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2nd January 2011

Thanks you!
Your blog entries kept me hooked, entertained and most importantly inspired. There are so many people who only dream of what you've done, through your stories you have made their dreams come true. Maybe someday soon I will take off on "my journey" and when I do I will think of your adventures.
2nd January 2011

According to your flickr pics it looks like you couldn't bear with germany very long? l very much look forward to some updates here! :-) All the best & happy new year, Felix
29th December 2010

life after living the dream
hello! i found you blog by accident and now i can't stop reading it :) i am also fighting with a thought of leaving everything behind (good job) and go traveling for awhile. not so easy though :/ anyways, i'm interesting in how is life after coming home? i totally understood your last post, because i also went traveling for 3 months and the last few days were really melancholic :) i'm afraid that when i'd come home, searching for a job would drain my whole energy gathered on the road. that would definitely suck! so, how is your life now? maybe you can even write a post about it :) tnx for the answer and happy new year! :) gregor
18th December 2010

got this one late....
Hi Ben I love the fact that you tell it how you see it. Florida is nice but a bit 'meh'; Sun, sea and sand doesn't always have to equate to ATE (Amazing Travel Experience) does it? No. Been following your blog since Burma (when you experienced that awful fatal accident) and have enjoyed it a lot. I've just come off a 20 month trip myself and I'm impressed that you weren't completely jaded by the end! I know I was. Anyway, I've been meaning to follow up my blog with a kind of 'how I feel' report on being back in the UK; but if I'm honest nothing has really fundamentally changed for me - new job - new house etc. Anyway, it would be nice to read your views after such a long trip - I'm sure you have more to say! Kudos for still accepting all the negative comments on your blog. What can I say? There are a lot of eijets in the ether! Keep well and very warmest regards Sepulchre
15th December 2010

Buy a damn drink!
Interesting blog entry. It does come across a little smug though. Coming from a small, New England, liberal artsy educational background, I am definitely familiar with your point of view. Women are to be respected, not bought, ect.... Fortunately I have overcome this to the point that I can enjoy Angeles City. Yeah, I wish these girls had a better way to make the same money but the fact is that they don't and there is no quick fix to their situation. Working in a bar is simply the most lucrative way to support their families and that is exactly what they are doing. While I was staying there, I made friends with a few of them and gave them money to buy some pigs to raise as an alternative. After a while, they asked if they could go back to work in the clubs because the pig thing simply was not bringing in the same kind of income. I could have done the moralistic thing and told them they need to make and honest living, AIDS, repspect, Jesus, etc.... but in the end, I have no place telling someone less fortunate how they are allowed to handle their situation unless I can provide them a complete fix (in this case something like a university education). You did even less. You didn't even want to buy them a drink so they could make their measly little commission. You just came and judged them and the customers that are in fact doing more to help these girls than you. Prostitution is not the real problem here, poverty is. You are just attacking the solution to poverty these girls came up with because you don't like their solution. They are not stupid. If there was a way for a 20 year old girl with a 4th grade education to make the same income somewhere else, they would do it. If you have a solution, let me know and I will pass it on to my friends. Finally, despite your assertion that you "did quite easily resist the temptation all around" I do not find this credible. Maybe you have low sex drive or are really that crippled with guilt and self-abnegation but would you really come to Angeles just to poke around in a city that you find morally repugnant? Protip: if you ever go to AC again, indulge. You will have a great time and you will be doing more for these sweet young girls than you will by blogging about how awful what they do is. Also, it is generally not nice to post face pictures of bargirls on the internet.
7th December 2010

Like an enjoyable book I did not want this blog to end! I started reading from the very beginning & would like to thank you for the epic journey I took around the World from the comfort of my own home :)
30th November 2010

agree with jason
So, it's over? Can't help but agree with Jason there. For you to write a final, final blog. Seeing your own country after 2 1/2 years of exploring other areas, and seeing it now in an entirely new perspective. Some habits die hard. Tell us about it!
28th November 2010

Still causing controversy on the final blog ;)
I love some of the comments :) - I agree with Jason - I'd love to read a little about the return home and seeing Germany with new eyes. I know that happened for me after a much shorter trip... Congratulations on the longest continuous journey blogged here so far. Hope settling back in is going well.
26th November 2010

All good things come to an end.
I've been a regular visitor yo your blog so thank you for all those entries and wonderful pictures. Now i've picked my destination for my next trip your entries will surely be used for inspiration.
26th November 2010

