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29th July 2018

Scandinavia and the missing umlaut
It’s unusual to find well-written blogs without pictures – but it was the words ‘Lillehammer’ and ‘Cosmos’ that caught my eye, rather than photos, which compelled me to read your recent missives. Many moons ago, I spent more than 35 years in the UK holiday industry. I organised many group skiing tours to Lillehammer and have visited beautiful Norway on many occasions. Cosmos was well-known as an inexpensive tour operator owned by the wealthy Mantegazza family in Switzerland. I didn’t realise the company was still in existence. I now know that, having been sold at one stage and the Cosmos name being discontinued, the family later bought the name back and are once again operating ‘If it’s Tuesday, this must be…’ tours. Now that you’ve given the tour director a deserved kick in the backside, I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy your Scandinavian tour. Oh, and you might find an umlaut hidden on your computer. Compose your blog in a word-processing program and pressing Ctrl + Shift + : (colon) together, releasing those keys and typing a letter ‘o’ should give you an umlaut – and you too could then enjoy lördagsgodis!* Keep smiling! *You'd then have to copy and paste your text into your blog as it doesn't seem possible to compose the special symbols while in the TravelBlog editor.
29th July 2018

Danke, Mike!
27th July 2018

Tour groups
My sister and I are looking to do the Scandavian countries next year. Want to go on a tour. Interested in seeing how RS was. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
26th July 2018

I loved reading this blog entry especially the part about the man that you and Bill talked with. The U.S. could do so much more to provide and care for its citizens. Norway is a good example of what can be done to "promote the general welfare." Hugh and I will be traveling to Norway in November in search of the Aurora Borealis. It is through Road Scholar. Your tales of traveling with Cosmos make me appreciate RS even more.
26th July 2018

I had the same experience with Globus.
I used it because Grand circle does a cruise experience with stops. I thought I wanted more land time. Our guide was horrible. We also spent around $1000 for optionals that should have been included. I called Grand Circle/OAT when I got home and told them I had made a huge mistake and would never do it again.
26th July 2018

Wonderful writing as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Copenhagen and Cosmos! Your writing is, as always, fantastic!
24th July 2018

SOOO happy to hear you are back on the road where you excel..and where now you will be mistaken for a native I bet. I look forward eagerly to your upcoming posts. Have a little herring and think of me. All love karin
2nd July 2018

We actually went there on a cruise. We rented a car and headed for the famous falls. Traffic was stopped due flooding from the rain. We were advised by the locals to return the car as it was dangerous driving in parts of town trying to avoid the flooding. Glad you had good experiences getting around except waisted time.
1st July 2018

Ohhh that's a great post. And your kids sounds lovely, especially your youngest. She sounds so adventurous and active and exciting! 😊
26th May 2018

Writing Skill
You write in a very personable way describing observations and experiences as you have them but also in a very informative way. I could picture myself there with you.
23rd May 2018

Happy Birthday
What an unusual and memorable way to celebrate a birthday. I'm a little late in reading your biog since I've was preparing my house for spring and my trip to Iceland. My computer will not let me download my photos so I need to wait until I get home to share photos and comments about my tour.
16th May 2018

I just enjoy whatever you choose to write. We leave for Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan Monday. We've had so many issues that travel isn't first on our minds. This is an exciting trip, but we are preoccupied with health issues now which includes our whole family. Thanks for keeping me on your blog. Barbara
9th May 2018

Last days of OAT Tour
Laura, your last account was the best. Many thanks for sharing your memoirs of the trip with us... As during the trip, you made everything more real and memorable. All the best to you...Paul & Karin
8th May 2018

Your memoir of Jerusalem reminds us the many devout pilgrims, especially from developing countries, who were doing the stations of the cross. In my opinion they are the best hope for the future of organized religion.
8th May 2018

My most interesting part of Jerusalem was the tunnel as well as Via Dolorosa. We had 3 guards (1 in front, 1 in the missle & 1 in the back with their guns keeping us tight), It was a place we could revisit easily. Enjoying revisiting it through your blogs. Thanks. We leave in 15 days for the Stans.
7th May 2018

Glad You Are Having A Great Trip
Happy Birthday-- you were in a special place. I agree that the 'birthplace of Jesus' is unassuming, but quite powerful nonetheless. Glad you were able to sneak down to exit ramp:)
7th May 2018

Your Birthday
So glad you were thrilled by our impromptu celebration for you ...
7th May 2018

Jerusalem birthday
So glad you had a happy birthday. I'll wish you belated happy birthday wishes. I felt the exact same way when we took our family to Costa Rica on an OAT tour (15 of us) & woke up to share glorious days with our loved ones.(sons, grandsons & their wives)
7th May 2018

Happy Birthday
I’ll add in my singing was well 🎶Happy Birthday to you🎶 👏🎂🎉 I wish I could have been with you to celebrate, especially in such a great location. I’m enjoying your blog, as always. As you well know, we are just budding out here along the coast with forsythia and daffodils blooming and not much more. Love, Ken
5th May 2018

Another good commentary....thanks
3rd May 2018

Thanks again
Appreciated your account of the cave exploration which I could not attend and the story of your father's ashes. Keep you the good memoir.
3rd May 2018

I so enjoy reading about your adventures! Thank you for including me!
3rd May 2018

Hi Melanie, I miss you so much! Hope all is well with everyone. Email me!
2nd May 2018

I am really going to enjoy reading your blog, as I was there last fall and you will help me remember my visit in this wonderful place!

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