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25th July 2016

Great trip, Laura. So nice to hear that Bill as able to join you on one of your adventures. Your blog brings back fond memories of my one trip to London. I will go back with David. Funny, I didn't share your experience of getting trampled/s
hoved/poked. I was mindful to try to keep left, especially in tube tunnels. Maybe there's a gender thing at work too?
24th July 2016

wonderful entry as always, glad that London treated you fairly well, quite jealous of your seeing Stonehenge! here's hopes that you continue to have a good trip!
19th July 2016

Gosh, are you off again on a different trip?
19th July 2016

Hi Deanna, YES! So lucky... I hope all is well with you!
17th July 2016

I've enjoyed your info, Laura!
13th July 2016

Sounds like a nice ending to a remarkable trip. Thanks for correcting my vision of a dark, grey Eastern Europe. Now, I might even be interested in going there. I look forward to hearing more soon over lunch! Safe travels homeward.
6th July 2016

I assume this is a river cruise. Good info about a country I know very little about.
6th July 2016

You remember much more than me about Father Missius than I do. I guess we left the North Side when I was to young. We did have priest that were more jolly at St. Bernard's when I was going up. Are you going as far as Lithuania on this tr
ip. Keep in touch.Love Janice
6th July 2016

Interesting! I need to learn to do this blogging think. Julia, who you met when we did the cruise, and I spent 4 weeks in Southeast Asia this spring. It was wonderful, but very hot. We traveled with OAT and had such an educational trip.
Enjoy, enjoy and I will look forward to future postings.
29th March 2016

Sounds like it was a great trip
27th March 2016

You are such a trooper!
26th March 2016

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your trip. If I never get to make the trip myself, I'll have made my own mind pictures from what you've written.
25th March 2016

I didn't know that you were an artist. Congratulations!
25th March 2016

Well. you certainly give us, the less travelled of the world, wonderful word pictures with which to see our planet!
24th March 2016

Very well done, Laura.!! You are an excellent writer, and we enjoy reading about you adventures.
24th March 2016

I want to see a picture of your painting!!!
23rd March 2016

Happy you made it to the Louvre. Did you hear about ISIS hitting Brussels? Good thing we went last year. Continue having fun!
22nd March 2016

Laura--as usual you make adventure and excitement everywhere you travel. Bon voyage - a fellow traveler from a different adventure Jeff A
22nd March 2016

Leave it to you, Laura, to find a good deal. And with free airfare-wow! You are such a wonderfully adventurous traveler and must keep a bag pack with all but your toothbrush, ready to go at a moments notice. what fun! Those river cruises ar
e some of the few that intrigue me. How I look forward to your blogs. Bon voyage!
22nd March 2016

I hope the rain will be finish when we get there in May. enjoy and keep me posted Love Janice
21st March 2016

Nice write-up Laura. As usual, I'm confident that you will continue to get much more from your travels than the average tourist Best regards ............ Mary & John
21st March 2016

What a very wet experience! I would have loved to go with you but in better weather. Hope you have a great trip.
29th February 2016

Great hearing about the Keys during winter cold. Gretchen and Vince in Evanston, Illinois
26th February 2016

If you get a chance go to Key West and see the southernmost point in the United States. It states there are 90 miles to Cuba. Also go on the pier at 4 o'clock because they have jugglers and entertainers for free. Have fun!
26th February 2016

Hope you felt good old Putnam vibes as you passed through South Carolina!

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