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3rd May 2018

Thanks again
Appreciated your account of the cave exploration which I could not attend and the story of your father's ashes. Keep you the good memoir.
3rd May 2018

I so enjoy reading about your adventures! Thank you for including me!
3rd May 2018

Hi Melanie, I miss you so much! Hope all is well with everyone. Email me!
2nd May 2018

I am really going to enjoy reading your blog, as I was there last fall and you will help me remember my visit in this wonderful place!
1st May 2018

Petra - Jordan
I love your description, Laura, as it reminds me of our experiences.
From Blog: Petra, Jordan
1st May 2018

Glad to see you are still traveling.
Appreciate the info as we have not been to Jordan yet. Just got back from a Dutch Waterways cruise and about to head to Japan and the S Africa later in the summer.
30th April 2018

One of Laura's "Followers"
Connie and I will visit Israel and Egypt this fall. We enjoy your musings on travel, but don't have your stamina anymore. Bedtime is earlier and the hip and knee I bought from the Orthopod makes me a little robotic so I'm not a fast. We will watch for your bog on Petra.
30th April 2018

Enjoyed your comments about Jordan
30th April 2018

Hi Laura, I have a travel show just on Jordan. We only stayed a week, but it was memorable. Of course, Petra was the gem. You'll have to tell me your experiences later when you've been there. There is another path up to the top, so if time make sure you see it & it's from the end past the treasury. We did only one & it was amazing & so windy that we thought we'd be blown off, but there was a 2nd trail by the ampitheater (I think). We're off to Turkmenistan May 20..
16th April 2018

Hello Laura— from a former travel mate. Generally love reading your posts but the last one from Poland— was well worth reading but can’t say I enjoyed yet could’t Stop reading— memorizing writing about such an unspeakable horror. Be well— maybe our path’s will Ross again.
14th December 2017

I really enjoy your blogs as it is a reminder of our visit. We spent a week on our own the last time in Krakow & went to Aushwitz and Birkenau. We went to Warsaw while Obama was there, so all roads were diverted & traffic was at a standstill while we chose to ride the On-Of Bus. We had one day & just had a slight overview. Would love to return. Just booked a trip to Iceland. Leaving in May. 3-5 days on our own at the end renting a car to see the Fjords. Will look into that after Christmas. Always enjoy your blogs. Barbara
12th December 2017

Another Capital City
Hi Laura, Too bad I wasn't there to join you. I never tire in Krakow. I've been there twice & feel I know it & love it. Did you make it to the Jewish Quarter? We listened to klezmer music after dinner. I was with friends who lived there the first time & then took Dave there the 2nd. We spent a week there & in the surroundings. We both loved Prague. Walked the city for 4 days. You must go to Japan. One of the best trips ever. Spent 2 weeks with OAT & then 10 days on our own (Hiroshima, Himeji Castle & then onto Mount Shosha hiking miles to the shrine, & 7 days in Tokyo). It was a wonderful country with the people kinder than anywhere else we've ever been & no trash anywhere with no trash containers in site (we were told they take trash home to dispose there). Looking into Cuba on our own next summer (possibly leaving from Canada). Love your blogs & it's obvious you spend precious time writing them. Barbara
5th November 2017

Sounds wonderful but something I will never get to do in this lifetime. Thanks for sharing the experience,
From Blog: Tiger's Nest
30th October 2017

That is amazing!
29th October 2017

Thanks for posting1
Thanks Laura... for you very descriptive accounts of your travels. Wish at times I could be there with you but age and health keep me confined to my world in Cambodia.
From Blog: Endings?
28th October 2017

Response to Endings
Laura, I always enjoy your blogs. Since we've been to Kathmandu, I feel as if we've returned while reading your recent blog. I can relate to it all. I created a travel show on Nepal & it's fascinating how we both saw the same things with different companies as we went with OAT. We'd like to do Iceland, but have been gone for 4 months with our summer get away to Washington & japan 3 days after returning from WA. It will be a year before we consider anything. We would love to join you on your next trip. What is in store for you next? Barbara
From Blog: Endings?
27th October 2017

Laura: We are enjoying your blog posts.
2nd September 2017

Laura, I was in Iceland in January, with the hope of seeing the Northern Lights. No such luck, but I did find the country a pleasure to visit. We learned that there are only around 300,000 people in the country and they entertain 3 million tourists a year. We were charmed by the things they had devised for us to see.
14th March 2017

Reading your bogs makes me want to make a similar trip. I saw the big three on a trip in South Africa. Seeing Victoria Falls is on my bucket list and I expect see it in the future. Joe
From Blog: Saving the Rhino
13th March 2017

Safe journey home. I, like you, found this area of the world absolutely amazing!
From Blog: Saving the Rhino
11th March 2017

Very interesting experience. Hope I would be as thoughtful as you in similar situation
11th March 2017

I have so enjoyed your blog. I'm pretty sure it is the same trip my 3 daughters and I took, so I have forwarded your blogs to them. It takes us all back to 2014 when we were there. Thanks, Laura!
From Blog: The Rainy Season
11th March 2017

What a trip! And Bill sits alone and cold with all the snow and storms. He will definitely appreciate you when you get home. It is in the mid 70's here today and I am going to plant some flowers. Thanks for the wonderful blogs.Pam from CA
From Blog: The Rainy Season
7th March 2017

We stayed at Thorntree Lodge by Livingston, Zambia on the Zambezi . We booked it from Johannesburg on our own. We loved it & the falls were spectacular. Don't know what they are like from Zimbabwe. We continue to enjoy your trip wit
h you & brings back great memories of our own.

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