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27th January 2011

Hi Brittany!
Wow - I was so surprised to see your name pop up on my e-mail today. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandfather while you were travelling. Reminded me of how much I appreciated your support for Rob when my Dad passed away (which was 5 years ago already). I'm glad you met someone you care about and who loves to travel - sounds like a keeper :-) How is your job - your family - your life in the city??? We are all doing well in the Thomas house. We spend all of our time and money spoiling Nicole's little girl Marley who just turned two and is the love of our life! We are taking her to Disney on Feb 9th - very excited! If you want, Friend me on Facebook and you can see some pictures. My name is Christine Davey Thomas. I hope you have safe travels to Egypt and enjoy every minute of it. I'm hoping to go to Amsterdam in April - fingers crossed. Best wishes to you!! Christine Thomas
8th March 2010

Sounds Really Nice
Nice view, and the pool looks inviting. Have fun!
20th August 2009

Hello I went on a tour of Scotland and ended up living back in Edinburgh for a few months on my holiday via in the UK (I'm from Australia). My tour was a different company but we did a lot of the same things. Thanks for typing this up and letting us read it! Brought back a lot of memories and I can remember the stories the guides tell, they are amazing... Thanks xx
22nd October 2008

Good Idea!
Hey Hun! It was a good idea to steal my idea! How are you doing?
3rd June 2008

Glad your Calling it Derry
Thanks for calling Derry Derry.
24th May 2008

Hey, I'm not that weird!
From Blog: London Day 2
19th May 2008

You are so enthusiastic...
Glad you are having fun. Can't wait to see how you like Manchester. (oh.... StoneheDge ?)
19th May 2008

You're waking up late and I'm actually getting to work on time.
19th May 2008

haha yeah you are definitely one of the most shy people I know, I'm sure it was rough for you, j/k. Miss you!!!
From Blog: Getting there...
19th May 2008

Maeve that looks/sounds sooo amazing... i love the picture of you holding stonehedge!!! Miss you!!!

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