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9th March 2014

You are right "Respect the recipe" deserves ....well....more respect! Love your pictures and words about this most exotic part of our world.
10th March 2014

Thanks a lot Rolande ….hmmm… respect the recipe. I'm not sold on this just yet… maybe a few more cooking failures and I'll see the light ;)
7th March 2014

Blog and pics
Larry, enjoyed reading about your trip and see your photos - feel like I've been there myself - Thanks!
9th March 2014

Thanks for the comment Diana … and thanks for dropping in to read my stuff!!
2nd March 2014
Man Overlooks Atlantic Ocean - Casablanca

Best photo award!
Larry! or Maureen - who ever took this photo, I love it and would love a copy when you get home please.
3rd March 2014
Man Overlooks Atlantic Ocean - Casablanca

Sure Jennifer, we can do that...thanks for the kudos...Maureen was the photographer there.
2nd March 2014

Of course Cats are clean
Hello my authorities. I received word of your travels from the staff you hired to tend to my needs while you are away serving yourselves instead of me. I wish to remind you that Cats have been held in high regards in many cultures through the ages. Did you think that this would be any different on the other side of the world? Please take more photos of my breatheren for my perusal when you return. PS, you shall have to replace the large plant in the living room when you return. Did you honestly think that I wouldn't take my revenge out upon it?
3rd March 2014

I told you to keep your paws off the technology while we were treats for you when we get home. Maybe more quality time outside with the coyotes :-) We can always ship you to Morocco if you want...
2nd March 2014

Wish number 2 yaaah completed!
I am so jealous! You and Maureen look to be having such an adventure. Did you eat any of the snail? Can't wait to see you in your new Fez. I would be so tempted to dip one leg into one colour vat and the other leg in another coloured vat. Or maybe each finger into a different coloured vat - that would be neat. Safe travels continued!
3rd March 2014

Adventurous YOU!!
Its a damn fine thing you're not here travelling with me...I can't begin to conceive of the troubles you and I could get into. Wait til you read my next story coming up about my visit to the hammam:-) Sorry, no snails eaten!!
1st March 2014

So cool!!! Wow, another amazing spot in our world ..
10th March 2014

Thanks Val … where's YOUR next journey??
24th February 2014

another adventure, Maureen and Larry! The olive groves and almond orchards are so attractive. The almond trees remind me of a long story from Portugal the landowner planted many almond trees around his property. The light pink petals were to remind his homesick wife of the snow in Paris she missed so much .....she loved it, who wouldn't. Any yellow flowered mimosa trees? Safe travels!
25th February 2014

Tina and Howard
Nice story...very sweet! The only mimosas we've seen come in a glass,with champagne!! What would a mimosa look like? In Sevilla now....please ensure no snow when we return in a week or so, OK?? Tenga un buen dia desde Sevilla! Thanks for checking in...
2nd October 2013

Hi Larry ! and Maureen! What fun photos, and reading! Larry, makes me laugh! An amazing trip you two had here, lots of history to ponder- and to be thankful for- that it IS in the past. THANKS for sharing! Marsha
21st September 2013

Yee haw!
Greetings! Couldn't help but wondering if Larry didn't strike up a few vocals whilst standing on the stage. Or at least hummed a little... Tempted to play a few chords on the guitar perhaps?
21st September 2013

Hey OLD "painted" lady:-) Absolutely I wanted to pick up a guitar and stand in the wood circle at centre stage... that would be a fantastic 15 minutes of fame!!
27th October 2012

Wonderful adventure! What is next???
27th October 2012

Who Knows!!??
Ireland?...Antarctica?...Russia?...Turkey?...driving trip through all 50 states (esp Hawaii!! Glug glug). G'day to you Mates!
23rd October 2012

Where are you going next?
I loved the Glasgow weather descriptions....great humour in spots...your writing makes me laugh which is hard to do, culturally entertaining, glad you got to see Margaret and Johnny. Is William blogging about his Glasgow adventues? Sad indeed that your trip is blogs yet Cherie
24th October 2012

Thanks for all of your glowing and positive comments Cherie...we've enjoyed sharing our trip and it's always nice to know that others get a wee bit from them too! PS Don't think Will is blogging this time around...probably not enough time.
22nd October 2012

Thanks SO mcuh for taking time to write thes travel notes!
We've enjoyed being able to journey vicariously with you!
18th October 2012

Holy Frankenswine Larry & Maureen...........
That dude must have thought you were scouting for some other restaurant. Imagine if you were taking a pic in McDs & Ronald McDonald came flying at you with a spatula with rage in his jaundiced eyes fearing you were spying for A & W or Burger King!!!!!! Man 'o man.......I would have absolutely freaked out if that guy had been coming at me like that.........I hope (like a seasoned photographer) that you still got the pic...:-) You really need to invest in some of those hidden camera gadgets. Travel safe my friends.
17th October 2012

Oh my Goodness, Larry and Maureen, You have had an amazing Barcelona experience. I am so glad you appreciate Gaudi. i think his flamboyant and "mind-stretching" style is wonderful. So great to have had Will there to interpret some of the architecture. Lucky you!! Next..... we are looking forward to the Green view of Glasgow. Here, we are trying to emulate your blog style. We have a long way to go.
17th October 2012

Don't Stop
Keep travelling, keep blogging. I so enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing!

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