The McClay's World Tour 2009


The McClay's World Tour 2009

The Round the World travels of Niall and Lorraine McClay

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McClay tour

U.K tour - pre-trip

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate June 30th 2009

Hola Chicos, Hello from the South of Argentina. Just sitting here in my five pounds a night hostel not far from the Glaciar Perito Moreno. Finding myself pretty relaxed I thought I would do a blog as it´s long overdue. There is already a lot to tell you about here in South America. We arrived in Chile on the 11th of July muchos worried about our lack of Spanish and out of our comfort zone fom NZ where everyone spoke English and things felt very normal. It was a long flight and Lorraine had been a little worried on the flight especialy after the Rio Air France disaster but we made it safe and sound. We made it into town on the local bus after much gesturing and arrived into Santiago. Got our hostel from the ... read more
Mr Hugo
Hot Springs of Mendoza

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City May 10th 2009

G'Day folks, Well it's been a while but we are very busy having a good time. Australia was excellent. That's all I remember. We flew in from Singapore to sunny Cairns and after a long trip we hit Oz land. It was very weird as we had come from Asia and everyone was speaking ze English and were largely white. Everything seemed really expensive as a room in a hostel had gone from 7 US dollars to 90 Oz dollars, wowsers!!! We got sorted in the 'Global Palace' which was full of younguns running around flirting with each other and coming in at all hours shouting their heads off (especially the girls). We soon got ourselves out of there and rented the van. We hit the raod and heaed north to Port Douglas which as a ... read more
Port Douglas
Crocodile attack
Easter bunny

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor March 4th 2009

Temples of Angkor, Cambodia As we write this update, we are about to head back into Thailand from Laos so yeap - we're way behind on our blog! It's easy to remember though what an amazing time we had in Cambodia. We spent the first month pretty much on the beach in Thailand so when we got into Cambodia and to Siem Reap, we were really ready to start seeing some culture! We stayed just under a week in Siem Reap from where we could head out to Angkor and the temples . We got a three day pass and hired a bike each of the days - the best way to get around and see everything. We meant to get up for sunrise over the most famous temple - Angkor Wat - but we kept ... read more
Bike on bridge

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City February 14th 2009

Yo folks, These blogs are coming thick and fast. Ye's'll be bored very soon. 25th of February we hit Vietnam. Got the bus from Shianoukville, Cambodia all the way to Ho Chi Minh City. We set off at 7am and reached the capital at 20:00. It was the Vietnamese Lunar New Year so the place was buzzin. We were a bit worried about not getting a hotel due to the fact so we checked into the first on that was decent at a staggering 18 dollars. Well out of our usual allowance but the place was nice. Headed straight out for a beer and to catch the fireworks. The place was crawling with people and especially scooters. You couldn't walk through the people and then a scooter would come through, it was ridiculous. I was losing ... read more
and out - and breathe
Lorraine - Easy Riding

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap February 8th 2009

Bangkok to Siem Reap, Cambodia - 10th January 2009 It started about 3.30 in the morning ... we got up and packed, and headed out from our Bangkok guest house looking for a taxi to get us to the station for 5am train. Brilliant - a taxi right outside, but seems his meter doesn't work and so it's a set price for the trip he tells us with a smile. Not a price we're willing to pay so we thank him kindly but say no. It's not even light yet and the scamming has already started... Managed to get one that was willing to put their meter on so climbed in - by then we had picked up a couple of Germans wanting to head the same way so happy days all round. The train was ... read more
Niall on the train
Baby train
English speaking - NOT

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 10th 2009

Sawaadee Kap, Bangkok was bangin'. After leaving Phuket and travelling all through the night on the bus we arrived into Bangkok early Sunday morning 09:00. We all jumped in a taxi and speed off for the city centre. Emma and Rick had been before so we could relax in the knowledge we shouldn't get ripped off by the taxi man. He dropped us off at the Koh San road and we bailed out and took a walk looking for a hotel. We got booked into a place called 'My House' guest house, which incidentally looked nothing like my house but I didn't question it. It was cheap as chips at five pounds a night, well in budget. After we dropped off our bags we had a big breakfast around the corner and took time to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 1st 2009

Greetings Rat Fans, Well it's been a month at least since I put anything in this blog thingy. I have to say I have been very very lazy. Such is the life of a traveler I suppose. Things are good we are currently in Sihanoukville, Cambodia sunning ourselves in the baking heat. While typing this I am trying to upload all the photos onto Google Picasa for your viewing pleasure. To pick up from after Koh Lanta, we have done quite a lot in between then and now. I will keep it short and try to add to the blog more frequent, like. We hit Ao Nang, also on the coast and were shocked at how much more busy it was. We stayed in a really nice bungalow just off the high street. It had T.V ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta December 13th 2008

it's about time we started putting some stuff on this blog! latest update is ... we've been having pretty much of a chilled out beach type holiday in ko lanta, south thailand and it's great. we can't get our heads around the fact it's going to be christmas soon at all as feels like we are on our summer hols. we got here from penang in malaysia and we were v happy when crossing the border that we had got our visas sorted before we left the UK as the thai govt had just changed the visa terms 2 days before we crossed which meant anyone coming into thailand from Malaysia had only 15 days as opposed to the usual 30 days. 15 days would have scuppered a lot of our plans around xmas and new ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town December 3rd 2008

O.K finally arrived somewhere we are going to stay fr more than a day. Singapore was so hot and sweaty it was unbearable. The night train out of there was somehing of a relief as it was air conditioned and it was heading north. Half an hour into our journey we stopped at the border of Singapore where we had to get of the train (sleeping so we were) so it was a weary wlak along the platform into the visa ofice for passport and exit visa check. There was a guy in front of us who seemed to have forgotten something and was halled into the 'office' rubber gloves thought I!!! Then it was our turn, I thought Lorraine should go first, being the gentleman that I am. What happened next? Lorraine is frantically looking ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown December 2nd 2008

Hit Singapore last night after a 13 hour flight. It was rainging, good start!! Booked into a hotel and got a restless nights sleep. We have decided to get ourselves up to Thailand soon as, it's well clammy down here. I will be needing a wet wipe of Lorraine in a minute as I am swaeting all over. You know the score. We are both quite tired still but we have booked our train up to Kuala Lumpar on the sleeper so that's a nights accomodation and travle in one, sweet child o'mine. We are both a little bewildered as it is day one but we have met another couple already and are going for a beer. Just to cool down you understand. Signing off for now but will have more going on one we are ... read more

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