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10th February 2011

amazing story!
Hi! Great to see this. Great to know that you visited our place and appreciated it. I am from Puerto Princesa and I am grateful you are sharing the word about our place! Congrats!
10th February 2011

Hi Ben
Great to have u back >>> Have a blogging good time in India and in life thereafter.
9th February 2011

Wow, sounds perfect - Neid ;-) Hope to hear from you soon. Liebe Grüße
9th February 2011

Welcome back!
Hey, Well, I for one am glad to see that you decided to start up your blog again. Good luck at Varanasi and Agra. You're starting with what must be two of the most popular tourist spots, so the hassle factor is about to shoot up. Agra was not my favourite place, but I did find a great little 'restaurant' (a family home with a roof terrace with views of the Taj) which did fabulous freshly prepared food. I'll dig out my diary and send you the name of it. Lovely father and daughter, they will really look after the 3 of you. I found that the further south I went the easier it got as the people seem to be more easy going. Are you going down to Allepey? Have fun.
9th February 2011

Nomadic friend
We see the Nomadic blood still runs rife in you viens Ben. An itch that fades but never goes away, leave it alone and it can turn into a rash but following your heart could be the cure. Welcome back, we have missed your incredible blogs.
9th February 2011

Great to see you back!
I am so pleased to read your quality Blog and to see you are back :)
9th February 2011

Your New Adventure
Congratulations! I can't believe it. Here I am wondering if I'll have a real first adventure, and here you are starting on your second BIG ADVENTURE. I'll keep reading if you keep writing. My oldest son spent a month in India two summers ago. His roommate here in the USA was Indian and he took my son home. Good luck with all the decisions.
9th February 2011

Hey there
Welcome back, Ben. We have been missing your blogs that we feel almost deprived!
8th February 2011

on the road again
On the road again ! - I can't belive it- I am speechless- I am constantly shaking my head-Unbelievable! Some of your gene must come from nomadic people. Wonderful to read your blog again. Thank you for the colourful fotos. walter
8th February 2011

Quantum Mechanics?
Going home for two months yet still being "on the road". Stephen Hawking once suggested that the absence of tourists from the future constitutes an argument against the existence of time travel—a variant of the Fermi paradox;-)
2nd February 2011

Blog of the Year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog has been nominated one of the best of 2010, in the central and south American/writing category.
21st January 2011

Willkommen zurück
schade für Sie aber das müssen ja tolle Erlebnisse gewesen sein. Steigen Sie wieder bei uns ein oder kann man sich das nicht mehr vorstellen, nach dieser Auszeit? Viele Grüße Claudia Brand
21st January 2011
View from my bungalow on Pulau Weh

were exactly
hello, i am in java for the moment but i taka a plane for banda aceh the next week, and i saw this photo... Can you say me if this place is in a big resort or no? i want to find a place like this but not in a big resort, can you tell me more about this place?
11th January 2011

Camping in japan
Hi! Great stories there. Just wondering (cause I'm thinking to among others climb the Mt.Fuji of season in june): do you know how much in trouble one can get in to? What are the fines there? Or what are the chances of being caught camping in the "outback" of japan? Many thanks Sergé
10th January 2011

Great blog. I'll add Tikal onto my destinations when I head to Guatemala this next week!
9th January 2011

Thank You !
I really enjoyed your blog over such a long time and now look forward to the book! Really! It must be such a strange feeling after such a long time from home to settle iin? good luck in whatever you do Jon :D
2nd January 2011

Thanks you!
Your blog entries kept me hooked, entertained and most importantly inspired. There are so many people who only dream of what you've done, through your stories you have made their dreams come true. Maybe someday soon I will take off on "my journey" and when I do I will think of your adventures.
2nd January 2011

According to your flickr pics it looks like you couldn't bear with germany very long? l very much look forward to some updates here! :-) All the best & happy new year, Felix
29th December 2010

life after living the dream
hello! i found you blog by accident and now i can't stop reading it :) i am also fighting with a thought of leaving everything behind (good job) and go traveling for awhile. not so easy though :/ anyways, i'm interesting in how is life after coming home? i totally understood your last post, because i also went traveling for 3 months and the last few days were really melancholic :) i'm afraid that when i'd come home, searching for a job would drain my whole energy gathered on the road. that would definitely suck! so, how is your life now? maybe you can even write a post about it :) tnx for the answer and happy new year! :) gregor
18th December 2010

got this one late....
Hi Ben I love the fact that you tell it how you see it. Florida is nice but a bit 'meh'; Sun, sea and sand doesn't always have to equate to ATE (Amazing Travel Experience) does it? No. Been following your blog since Burma (when you experienced that awful fatal accident) and have enjoyed it a lot. I've just come off a 20 month trip myself and I'm impressed that you weren't completely jaded by the end! I know I was. Anyway, I've been meaning to follow up my blog with a kind of 'how I feel' report on being back in the UK; but if I'm honest nothing has really fundamentally changed for me - new job - new house etc. Anyway, it would be nice to read your views after such a long trip - I'm sure you have more to say! Kudos for still accepting all the negative comments on your blog. What can I say? There are a lot of eijets in the ether! Keep well and very warmest regards Sepulchre
15th December 2010

Buy a damn drink!
Interesting blog entry. It does come across a little smug though. Coming from a small, New England, liberal artsy educational background, I am definitely familiar with your point of view. Women are to be respected, not bought, ect.... Fortunately I have overcome this to the point that I can enjoy Angeles City. Yeah, I wish these girls had a better way to make the same money but the fact is that they don't and there is no quick fix to their situation. Working in a bar is simply the most lucrative way to support their families and that is exactly what they are doing. While I was staying there, I made friends with a few of them and gave them money to buy some pigs to raise as an alternative. After a while, they asked if they could go back to work in the clubs because the pig thing simply was not bringing in the same kind of income. I could have done the moralistic thing and told them they need to make and honest living, AIDS, repspect, Jesus, etc.... but in the end, I have no place telling someone less fortunate how they are allowed to handle their situation unless I can provide them a complete fix (in this case something like a university education). You did even less. You didn't even want to buy them a drink so they could make their measly little commission. You just came and judged them and the customers that are in fact doing more to help these girls than you. Prostitution is not the real problem here, poverty is. You are just attacking the solution to poverty these girls came up with because you don't like their solution. They are not stupid. If there was a way for a 20 year old girl with a 4th grade education to make the same income somewhere else, they would do it. If you have a solution, let me know and I will pass it on to my friends. Finally, despite your assertion that you "did quite easily resist the temptation all around" I do not find this credible. Maybe you have low sex drive or are really that crippled with guilt and self-abnegation but would you really come to Angeles just to poke around in a city that you find morally repugnant? Protip: if you ever go to AC again, indulge. You will have a great time and you will be doing more for these sweet young girls than you will by blogging about how awful what they do is. Also, it is generally not nice to post face pictures of bargirls on the internet.
7th December 2010

Like an enjoyable book I did not want this blog to end! I started reading from the very beginning & would like to thank you for the epic journey I took around the World from the comfort of my own home :)

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