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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Cheltenham June 18th 2009

Amendment: It is so rare that I can get on line, and I spend a good portion of all that alone walking time thinking up intro's to my next blog (and talking to cows, sheep, horses and one llama; asking unanswerable questions; avoiding thinking about what my thesis is about; misconstruing things; investigating strange and macarbe objects at the side of the road ... but that's beside the point) so I have decided to give you an overall picture of the trip just through the intro's. Intro 1: I did!! I have been on the road/track/path/barely discernible trampling down of the foliage/forest of stinging nettles for 8 days. One hundred and fourteen kilometers done and have just turned inland to Bodmin. But am now back in Cheltenham for some more luxurious King's Oasis R & R ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Cheltenham June 8th 2009

Monday morning finds me still lounging around at the 'hotel' King's Oasis (a.k.a Adam's house), with the grand total of zero miles under my belt. We did climb a hill yesterday to get a beautiful rained in view of Cheltenham and surrounds so I haven't at all been idle. Also, for all those considering a stay at King's Oasis in the future, dont think that it is all spa's and relaxation. There is at least an hour of yoga to do everyday, as well as a rigorous entertainment schedule at the science fair. I have been improving mind and body and now know a lot more about symmetry in nature, penises, beer brewing, the race to get a vehicle to cross the 1000 mile per hour barrier, and trekking to the south pole. And then ... ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park May 31st 2009

I've walked Bodhi. I've investigated all the advertising boxes on and learned the spanish word of the day--precioso (beautiful, lovely, precious). I've cleaned the grout with my old toothbrush, de-spider-webbed the hammock and even stayed awake through Compass (okay, those last ones were just day-dreams, but I daydreamed). Essay is not writing itself but I thought I'd post my ten favourite-ish Mexico photos for you all, seeing as there are none on there already, and it will be a taster for what's to come. Three sleeps to go .... 3 essay writing windows to go ... why does every silver lining have a cloud?... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park May 20th 2009

Well, its two weeks until the annual pilgrimage. I'm getting my things in order so I am writing to invite and give people the option of opting out. Let me know if you get this and you want out. Otherwise, see you on the road very shortly .... very exciting!!... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tuxtla Gutiérrez July 24th 2008

You have had to wait a very long time to find out about those "plans" that the universe had. They are now even more uninteresting than they were 3 weeks ago. The bus didn't leave San Cristobel until night and so we decided to go to Tuxtla Gutierrez. I don't know if Tuxtla has any fabulously interesting spots. We spent the whole 6 or 7 hours in the bus station and the shopping mall next door to it. We had lunch in a very fancy restaurant (nice loos!!!) and were just about to go and see Agent 86 in Spanish but poor Bern was afflicted by a touch of Montezuma's revenge. It is amazing how it is possible to let hours slip by without feeling them. Being back at work I wish that I could remember ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City July 17th 2008

Here is British Candy for you to have a look at. I am living in a fantasy world and saying that I still am in Mexico City. In reality I am actually at work, in Melbourne--and can hardly believe that days actually can go this slowly!!! The trip is over, but for those who want to know how it all ended, I will still finish the blog up over the next couple of weeks at work and whenever I can find an internet to use. Lalarge made it home safe and sound--a little bit grubbier but with a bit more worldy-wise-i-ness. This funny aussie climate/water/food is affecting me so that's it for now--have to powder my nose. Hope you are all well!! Chat soon Charlie ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City July 15th 2008

Oh my Lord ... I have to warn you that I am two sheets to the wind ... is that the phrase? It feels like a few more sheets than that. Quite by accident we are celebrating the 40th day of our 40-20-40 holiday with a few tequilas. It is currently 12.05am, Mexico City time and I am sitting in the reception of the Casa Gonzuelas (dont even ask me to spell that at the moment), with my new fabby wig on. It is called British Candy. If there was a USB port here, I was going to ask you all to help me choose a name for this new personality that I have. The suggestions so far are Dakota, Michelle, and Kitty. Without a picture it is possibly a bit hard to make suggestions, but ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 9th 2008

I am really upset that my tan is fading fast here in Oaxaca. It has been no shortage of time spent outside but the rain keeps washing any sunshine away. I´ll try to catch up a bit more on this blog. In effect it is really gong to be my diary for the trip, as my actual diary is filled with an odd assortment of un-diary like things, so please feel free to ignore any bits that are too touchy-feeling and (who am I kidding) adolescently angsty, the bits about which movie stars and singers I have a crush on and the boys at school I think are cute but a bit childish. Merida ... where were we? We got ourselves a local café again--Café Pop--also with lovely elderly male waiters who pulled out our chairs ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 8th 2008

Okey-dockey. Well, Bern, Chucky-chazza and Val are again playing a waiting game. Tequila is, for all those that are possibly not versed in the finer tequila details, a specific type of mescal--like a pink lady is a specific kind of apple. We are waiting for a bar to open--very charmingly called La Cucaracha (the cockroach)-- where we will be taking a taster flight through the joys of mescal. I am expecting it to get nasty. Luckily we are staying the night in Oaxaca again tomorrow, and so any hangovers should be sorted out by the time we board our last (sob, sob) long distance bus to take us to Mexico City where we will ride out this crazy trip. We are staying in a "home away from home"--the cutest little hotel in town--but at least at ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida July 3rd 2008

It seems that every place we stay has a memorable sight or sound of the night in the rooms we stay in. In Chihuahua it was the star lined ceiling, Creel, the barking dogs and the roosters crying morning, in Los Mochis, an air-conditioner whose volume has been known to cause earthquakes in more susceptible areas of the world, Guadalajara, the storms and morning traffic through 12 feet tall windows. In Tulum it was the sounds of the jungle, in Chichen Itsa, the same, and lastly in Merida it was the frantic clock noise coming from the fan in the room and the air-conditioner that sounded like the sea--it had the ability to be both soothing and anxiety causing, a strange combination. I wrote that paragraph days ago in Merida. Since then we have had the ... read more

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