Liberia Sucks Ass

Published: February 4th 2008
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So after updating my blogs yesterday i took a walk around Liberia and its official the is bugger all to do here and if you ever come here use as a tranist stop and keep heading somewhere else. I went back to the hotel to find out how much it would cost to go to the local volcano, 30 dollars and its like im strapped for cash need to get to Nica and have already spent too much here in Costa and in Panama. So i could not see anyone around the transinica ticket place and so i booked the bus from my hotle for tuesday and paid for another night.

I walked around liberia for a while in the vain hope of seeing something and i even walked upto the barrio ( in daylight though), i got a massive bottle of water to keep me hydrated and eventually i gave up walking, however i think between the walking around Playa and around Liberia a cut on my foot has become infect or i have strained my foot as my foot and part of my ankle (right foot) has become swollen so it just adds to the fun im having so far in Central America.

I went back to the hotel and washed some stuff and then i sat and read my lonely Planet for a while in the cafe at the hotel, i ordered a toasted cheese sandwich and it came out and it was on a tea cup plate it was that small and it was 900 colones for that although i still have not paid for it yet as i asked for the bill several times and i did not get it and went to bed in the end.

In the mean time i met an Aussie couple who decided the Gunacaste hotel was expensive and were heading to check out the Hotel Liberia and i spoke to them for a little while and then they headed off, story of my life, i meet some people and they are heading eleswhere.

I was then sat back in the cafe and some Canadian guys called me over to sit on there table and the guys were Rayford, dan and Eric, we chatted and played cards and they even got me a bottle of water which was nice of them. Rayford gave me his email address, they were heading to Nica at 5am on a local bus to the border and then another bus from the other side of the border.

Had i know this is what they where doing i would have done the same, we eventually said our goodnights and i tried to sleep through having a light right outside my window, a noise latin american couple in the court yard and a noisey bar and i forgot to mention the room is not much bigger than a cell at Alctraz.

So eventually i got to sleep and woke up and my ankle was still swollen an d so i tried to clean it up and banadge it, but its still currently swollen and i went to a bank to get a 100 dollar bill changed into smaller dollar bills for Nica, as Nica accepts dollars.

I then ready the paper for a while as the is an english one and its aimed at US condo, i then ordered a mushroom soup and got brought a meat soup and so i sent it back and eventually got a soup, i re-packed my rucksack and got rid of some stuff to lose some weight and now i have spent about two hours in the internet cafe uploading pictures etc and then i have all of this evening to kill in Liberia....omg aome one put me out of my misery now please, oh i forgot to mentio i met a Candian backpacker at the hostel, she flys home tomorrow and so im back to being billy no mates


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