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27th May 2012
Tatta and Son with Kate

mathurine vital
tatta is my aunt.... sister 2 my mother whom is in guadeloupe and i'm in america .. usa ! would love 2 visit some day !!!!
22nd February 2012

Absolutely Fabulous
It looks beautiful. Wish you were here and me there!
31st October 2011
Kate at the helm under Susie's watchful eye

Hi old friend of Susie's
Hi would you have an email address for Susie? We traveled together in Africa some years ago and would be good to say hi . Thanks
19th December 2011
Kate at the helm under Susie's watchful eye

Sorry, we don't have contact details for Susie
11th October 2011

wishing I was there!
Hi, Im' in London visiting partners....so wishing I was where you are! Enjoy. Helen x
8th October 2011

Fond memories
It was lovely to catch up on your news & it brought back memories our of weeks sailing - which we loved just incase I hadn't said! Enjoy the end of your trip. xx
26th September 2011

A fantastic week - thank you
The photos say it all - sun, sea, cocktails, amazing friends. We arrived with a little trepidation, being committed land lubers, but Freedom, Andy & Kate made us so welcome & treated us to gentle sailing & lazy days. We loved it! Thank you for a fantastic week. xxx
20th August 2011

looks amazing
What a great time you must have had. Tom looks like a born sailor. Hope we manage as well! See you tonight.xx
6th August 2011

Wow-- what an amazing adventure
We would love to make that trip.
13th May 2011

looking chilled
yes please, i fancy some of that! We have finished the season & are looking forward to a holiday in provence next week - can't wait. Chris has loads of work on for the summer & the new cha;et build has started so busy but exciting. Let us know if you are heading to France at all & hope to see you. Take care Lots of love Helen & Chris. c
14th March 2011

The wonderful people of Dominica
Hi Mathurine. We have been very lucky to find ourselves nextdoor to such wonderful people. We have found dear and loyal friends who have made our stays in Toucarie that little bit more special evey year.
14th March 2011
Tatta and Son with Kate

well done :
andy & kate ; i thanks u guys very much 4 placing my aunt & husband on travelblog . com which able me 2 see them of which i haven't seen in over 20 yrs . it gave me a great pleasure 2 know that my blood is working 4 u guys . i'm living in elmira new york 4 the past 22 yrs & hoping 2 return home 2 toucarie where i was born & raised 2 meet with u people . job well done . brother of anthony vital-lipson vital-gerald vital jervier vital & alick simon . sincerely youre. mathurine vital .
8th March 2011

I wish I was....
there instead of here with the last week of works on the restaurant - sooooo much to do. It's gonna be a tad stressful me thinks. Everything looks wonderful and ESPECIALLY the bay. I remember so fondly being there with you - one day swimming and seeing the bubbles rising and that other day when they were drawing the fish in. Happy memories. xx
24th September 2010

Kate and Andy......Great photos and you both look so well. Lovely to see Sue and Paul enjoying themselves. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Love....Wendy and Tom
14th May 2010

You are certainly fantastic adverts for the island! It looks as though you made the most of having the family out there. I'm glad you were able to get an extra week because of the volcano!
14th May 2010

Great photos of you all. We want to try the canyoning next time. Love to all
31st March 2010

I could really do with........
being there right now! We opened last night and I feel old. Thank goodness it's only lunches this week. Enjoy having the kiddies. xx
16th March 2010

Ahhhh it brings it all back looking at the list.....seems so long ago already. Great news to hear that the yoghurt idea panned out! Missing you guys. xx
2nd March 2010

ahhhhh, life is looking so good in the sunshine. enjoying skiing here, though Chris is taking on too much architecture work (good thing, but less skiing for him, but he's enjoying it) Keep having fun. xx
26th February 2010

All True and Great Fun
We had a fabulous time and when you see everything listed, we did an amazing amount. You are great hosts, thanks. Love....Wendy and Tom
15th February 2010

So you had a bite of paradise!!!
Hi Kate and Andy, Your pictures of Dominica are vibrant and breathtaking and remind me of the piece of paradise that I had, and left 23years ago. I love everything Dominican and everyone who loves Dominica! Looking at those pictures put a longing in my heart for that piece of paradise again. Next time I am in Dominica, I will take my kids to visit Mango Lodge (one of their favourite summer fruits!)
2nd February 2010

Mango Lodge & The new baby
Hi Kate and Andy, I am glad to see you are keeping up with your adventures, it's great to see what you are up to, we love your spirit of adventure. Tomasina has had baby two now (Felix) and our first Henry is doing fine! That's all the children now, well Tomie's catholic heritage was a little shakey :¬) and its the best we can do for her fathers penitence!! I am planning to walk the Penine way in one trip in 2011 let me know if you fancy it - a bit of blighty weather would do you both good. Best wishes Trevor, Tomaisan, Heny, Felix.
2nd February 2010

Happy Days
Ahhhhhh - so good to see such lovely memories. Now in St Johns so short internet access. Will be back in touch on our return to reality.....not that we want to! Grosses bises xxxxxxxx
3rd October 2009

.....do we really want to do a sailing course?!
1st September 2009

hope you are both well. Looks like you are having a great time. Spoke to Nanna on her birthday her speech was very good and we han a good chat about all the family. Carmel is always trying to get me to go to greece your photos make it look fab. enjoy the rest of your travels keep safe love mark

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