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6th January 2019

Hello! I’m enjoying your blogs. Interested in your ebikes. Could you post a picture maybe of the bikes for 2 people? I’ve never seen one and can’t imagine what they are like. One person in the basket on the front? The crossbar? Happy travels! Rachel
6th January 2019

Cambodia can be such a wild wild East, with promises and rule changes on the daily. I’m glad you took it all in stride and enjoyed your travels through that amazing country!
25th December 2018

Trains in Cambodia
We only took buses during our stay in Cambodia. They were a little crazy, but generally pretty nice. I would have liked to take a train to see the countryside. We pretty much had cold water showers most of the time, but grew to appreciate them because of the heat. Enjoy your stay. We will be following along on your journey.
15th December 2018

This looks lovely.What a nice place
4th October 2018

Its a shame that that such a nasty thing happens to spoil the good that went before.Some of the news coming from India on how men are treating women is horrible.Keep safe.
15th September 2018

Umaid Bhawan
This huge palace was built at a time of drought and famine throughout Rajasthan. Alas, although developing a water source might have helped a few locals in the short term, the construction work provided employment to thousands for many years. I've been inside this glitzy place - only once and before it became a Taj group hotel with a minimum spend! Oh, and I've met Maharaja Gaj Singh II, the current owner - what a fortunate (and very wealthy) man he is. Can you imagine living there?!
15th September 2018

No - I cannot imagine living there. I think I’d get lost! It’s sooooo huge! And was the current maharaja nice? He came across very well in all the things I’ve read and from the clips I’ve seen of him.
15th September 2018
Gulab Sagar Taleb

Little has changed!
I stayed at the Jee Ri Haveli (far right of your picture) on my most recent visit to Jodhpur - and that part of the Gulab Sagar tank was only slightly less green. The other part of it was clear of weed but bore the debris from the Shivrati festivities around the time of that visit. The tank is said to be fed by the Bal Samand Lake far to the north, although the stagnant conditions make me a bit suspicious about this.
15th September 2018

Now that's what I call an adventure!
A brave thing to do - and, despite the hazards of horse-riding, it seems safer than driving on India's roads! Great photos. And what a terrific way to see places like Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur. I know them well (a friend owns a hotel at Kumbalgarh, another used to run a hotel near the Jain temples, and my best Rajasthani friend has a home just a few miles away). I'd happily go back any time - by car.
8th September 2018

My favourite city in the whole of India!
I've seen a lot of incredible India, but have returned to Udaipur several times. The views, the palaces, the museums (but definitely not bikes!)... your blog brings back some great memories. I now have to go back on my next trip.
From Blog: Monsoon palace
12th September 2018

Our WiFi has been rubbish so unfortunately we didn’t see many of your comments until we’d already been there! I did want to see the slums in Mumbai as well, Stephen wasn’t so keen. In the end we just ran out of time. We also wanted to see the national park, fishing area and Afghan church. I guess we’ll just have to go back ;)
From Blog: Monsoon palace
8th September 2018

Kicking myself...
...for failing to mention that Elephanta Island would be disappointing. Sorry. I'm sad that you didn't make it to the Dharavi slums instead - but, hey, you've probably seen it already on Slumdog Millionaire!
5th September 2018

Sounds like some Scottish castles we know, but the bats are neat. Like to see that.Just my sort of thing!
4th September 2018

Yes, Ajanta and Ellora are wonderful - I look forward to hearing all about your visit as it's many years since I was last there. Pity about Aurangabad! I'm so pleased that you didn't just transit Mumbai and will be returning. It's hot and sweaty, teeming with people, but well worth exploring and some great street food. I usually stay in Colaba - not at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel but at the Suba Palace nearby (probably pricey by your standards, but it's a good area in which to stay as it takes a long time to get around in that vast city). Wherever you stay though, I know you'll enjoy Mumbai.
4th September 2018

Funnier to watch Stephen's face if they thrust small children into his arms and ran away and left them. :)
4th September 2018

I've just realised...'s twelve years since I was in Goa ([blog=36473]). The visit wasn't my idea and, as I discovered, It really wasn't my idea of India. Too much like home - or Portugal, I guess. My Rajasthan friend enjoyed it though as, among many other 'firsts', he'd never seen the sea before! So, where's your next port of call - you're heading north, Mumbai maybe? A great city - literally! Be sure to find time for a visit to the Dharavi slums as it will both inspire and put your own world into perspective (a guided tour is a 'must' - I recommend Reality Tours & Travel whose tours support educational initiatives in the slums).
From Blog: Old Goa
25th August 2018

The Austrian artist and writer Gunter Brus once said: 'Writing without making mistakes is like vomiting hot air'. (Given Stephen's later illness, this seems appropriate!).
24th August 2018

...not tourists! I'm really enjoying your adventure. Despite the weather, it seems that monsoon time is better for exploring around Hampi than the dry, sunny months as there are fewer backpackers around. P.S. I wonder as I wander (see your final paragraph - I was a proof reader in a previous life!). ;0)
25th August 2018

Oh dear, you’re welcome to keep proof reading. As a scientist my grammar isn’t always very good... or my spelling for that matter. Glad you’re enjoying it! We’re certainly having a lot of fun and yes, it’s definately nice avoiding the crowds :)
23rd August 2018

Hampi looks interesting
Hampi looks like the kind of place you could spend loads of time exploring. Didn't know all these artifacts were there.Have to go read up my Indian history now.Really interesting and the pictures are lovely too.
23rd August 2018

Flooded rivers...
...and empty step wells. Only in incredible India!
17th August 2018

More rain. Oh dear!
It seems that you left Kerala just in time - I've just heard on the BBC News that the floods there are the worst in a century, 320 reported dead so far, 230,000 people evacuated to 1,500 emergency camps, and more rain to come. So sad. However, it's good that you enjoyed your time on the houseboat and that you made it to Mysore, despite a disappointing train change in gloomy Bangalore (I've been there twice in better weather and actually found it friendly and interesting). The palace in Mysore looks great - I'll add it to my list for a future visit. Looking forward to news of your next destination.
From Blog: Mysore
18th August 2018

Thanks for your lovely comments. Will definitely look up the guide you recommended when we get up that far north :)
From Blog: Mysore
17th August 2018

Lovely that you got to play with the elephants - and found some tractors,goats and horses to keep you feeling at home!
17th August 2018

Hope you see some sun soon. Glad you are safely out of Kerala

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