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15th August 2009

Oh how lovely it all looks whilst running around in 36 degrees serving all our customers......however our new air-con is llluuuuuvvvvly! Did we tell you we want to do a competent crew course??!! Are those available in Dominica??!!
15th August 2009

lucky ducks
Despite the dramas ~ which we know you secretly thrive on! ~ it looks like you are having a lovely time in the Greek Islands. Glad that you survived the gales and hope that the rest is 'plain sailing'. We are well and wish we could see you soon. Hugs and kisses from all Nesses xx
8th July 2009

Ahhhh it's our buddies!
Lurvly to see the piccies....and our mates 8-)
From Blog: Back onboard
11th June 2009

hello my name is millancia i would like to thank you for going to dominica you see not many people know where over half the population in england think dominica is in africa anyway i hoped you enjoyed it i was born in dominica but barely went to carnival (to rough)
2nd June 2009

Dreaming of that day
Such a lovely and inspiring blogg. I have land in Bellvue and cannot wait for the day when I build and realise my dream. I am dreaming of that day. God willing
26th March 2009

A reply to Ruby
You seem to have got the wrong idea Ruby. On Dominican music - we are positively amazed that a population of just 70,000 can produce half a dozen professional bands and that (in a world dominated by Anglo-American pop) this dominates in Dominica. We have Triple Kay t-shirts and we are MFR fans. We love Dominica and we love Carnival.
25th February 2009

Great Job!
Been reading with interest your progress on the house. What a difference you have made. Dominica can be tough on new residents (and old) to get the motivation going with their limited resources. My sister in law lives on the other side of the island, if you ever run into her shopping, etc. Carol Bunting (ex-pat). I was born on Dominica, but have lived in the States most of my life, and am now in the Orlando area. If you're ever here, look me up. Ann
23rd February 2009

D.A. Carnival
Just thought I'd say that your comments are rather negative. It sounds like you were both forced to attend the carnival. Dominicans listen to a variety of music and not just "Dominican music". Reggae is widely played and well as pop...they just love Celine Dion! Only at carnival time is Domincan music promoted due to the calypso shows where a Tent King is eventually crowned. You would have recognised the significance of this if you had attended any one of the calypso shows! All that said, I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves. You should try the Creole Festival held in October for more fun. Though only go if you can keep up with the Dominicans!
23rd February 2009

Well done guys!
With views and rooms like that, do you realise how many guests are going to invite themselves now? Well done - you've done a splendid job..... we'll see it one day hopefully :) x x
22nd February 2009

nice views
i love the relaxing scenery! must be wonderful to be so close to a waterfall cheers! (http://hongkonger.today.com)
From Blog: Middleham Falls
22nd January 2009

We are enjoying reading of your Dominican adventures. We are staying in Calabishie, and plan on hiking to the Chaudiere Pool tomorrow...hopefully the river won't be at "high tide" !
22nd January 2009

Where are we?
We have friends in Calibishie, but we are on the Caribbean coast north of Portsmouth - the village of TOUCARIE (and sometimes Toucari).
19th January 2009

Dominican coffee...
I grew up on Dominica and remember using a grinder like that many a time. I wouldn't be surprised if it is 100 years old, the one at my aunt and uncle's house in Antrim Valley looked exactly like that and had been in use since the late 20's. Do you live over near Calibishie? I used to love going to Red Rocks when I was a kid.
1st December 2008

Soooooooooo tempting
Once again I salute you two!! You're always such an inspiration in all you get up to. Watch this space while we juggle all the options to see if we MAY head in that direction in 2009!
1st December 2008

So that's where you are!
Finally found you! Hope all is well. We are fine here in Italy and often think about you. (The photos help!) Kevin still takes the sand and water thingy on holiday with him. Do let us know what you are doing once evry now and then. Good luck The Italian O'Donnells Tim, Laura, Kevin and Emily
1st March 2007

We are all really enjoying your blog, I (Linda) feel like I am revisiting places I haven't seen since the early 80s. The photos are spectacular, keep them coming!
6th February 2007

Ahoy the globetrotters!
Hey you two, you surprised us with this! Sorry we did not meet up in November, many trials and tribulations with my work. Anyway, you have a fab time - what about getting a Harley out for a few days? We had friends that cruised up the coastline from Los Angeles they said it was amazing!! Tomie and I will check in again so keep the blog up to date. :¬> Trevor & Tomie

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