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3rd June 2016

Loving these entries!
Keep them coming, because this is such a great way for us to be there with you. Thanks for the details - and your bests and worsts from the days.
1st June 2016

I tried looking up that actor guy, no luck. WOW, racist ads indeed...! Was it Korean detergent or something? Making me wonder what's the major trade in/out of Thailand, allies, influences, etc? SO looking forward to the serial! Thanks for the pestering, Kel. Good to know, about The Martian! Best of luck to you on it, Seffy. Started Serial Stuck Scratchboarding Weather watching For the X words: http://www.wordcentral.com/byod/byod_browse.php?term=x&type=alpha
1st June 2016

Have rain? Make sun.
You guys are bringing us along on your adventure. Thank you! Love the photo of the guys watching the bridge construction! And love the artwork your Dad's been sharing, especially the more free-form illustrations. Kendall, are you getting enough to eat?? Good luck finding an apartment and roommates in Baltimore!
22nd May 2016

Beautifully written, as always. It has been a real pleasure to read about your trip. I'm sure it was a difficult decision and bittersweet to leave Lanta! How easy to get settled in and want to stay, when there's so much to do there, and things at the gym are going well. Thinking of you, sending our love.
From Blog: T Minus Two Days
20th May 2016

Beautiful post
All this description is so evocative. But what about "assaulted time after time by hungry apes"? What do you mean???? Read a piece in this month's Atlantic about baby dolls some people in Thailand, particularly middle-upper-middle class women, carry around with them for good luck. They're a bit controversial. Have you seen this yet? What will you do when the monsoons prevail? Much love to both of you -- and Kendall, thanks so much for calling on Mother's Day. Katharine
From Blog: T Minus Two Days
20th May 2016

Hungry Apes
There are troupes of gibbons (which are apes, not monkies) that will follow you around for food, go into unattended backpacks, or simply steal a bag of food and scurry up a tree with it. When we went on a hike at the national park we brought lunch from 7/11. Seth took his eyes off of it for a second and a gibbon swooped in, grabed it, and ate it in a tree while mocking us. They don't attack you, but they are theaving little bandits.
From Blog: T Minus Two Days
19th May 2016

Sounds like you've got a great set of adventures planned! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. We love hearing from you.
15th May 2016

Shots to the Head
Please remind Seth that we don't want him taking an blows to the head... a broken foot, bruised shins, who cares. But let's keep that Married-Fat brain protected - please? Looks like you're both having an amazing time, and we're all living vicariously!
13th May 2016

Please post again... it has been forever... and we're all eager to hear about the next "step" with your foot, Seth.
And... Kendall... we'd love to see some more of your artwork...
From Blog: Gym Wars
8th May 2016

Wonderul, Seth!
You've discovered flow. And fat-strong is an honorable name.
From Blog: Gym Wars
8th May 2016

Kicking it!
Thank you,Seth, for this post - we've been imagining the whole scene, and it's good to have your color commentary. Stay safe *and* strong *and* keep having the time of your life. We're very happy for you!
From Blog: Gym Wars
7th May 2016

I am so enjoying your adventures! Your grandfather would have been delighted, I think! I certainly am. Share on! Blessings on your paths. xoxoxox Dad
From Blog: The Snake Show
6th May 2016

Wow! What an amazing trip. And amazing photos. KJ, you're getting good! Seffypoo, how's the training going? Hope your toe is feeling better after the fishies. How much longer do you think you'll be in Lanta? What good fortune to see the King. If he's vacationing in Lanta, it must be a good place to be!
From Blog: The Snake Show
3rd May 2016

This continues to be awesome.
Thanks for writing out these posts & keeping us updated! Seth, hope you're not getting too beat up!
1st May 2016

Bat cave
I'm glad to hear you made it to Thailand and have settled in so quickly! Love the bat cave pictures! I love bats.
1st May 2016

Bat Cave
Me too! I'm really looking forward to visiting the flying foxes, bats with a 2ft wing span!
29th April 2016

Those spiders and bats are ridiculous! Eeep! Did you find the stadiums? Hope Seth finds somewhere to train!
28th April 2016

I loved "seeing" that cave with you!
Thank you for these posts. What an adventure!
27th April 2016

Hey Seth? Come back with all your teeth, and your brain un-concussed.
27th April 2016

Thank you for bringing us along on your journey
It's great to take in the sights, sounds, tastes of your trip. Such a mix of experiences and an adventure to remember forever. More pictures, please!
25th April 2016

Though we're not with you, reading your chronicles is the next best thing. Thank you for taking the time to let us in on your journeys. I can imagine the cross-cultural minglings and the urban density, animals, flora, fruit, heat... Please send photos of Koh Lanta! Can't wait to hear more. Lots of love, Katharine
25th April 2016

Kendall DOES have absurdly fair/pale skin.
24th April 2016

I keep hitting "refresh"
So eager to hear more... but *trying* to remain patient for the next update.
24th April 2016

Ah, the scents!
Kendall and Seth, I'm loving reading about this adventure - and so glad that you're sharing this together. Keep writing - and remember everything!
23rd April 2016

Coolness & Captain America!
Glad to hear you're adjusting to the jet lag (and to the heat?) Can't begin to imagine the madhouse that must be the mall! Did you pick up anything good, or just basics for the trip, for now? Looking forward to hearing about Koh Lanta - sounds really beautiful & interesting.

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