK, i insisted i hadn't and infact it had been hot and sunny in Phoenix. When we ... read more
San Fran
San Fran
San Fran

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