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20th February 2011

what an inspiration....
I admire you truly for leaving everything you have in Germany and never looking back... you are truly living your life and for that I look up to you with great admiration... Leaving everything behind even going to the extent of selling most of your belongings, leaving your career for the thirst to see the world and experience every culture... is definetely something I dont have the courage to do... I would definetely love to see the world myself... and I'm doing it in my own terms as much as people criticize me saying it's a waste of time... I dont believe so... to me just like you... there's a difference between being a live and living the life... and you are certainly living it up my friend... kuddos to u from toronto, canada! I love reading your blogs and seeing the world through your pictures... as one of your subscribers... I just want to say... high-five and have a safe trip back to Germany... :D ... I'm sure your journey around the world will not end just yet... I'll be looking forward to more blogs from your... :D
20th February 2011

Moped in Laos
Hi Ben! Sorry to disturb, just wanted to ask you about moped buying - drivin - selling in Lao. I was in Lao 9 years ago and opted for local busses to get around. This time I would like to be more free in terms of where to go (almost anywhere) and where not (VangVieng). Me and a friend are planning a much shorter trip than you made. Thinking to cross into Huay Xai, drive mopeds north to Luang Namtha and the slowly make our way to Luang Prabang where we will meet up with my wife who is there with work. My question: How much do you think we need to spenf for two decent bikes? We are not experienced motorbike drivers so I want to opt for moped style. Is it hard to buy them? Hard to sell them? And how many km can you cover in a day kind of? Would be great to hear from you if you have time! Thanks very much! Pontus, Sweden
20th February 2011

i did enjoy reading this. it was funny and informative and all, but... i feel that some statements are disrespectful to the culture of india. just be a little more sensitive next time
18th February 2011

Your pictures are great
I have enjoyed your blogs and pictures from your trip. The pictures from India are just fantastic. And your stories are always interesting to read. So now I don't know what to do - to avoid India and all the dirt, or go and see all the beauty. Anyway I wish you happy travels. Inga
18th February 2011

famous volcanoes
Kīlauea is the youngest and southeastern most famous volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Kilauea can be found on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the southeastern slope of Mauna Loa, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Kilauea is one of largest active craters in the world, has a circumference of 8 mi (13 km) and is surrounded by a wall of volcanic rock 200 to 500 ft (61—152 m) high.
15th February 2011

I am a journalist, but my current work is related technology. I was born in El Salvador and lived the years of the war, that experience left a mark on my life. I live in the US now, since 1992. I admire your decision, not all of us can leave behind what we have to start the adventure. Good luck!
15th February 2011
MRI scan of my brain - looks pretty big, um?

Its very useful for me
10th February 2011

amazing story!
Hi! Great to see this. Great to know that you visited our place and appreciated it. I am from Puerto Princesa and I am grateful you are sharing the word about our place! Congrats!
10th February 2011

Hi Ben
Great to have u back >>> Have a blogging good time in India and in life thereafter.
9th February 2011

Wow, sounds perfect - Neid ;-) Hope to hear from you soon. Liebe Grüße
9th February 2011

Welcome back!
Hey, Well, I for one am glad to see that you decided to start up your blog again. Good luck at Varanasi and Agra. You're starting with what must be two of the most popular tourist spots, so the hassle factor is about to shoot up. Agra was not my favourite place, but I did find a great little 'restaurant' (a family home with a roof terrace with views of the Taj) which did fabulous freshly prepared food. I'll dig out my diary and send you the name of it. Lovely father and daughter, they will really look after the 3 of you. I found that the further south I went the easier it got as the people seem to be more easy going. Are you going down to Allepey? Have fun.
9th February 2011

Nomadic friend
We see the Nomadic blood still runs rife in you viens Ben. An itch that fades but never goes away, leave it alone and it can turn into a rash but following your heart could be the cure. Welcome back, we have missed your incredible blogs.
9th February 2011

Great to see you back!
I am so pleased to read your quality Blog and to see you are back :)
9th February 2011

Your New Adventure
Congratulations! I can't believe it. Here I am wondering if I'll have a real first adventure, and here you are starting on your second BIG ADVENTURE. I'll keep reading if you keep writing. My oldest son spent a month in India two summers ago. His roommate here in the USA was Indian and he took my son home. Good luck with all the decisions.
9th February 2011

Hey there
Welcome back, Ben. We have been missing your blogs that we feel almost deprived!
8th February 2011

on the road again
On the road again ! - I can't belive it- I am speechless- I am constantly shaking my head-Unbelievable! Some of your gene must come from nomadic people. Wonderful to read your blog again. Thank you for the colourful fotos. walter
8th February 2011

Quantum Mechanics?
Going home for two months yet still being "on the road". Stephen Hawking once suggested that the absence of tourists from the future constitutes an argument against the existence of time travel—a variant of the Fermi paradox;-)
2nd February 2011

Blog of the Year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog has been nominated one of the best of 2010, in the central and south American/writing category.
21st January 2011

Willkommen zurück
schade für Sie aber das müssen ja tolle Erlebnisse gewesen sein. Steigen Sie wieder bei uns ein oder kann man sich das nicht mehr vorstellen, nach dieser Auszeit? Viele Grüße Claudia Brand
21st January 2011
View from my bungalow on Pulau Weh

were exactly
hello, i am in java for the moment but i taka a plane for banda aceh the next week, and i saw this photo... Can you say me if this place is in a big resort or no? i want to find a place like this but not in a big resort, can you tell me more about this place?
11th January 2011

Camping in japan
Hi! Great stories there. Just wondering (cause I'm thinking to among others climb the Mt.Fuji of season in june): do you know how much in trouble one can get in to? What are the fines there? Or what are the chances of being caught camping in the "outback" of japan? Many thanks Sergé
10th January 2011

Great blog. I'll add Tikal onto my destinations when I head to Guatemala this next week!
9th January 2011

Thank You !
I really enjoyed your blog over such a long time and now look forward to the book! Really! It must be such a strange feeling after such a long time from home to settle iin? good luck in whatever you do Jon :D

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