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3rd March 2017

We did the Tanzania Safari & it was in the Great Migration. It was truly a wonder of nature. I understand your awe.
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1st March 2017

My dearest Laura. I am sooo glad you eventually visit my country!! Although I'm abit sad now since I left Johannesburg this morning for my home city Cape Town! It would've been such a grear pleasure if we could meet up for some coffee or so
...I really trust and hope you will enjoy your stay in my beautiful country, South Africa!! When I read about the Thai couple you met,my heart skipped a beat because I soooo much miss my beloved Thailand!!! Be safe out there sweet Laura and thank you again for your hand of friendship in Thailand! I still have pictures of us in the bus travelling to Sam Khok School as well as our apartments in Phatumthani! May peace,property and goodwill follow you!! Wamest Regards. Veron Van Rooyen or rather Teacher Ronnie.....(We teached and live together with Teachers ,Shon,Andy, Cathy, and the Thai teacher assistants,IF,Nunu,Nienie,Pawn,Katie etc).......PS ...I still have the pink lil bandana you gave me as a gift on your last day in Thailand. I treasure it with all the special care of friendship we have shared over there!!
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26th December 2016

Such nice remembrances, Laura. Hope you are enjoying lovely holidays with your family and/or friends. Have a splendid New Year!
25th December 2016

Hi Laura,As always, your postings give reason to pause and think. I love the holiday season as it's really about giving to others as well as receiving. These are troubled times for me and many of us, and yet, the cards we get remind us that
friends near and far are with us and goodness surrounds us all our days. I pray that peace reigns supreme and sanity returns to our nation. This is a remarkable year with Chanukah and Christmas are aligned. May we all find peace in the year ahead. Shalom. Fondest, Ken
24th December 2016

Enjoyed reading your blog. Very nice reflection of your feelings, past and present. Made me remember how we met on our trip and have enjoyed exchanging emails every since. Joe
5th August 2016

I think I need to add this city to my next trip to France.
1st August 2016

It sounds like a wonderful way to end your trip. I am glad that you had such a lovely time.
1st August 2016

I will be glad to come and visit you in France. Love Janice
28th July 2016

When Bill retires you should take him on some of these.
28th July 2016

Actually, if Donald Trump gets elected, you might want to stay there!
25th July 2016

Great trip, Laura. So nice to hear that Bill as able to join you on one of your adventures. Your blog brings back fond memories of my one trip to London. I will go back with David. Funny, I didn't share your experience of getting trampled/s
hoved/poked. I was mindful to try to keep left, especially in tube tunnels. Maybe there's a gender thing at work too?
24th July 2016

wonderful entry as always, glad that London treated you fairly well, quite jealous of your seeing Stonehenge! here's hopes that you continue to have a good trip!
19th July 2016

Gosh, are you off again on a different trip?
19th July 2016

Hi Deanna, YES! So lucky... I hope all is well with you!
17th July 2016

I've enjoyed your info, Laura!
13th July 2016

Sounds like a nice ending to a remarkable trip. Thanks for correcting my vision of a dark, grey Eastern Europe. Now, I might even be interested in going there. I look forward to hearing more soon over lunch! Safe travels homeward.
6th July 2016

I assume this is a river cruise. Good info about a country I know very little about.
6th July 2016

You remember much more than me about Father Missius than I do. I guess we left the North Side when I was to young. We did have priest that were more jolly at St. Bernard's when I was going up. Are you going as far as Lithuania on this tr
ip. Keep in touch.Love Janice
6th July 2016

Interesting! I need to learn to do this blogging think. Julia, who you met when we did the cruise, and I spent 4 weeks in Southeast Asia this spring. It was wonderful, but very hot. We traveled with OAT and had such an educational trip.
Enjoy, enjoy and I will look forward to future postings.
29th March 2016

Sounds like it was a great trip
27th March 2016

You are such a trooper!
26th March 2016

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your trip. If I never get to make the trip myself, I'll have made my own mind pictures from what you've written.
25th March 2016

I didn't know that you were an artist. Congratulations!
25th March 2016

Well. you certainly give us, the less travelled of the world, wonderful word pictures with which to see our planet!
24th March 2016

Very well done, Laura.!! You are an excellent writer, and we enjoy reading about you adventures.

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