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North America » United States » Alaska » Seward September 6th 2013

On Wednesday, my wonderful hostess and niece, Ginny, delivered me to the train station at 5:45 am to catch the train to Seward where I'm hoping to go horseback riding, kayaking and see some bear, moose and glaciers! I have a message into the horseback riding tour and am hoping to hear back from them. Now, I'm not a morning person, but catching this train was worth it. There are some incredible views and the conductor provides commentary the entire trip, stopping the train to view beluga whales in the Turnagain Arm and a bald eaglet getting ready to leave the nest! Very cool! I learn how to remember the five types of salmon found in Alaska using only your hand: Thumb finger - Rhymes with "Chum" Index finger - you stick it out to sock ... read more
Bartlett Glacier
Seward Ferel Bunny
Raft of Otters

North America » United States » Alaska » Girdwood September 3rd 2013

Still exhausted from yesterday's hike and with more rain in the forecast Ginny and I decide to head to the Wildlife Conservation Center where she guarantees me we will see bear. Without having to exert ourselves much! On the way we stop at Beluga Point to snap some photos and almost get blown down by hurricane force winds. I'm not kidding. The wind was blowing at at least 40mph! We arrive at the center which has a variety of animals. They are a non profit organization that takes in injured and orphaned animals and cares for them. If they cannot be release back into the wild, they are housed permanently at the Center. First stop are the moose. Very big. Standing right next to the fence you can appreciate how big these animals are! Next we ... read more
Crazed Musk Ox
Black Bear
Bathing Brown Bear

North America » United States » Alaska » Girdwood September 2nd 2013

Ginny and I have decided to forgo one of my favorite things to do - a State Fair, in order to search for bear. I choose a hike that is bound to have bear. Falls Creek Trail in Chugach State Park near Girdwood. According to Ginny's guidebook the park is home to over 300 black bear and 65 brown bear! Bear sighting is certain! The hike itself sounds interesting. A 4.5 mile round trip hike that follows a steep creek. While 4.5 miles doesn't seem like much the elevation gain was almost 2400 ft! That is 2400 ft in 2.25 miles! No problem. We are fit. Bring it! We start the hike at around 1130. It became very apparent that 1-the trail was VERY steep 2-the trail was VERY slippery because of all the rain and ... read more
Pretty Red Mushroom
Ginny taking in the view
The Geocache!

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier September 1st 2013

Location: Whittier Wildlife: salmon and marmot Scenery: glaciers Today I find myself in the quaint fishing village of Whittier, AK to go fishing for silver salmon with my niece, Ginny, and her husband,Will. I'm very excited because I know grizzly's like salmon and there are sure to be fishing along the shore trying to get their share of salmon! You access Whittier by driving down the Seward highway, one of the most picturesque highways in the country, and driving through one of the world's longest one-way tunnels, finally popping out in Whittier! Will found a lovely cove to cast out his line while Ginny and I 'helped' by standing on the shore shouting helpful advice to Will while he fished. After awhile we got bored as Will was not taking any of our advice (and subsequently ... read more
LuAnne and Ginny

Hola, Muchachos! Sorry for the long posting delay. Internet is slow down here and I’m just, well, lazy. Susan and I are alive and well. We've picked up a pet - a hungry kitty we call 'Tacuba'. She is one of the compartments in my small wallet that we 'feed' every morning with money for shared expenses (bus/cab fare, entry fees, bribes, etc.). She’s really hungry. Sometimes we have to feed her two or more times a day. But, it does make life easier for us as we are not scrambling to find equal change for shared services. The idea was mine ... Susan claims it is brilliant! Which is good. Because, she doesn't realize she is really the smart one and is actually doing most of the work. Sometimes I feel a little guilty. While ... read more
Parade in Nahuizalco
Little Girl Dressed for the Festival in Nahuizalco
Ataco Street

June 16th - From Guatemala to El Salvador Anxious to find the road less travelled, Susan and I decided to escape Guatemala and head to El Salvador. There were just too many tourists in Guatemala. So, from San Marcos la Laguna, we began our journey. First by boat, then tiny tuk tuk, then crummy shuttle van that broke down on the steep climb out of Lake Atitlan, then a nice big bus from Guatemala City to San Salvador. We had a fairly uneventful border crossing. What was probably less than 180 miles took us over 16 hours! Susan found a great hotel in San Salvador, the ´Hotel Tazumal House´ in one of the nicer areas of town. . . . . . . . June 17th - San Salvador The next day, with directions from hotel ... read more
Palacio National Courtyard
The New Cathedral
Downtown San Salvador Markets

This day, Susan and I took a boat to San Marco looking for some peace and quiet with few gringos. San Marcos is supposed to be a place where you meditate and get massages. We found one of the oddest places I´ve ever been to! To get there, we took a boat from Panajachel. The ride was beautiful and relaxing. Many other Pueblos and mansions dot the coastline. When we arrived, two street urchins hijacked our luggage from the boat asking us where we want to go. Normally, we wouldn´t have accepted their services, but, hey, we were on vacation, and it became very apparent that we had no idea of how to get to the hotel we had picked out from the guide book. ´Aaculaax´we told them. ´Do you know where it is?´ ´Si´, they ... read more
My private rooftop balcony
Unusual window in my room made from recycled glass
View of Lake Atitlan from my room

Originally, we were thinking of going to Antiqua but heard it was full of tourists. Hoping to bypass the tourist scene, we opted to skip Antigua for Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. Bad move ... there are TONS of tourist here. If you want the market scene, this is the place. Blocks and blocks and blocks of street vendors and street urchins trying to sell you stuff. And, they all are selling the same things. I´m not sure how anyone makes any money here. You don´t even need to negotiate. All you have to do is say ´no thanks´and immediately they start dropping the price. I had one little girl who started at 30 quetzels (around $3.50) for a little purse and within a minute (and several "no gracias mi preciosa's" it was down to 1 Quetzal! ... read more
Bars and Resturants along the Lake
Panajachel Street Dog

My girlfriend, Susan and I, are off on another adventure. Several years ago, we went to Honduras and thought it was about time to do another adventure. We are returning again to Central America, arriving in Guatamala City and leaving from Managua in about two weeks. Other than that, we have no plans other than to get from one place to the other without getting ourselves thrown in jail! I always thought Susan was pretty steamy, but this night, when we landed in Guatamala City, I found out how hot she really is! Literally! Coming through customs, she was so hot they pulled her aside for special treatment! They are so concerned with swine flu, they have a setup where they point this device at you and it registers your temperature. Apparently, she was hot enough ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 16th 2008

To stay an extra day in Bogata was a last minute add-on. I usually have no interest in capital cities, but, I'm glad we did check it out. We spent our day visiting various museums, including their well stocked gold museum and strolling through La Candelaria, a section of the city with cobbled streets, shops, crafts, and galleries. We ended the day with a cable car trip to the top of Cerro de Montserrat (10,000 ft). At the top is a church and spectacular views of the city. There are also local vendors, one of which made one of my favorite drinks - Canelazo - a hot, alcoholic cinnamon and cloves. I discovered this drink in Ecuador and it was a treat to find it here! We were going to check out the salsa scene, but, ... read more
Museo de Arte del Banco de la Republica
Military Museum
Justice Palace

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