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17th July 2011

Hope you had a great time in SL
Its fun to read ur blog. Very descriptive. I usually do not subscribe to a blog but yours looked interesting. I wanted to hear what actually a non Sri Lankans experience in Sri Lanka was. Its quite entertaining. Its nice that you have traveled to so many countries. I wish I could join a volunteer association and travel around the world helping locals. Hope you could visit Sri Lanka again. NOTE:- I think the reason the village kids were mischievous bcoz they were too exited to see white people teaching them english not becuase of any disrespect. Thats what the village kids do to get your attentionl they want you to notice them. When they are mischievous it means that they like you. If not they would just sit around quietly and do nothing.
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23rd June 2011

Really good update, stay safe dadx
From Blog: Sri Lanka Week 1
1st May 2010

I enjoyed your USA post. It sounds like you are having fun here. I hope you liked my hometown of L.A. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you have time, email us some at and check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
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17th April 2010

Hello from Katy
Hello Kirstie My name is Katy and I am 24 years old and live in the UK. It sounds like you're having a fantastic time in New Zealand! It must be great fun travelling somewhere new everyday. I am hoping to go travelling in New Zealand by myself in September for 3 months and I wanted to know how you're finding it as a lone female traveller? This will be the first time I've ever travelled abroad completely by myself so it would be great to have your input! I am planning on staying in hostels mostly, so hopefully I'll meet some fellow travellers along the way that I can tag along with from time to time. I am really looking forward to it - your photos are fab, I can't believe how beautiful the scenary is! It looks like you had great fun skydiving, it looks so exhilarating. I'd love to have a go, but I don't think I'd be brave enough. I bet you had such amazing views...a birds eye view of the country! Looking forward to hearing about more of your excellent adventures! Take care of yourself, Katy :o)
From Blog: New Zealand
15th April 2010

see u soon
hey, i just enjoyed reading your latest blog update. you write beautifully. a good mix of you and facts.. well done . you ought to look into it as a career.... lol. well my lovely you are on the last bit now.. i hope you enjoy it and get to do all the things you have planned. it is cold here today so lets hope you bring some sunshine home too. rachel got back on monday and she had a fab time and has lots of stories to tell. take care and we will see you even sooner.. bye love from aunty julie and all xxxx
29th January 2010

seeing granfer in perth
Hi girls.. thank you for the photo text to my mobile. i didnt think about it until aunty jo said that you had done it , i did think it was advanced for my dad as i had only just showed him a basic text before he left. Sounds like you had a nice but hectic day. why were you girls not wearing hats... lol xx i think tony and louise are going to meet up with you and granfer on saturday too. he is uncle bobs brother and they just got married last week. my dad took us down London street too in the centre and around kings park in 1986. dont do what bob did if you go on a wine cruise... he still cant remeber that day.... (drunk doesnt even cover it) have you fed any kangaroos yet? we have a lovely picture of emma aged 2 1/2 feeding rice crispies to one in a wildlife park. well keep up the good work as all your organisation seems to be paying off and i think you have done so well and so much.. take care thinking of you love from aunty julie and all xx
28th January 2010

East Coast & red central
Brilliant and informative read Kirstie, i really enjoyed that! Hope Simon's looking after you both and you're not missing Ash too much :-).
8th January 2010

Sounds like you all had a much better NY than Christmas Day :-)...i lol at the 'typical hooker' scenario Kirstie :-) x
3rd January 2010

new year
Hi to all, who is driving the camper car? it sounds fab for travelling around the east coast. there are lots of places to pull into if i remember from my dad travelling along there by bus. some of the scenery will be stunning. so you will be heading to the great barrier reef then? the australian "blackpool". lol yes we had a good new year. uncle bob is still home and em had her school friends here on new years eve and we all went out into the street with saucepans at midnight to see the neighbours. there were fireworks too but not as many as you saw. pictures look good. all your hard work planning before you left has paid off as you seem to be on the ball.... continue having a great time take care love to you both.. x nat and emma went back today so house quiet now.. xx night nightxxx
1st January 2010

Thanks for getting in contact. It has been an amazing trip so far and we've found it to be even better when you get to know the locals! I have emailed Jane a few times on her school email but it was after school had broken up so she may not have gotten them yet! Looking forward to travelling up the east coast with the locals on Monday. Hope the new year is good for you and the new term. Kirstie
From Blog: Koh Samet
1st January 2010

Hope you had a great new year and christmas. Sydney is a great city and it will be a shame to leave on Monday, but we do have an amazing camper van/car so it's going to be good!
1st January 2010

Happy New year auant julie!
Yay I have socks lol! I do have his dates and some numbers for him in Perth. Thank you very much! Hope you had a great New Year! x x x x
30th December 2009

happy new year... x
Hi i am just catching up with your blog.. my you girls have been busy.. you write a very interesting colum kirstie... we stayed in kings cross and could just see the bridge and revolving restuaurant form our hotel.. yes it was a very interesting place in 1986 too... lol. it's nice to see you looking so well and having such a great time.. my dad left today with your socks... and space in his suitcase. he will make contact once there. did mum give you his dates in melbourne and perth? The dorm room looks like a home from home.. you seem to be naturals at the travelling and coping well.. keep up the good work and be safe.. happy new year will be thinking of you.. love from aunty julie and all xxx
25th December 2009

Happy Christmas!
Hi Kirstie, have really enjoyed reading your blogs, very descriptive and informative - although some sound a bit jungle challenges in 'I'm a Celebrity'! Assume you are safely arrived in Sydney now, which is a fun place. Christmas Day is probably almost over there, we're just having breakfast - thinking of you, do look after yourself. Lots of love, Tino and Veronica xx
18th December 2009

Merry Christmas
Dear Kirstie and Kim, Mandy told us you had a blog so I thought I'd take the oportunity to say hi and wish you a very merry christmas. We've just broken up from school and I really wish I was in Thailand which would be a lot warmer. Jane's just popped in and says that over Christmas she will get a time slot to say hi as well. Enjoy the trip - I'm jealous! Happy new year Pauline
From Blog: Koh Samet
9th December 2009

Wow that was a close shave for Kirstyn, Kirstie...sounds great fun though, lol. Really enjoying both yours and Kim's blog entries, plus all the photo's etc. Continue having an amazing time...and oh yeah, leave the Thai men alone :-) x
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6th December 2009

Thank you
I'm enjoying it at the moment, although I have recently experienced some bed bugs, not nice! Luckily were moving to a different place, hopefully with no bugs. Hope your all ok. Kirstie
From Blog: Bangkok
16th November 2009

Have a great time
Hi Kirstie, your DAD passed on the link. Sounds like the trip has started well. Speaking through experience these first few days will live vibrantly in your mind for life. Therefore see and do as much as you can and most of all enjoy it to the full!! AND stay safe!!! Love from Nick and Anita
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