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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Stretford February 18th 2007

I had originally thought i would like to Africa.......but decided it was a continent to far in the time and money etc that i i think Africa will be another adventure for the future. So i had originally planned a 6 month trip and then 12 months and now im traveling for 12 months and then working in New Zealand for 18 months if the are no issues with the Working Holiday Visa. So if plans work out i will be away from blighty for at least two years.......although if i can earn enough in NZ i may visit a few places on the way back to the i maybe away a little bit longer........but as per any trip i will see how it unfolds. The plan so far is to purchase the Oneworld ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Stretford February 18th 2007

So i have always fancied doing the whole round the world backpacking/gap year trip..............but until now the has never been the right time. Its always not enough money or not enough time, then the is the times when the is no money and no time and its always the ties issue as well............if you have a mortgage and a wife and bills and so on its not so easy?.............though some people have sold up and done Well im 30 now..........i could past the fear and loathing stage of getting to and ive grown use to being in my 30's..........yes nearly 31 and the wife and mortgage and have gone their separate ways.....woooot and ive had time to re-evaluate who i am and what i want to do with my life. I think its a ... read more

So following on from my last entry i had to wait for the America CSer (couchsurfer) pete and is Argentina friend to come back from getting lunch and they did not get back till nearly 3pm which kinda wasted my day, but i had to stay in and let them back in. Pete had got me a bottle of water which was much needed as i was sweating like a'pig in the Panama city heat, Panama is a very big and dirty city and has a very close heat, when i got to Panama Ken had taken me for breakfast which he treated me too and he then took me to the top of his building and i saw a view of the Old and New city, the old city was too far to get a ... read more
Panama City
The Londoner Pub
San Jose Main Square

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