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4th August 2014
Reading on a park bench in Cusco

One of our favorite countries.
From Blog: Cusco, Peru
26th March 2014

Boy, that Joe guy sounds like a pretty cool dude
Seriously, what a guy!
31st March 2014

'Not' Joe - you really are the best!
26th March 2014

Looks Amazing!
Stay safe.
24th March 2014

An amazing story!
Wow, you had my heart racing. I could not read the words fast enough. By the end I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. Good friends, good people in the world. Wish we heard more about the good ones than the bad ones. Enjoy Peru. Very much looking to your next blog.
31st March 2014

Thank you!!
Thanks for following my blog and for the nice compliments regarding Joe. He really is one of the great people in this world! I'm happy to share some good stories with this world.
24th March 2014

So how about posting blogs...
about your time in Thailand and Cambodia!?
24th March 2014

I was wondering why your stopped blogging your Europe trip...
but there is no reason why you can't resume now! Your pictures should remind you of the major events, and you don't have to go into quite the what you had for breakfast. I blogged many of my trips years later, including the first when I wasn't born yet. So please continue...just use the date of the events as your Entry Date to keep them all in chronological order!
23rd March 2014

An amazing story...
I hope we have much less stress when we fly to Lima on 30 April. I saw that Brendan (bvchef) is Following you, so thought I would check your blogs out. I am also Following you now and look forward to your blogs about your trip. I'm also reading your past blogs...I noticed that your honeymoon was in Thailand...that's where I was born and spent 18 years in SE look forward to reading your impressions.
23rd March 2014

Wow, what a story
I just ran across your blog and wonder why I haven't read them before. You write so well, with so much detail that I was caught up with you. Have a wonderful time in Peru. And kudos for you for getting the tickets to climb Huyana Picchu. You will love it. Looking forward to reading more blogs and seeing pictures of the climb.
31st March 2014

Thanks Brendan!
I appreciate you following my blog and for the kind comments. Huayna Picchu was EXHAUSTING, but well worth it! As you can see from the pictures in my latest blog - it was a beautiful view!
22nd January 2013

Me & my partner stayed at the Tubkaak Boutique Resort in Krabi. Sunny who is one of the Manager's there was so helpful and spoke great English. Organised day trips out to Hong Island, Paradise Island & a few others. Wish we stayed there longer. Very secluded and quiet for honeymooners. Beautiful rooms with inground baths. The view from the resort from the restaurant is exactly that bottom picture!! Happy hour on the beach every afternoon watching the sunset was our highlight and we got to experience a lantern festival.
26th April 2012

Sounds like a great start to your trip!!
12th April 2011

As I'm about to embark on my first trip to Egypt, your blog and photos have been enjoyable as well as valuable. Thanks. K
7th April 2011
Maeve in Luxor

Nice photos and have a nice trip
5th April 2011

What a series of adventures you are having! Hope to actually see you once you've returned stateside. Let me know when we could meet to break bread.
5th April 2011

Looks like you're having a good time!! Enjoy it!
From Blog: Aswan
5th April 2011

Re: Looks like no one is there
Hi Pops! There are just a hand full of tourists here. We saw some Chinese and some Germans, but definitely no Americans. At Abu Simbel today we actually stood in the Great Ramses temple for about 20 minutes without anyone else in there. It was incredible. Yesterday we went out on the Nile in a felucca, our captain was beyond excited for business. He sang to us the entire way and just kept thanking us. Up in Giza, as I mentioned in my blog, there was maybe 6 other tourists. The rest were all Egyptian guards or merchants. We really do have the whole country to ourselves. It's incredible. I love you lots! See you soon!
From Blog: Abu Simbel
5th April 2011

Looks like no one is there?
Do you have the country to yourself?
From Blog: Abu Simbel
4th April 2011
Michael and our Camel guide Habeb

Height Difference
Holy crap, is that guys just abnormally short or is there some photo magic going on here?
3rd April 2011

Keep them coming
Thanks for keeping us updated.
28th March 2011

Thank you Alexis!!!
We'll have to make a date for when we return. I'm sure there will be lots of stories :-)
28th March 2011

I'm so excited for you! Have a great time!!!!!
27th January 2011

Thank you, Dr. LaHurd!
Hi Ryan! I hope you're doing well. I definitely need to give you a call to pick apart your brain. I didn't know you've been to Egypt so many times, but I can't say that I'm too surprised. I've been repeating "La, shukran" since I read your post. I'll be a pro at it before I leave :-) The pictures of the mosques look exquisite! I'm looking forward to going. I've read on a few blogs the importance of the way women should dress. I also heard I'm going to have to enter many though the "women's entrance". It'll be quite the experience. I look forward to talking to you! I'll send you an email within the next few days to set aside a good time :-)
27th January 2011

Trip ideas
Hey Maeve, So gladyou get to go to Egypt. I've been there many times and love it. Don't forget there is a lot to Egypt besides the ancient history. Be sure to visit the famous mosques and be sure to see the Coptic section. Spend time in the bazaar -- Khan al Khalili -- to get local color. You have to bargain prices to get respect. Just don't be insulting (you can start at half what is asked) and if the seller agrees to your price you have to buy or you have insulted him. Don't act like you're too interested or the price will not come down. Walking away almost always lowers the price. Have coffee and a shisha (water pipe) at the Naguib Mahfouz Cafe in the Khan. Good service and a great chance to try local experience. It's easy to take the subway tothe pyramids so don't pay for a taxi. Learn a few phrases of basic Arabic. It will open doors. And don't be freaked out by people trying to sell you stuff on the street. Just insistently say "La, shukran" (no thanks).

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