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25th January 2009

Keep up the blogging - you're responsible for providing me with entertainment in dark and miserable St Albans. Don't let me down!
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13th January 2009

I've looked at this every day now put something on it or I'm not lookin' at it again. Your big bro.
From Blog: Koh Lanta
29th December 2008

Hi, yeah you got to speak to us eventually eh?! Looking forward to seeing some pics people. It's literally 0 degrees here - but sunny. Yay! xx
From Blog: Koh Lanta
13th December 2008

Hey you too! Good to hear you've survived the first stomach bug. Have a fantastic Xmas and a very happy start to 2009 (and a great birthday as well of course,Lorraine!). Lesley xxx PS: House still standing. :)
From Blog: Koh Lanta
6th December 2008

According to the map, you 2 are still stuck in my spare bedroom... how's it going? Where are you now? L
From Blog: Pangang
3rd December 2008

Brown eye
Haven't heard it yet. Although went into our guest house in Pangang and heard the Doors ' Love you two time baby, love you twice today'. I don't think that counts but it made me feel like a hippy, dude! The counter is at nil point. (in a french accent).
From Blog: Singapore
2nd December 2008

Aye, but were they playing Brown Eyed Girl in the bar?
From Blog: Singapore
17th November 2008

You lucky fecker!
Hopefully see you before you go!!
From Blog: The Reckoning

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