Auf weidersehen!
I too got a bit depressed at this being the last entry. It comes as a bit fo a shock: in my mind you would go all the way through South America. Well, it was fun. My first travel blog that I have followed regularly. I also enjoyed your take on American culture. Yes, the beach nazis are everpresent here in new york too. We Americans like being told what and what not to do, apparently. Something about how the terrorists win otherwise. Thank you for opening my eyes to other places in the world. I enjpyed reading about the Indonesian islands and the Darien Gap as well. Danche schein.
22nd November 2010

willkommen zurück, mein lieber. habe deine route stets mit interesse verfolgt! 31 monate - REEEEESPEKT!!! es ist schwer vorstellbar, wie du dich jetzt fühlen musst...
20th November 2010

Congrats on living life and hope the adventure continues. Reading you blog reminds me what's important in life and to follow our passion no matter how difficult we make it seem sometimes. Thanks Ben and welcome back
19th November 2010

Gosh, this is such a definite story. I can soo remember the sad final feeling, the choking feeling as soon as you let the emotion to surface... How are you now? And how does it feel to back in Germany, to hear only german? As I was reading your blog I kepton thinking about my own last moments and I can;t remember it as I didn't right it down. I though Id remember. Good for you thatyou took the time to right this last story... For now... :-)
17th November 2010

Hey Ben, welcome home... wenn man das nach fast drei Jahren noch so sagen kann (und dann auch noch im November, der schlimmsten Zeit für eine Rückkehr). Fühle mit dir. Einzige Lösung: Geld auftreiben und wieder los (gibt ja noch ein paar weiße Flecken auf deiner Landkarte... wenn auch nicht so viele ;-).
17th November 2010

Thank You
Hey Ben, You been a true inspiration to me. I love discovering and even more rediscovering some of the most beautiful place in the world. I really thought for a moment you would never go back home. Its been great to read you along the way. I cannot remember how many time I was bored in a train somewhere in the world and start reading some of your old entries. Hope you are not too bored at can always leave again...there is still a lot to see. Trust me, you can probably make up a book with all your blogs... Take care Nick
15th November 2010

i shed a tear after following you for 2.5 yrs
I have loved following your blog so long and will miss it! Your life was so exciting to follow and it brightened others as well! I totally understand how it feels to come home after a long time on the road. I think I was depressed for at least 6 months after (and it's only been 8 since i got back from my year long travel). And going back to work is a real killer, as well. However, my advice...move to a new city and start exploring while working. It's fun b/c you have more money to do things and also can feel really connected to the city b/c you live there. However, i have no other advice b/c it really sucks coming back to day to day life. Good Luck! Your travel blog will be missed!
15th November 2010

"berlin, berlin, wir warten auf dich in berlin ... BERLIN CALLING ...:)
15th November 2010

Hey Ben, I just read your last blog entry, and while I continue to be very jealous of you, and think you have been ridiculously spoiled, I still cant imagine how hard this must be for you. Also, I suppose its not the kind of thing, like heartbreak or something, that nearly everyone could sympathize over. I don't think youre going to get a lot of "I know how you feel" in the coming weeks. Anyways, best of luck for your re-introduction to settled society, and I hope finding a new path is painless and exciting. Don't see it as the journey being over though! Just a new challenge. Good luck, -Lilia
15th November 2010

Welcome back und Woe :-)
Hi Ben mein Weltenbummler, lese gerade Deinen letzten Blogeintrag und hab gleich zu dem Telefonhörer gegriffen, um in Neuenrade anzurufen - besetzt :-) Two things to say: 1. Ich kann nicht auf den Schulball kommen -> Doof! 2. Ich komm am kommenen Wochenende heim -> Möglichkeit! Bist Du zufällig da? Wie wäre es dann am Samstag sich zu treffen? Fänd ich super, Grüßle Sven
15th November 2010

Willkommen zurück!
Mein lieber Ben, gerade habe in deinem Blog gelesen, dass du nun wieder zu Hause bist und deine lange Reise beendet hast. Als ich deine letzten Zeilen so gelesen habe, hat mich das selber auch ein bisschen melancholisch gestimmt, obwohl ich mich dann auch wiederum freue, dass du in erreichbarer Entfernung bist und vielleicht sogar die Chance auf ein Treffen besteht!? Selbstverständlich bist du jederzeit nach München eingeladen. Oder aber wir schaffen es, uns in Plettenberg zu sehen - du bist doch Weihnachten da? Fühl dich auf jeden Fall fest gedrückt und genieße jetzt wieder die Zeit im neuen alten Leben. Jetzt gehen neue Abenteuer los... ;o)) Dicken Kuß und bis hoffentlich bald! Lynda
15th November 2010

Welcome Home!
Hey Ben! Welcome back again - and indeed enjoy and cherish home. What to do next? Well, start writing - I am serious about that. Hope to see you soon, Uli

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