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2nd January 2017

The Beaches of Brazil
Great information and pics. I likewise enjoyed several wonderful beaches on my last visit. We explored areas about 100 kilometers North and South of Recife. Several were just stunning and the water was crystal clear, but our favorite in that area was Porto de Galinha (chicken port). I'm guessing it might be the 3rd or 4th prettiest in Brazil. Brazil can be a little dangerous, but I felt most comfortable in the beach towns and at the beach. It also made for some great people watching and I'm not referring to the small bikinis. Did you have any trouble getting around without speaking Portuguese or do you speak the language? If you interested in a little more information on Brazil and a little Portuguese lesson, you can check out my Travel Blog or read my book available at Amazon (Gringo in Brazil). JF Lewis
2nd January 2017

Speaking Portuguese in Brazil
Glad you found the blog useful. I do speak some Portuguese. At the time of my trip had been learning it for less than a year and was more familiar with European Portuguese. However being able to converse with Brazilians who were unable or unwilling to speak English (almost everybody I met) was not only very useful but added a whole different dimension to my trip. See my other blogs for interesting conversations with the locals!
23rd April 2016

Hi Judy it has been a long time since I last read your emails so now im ready to read them all! Lencois seems a place to relax. Beautiful pictures and laid back atmosphere! Looking forward to reading the rest! cheerio
20th April 2016

I am avidly following your adventures Judy! You have managed to really mix in withthe local culture, rather than do the tourist traps. Very well done, it takes such a lot of effort - keep up the good work! XX
21st April 2016

Tourist traps
Thanks, Jenny. Have certainly been to touristy destinations but have done it independently which, as you say, is hard work but much more interesting.
16th April 2016

Hi Judy, Enjoying hearing about your outdoor adventures. I'm off to Lisbon at the crack of dawn tomorrow so will not be picking up your blogs until the end of the week so..... have a great week. love Clare
From Blog: On the water
15th April 2016

Civilised breakfast
Hi Judy I am really enjoying your blog, reading it whilst having my weetabix and tea. I feel so lazy after reading about your trip, pleased you had a good guided day yesterday. One of the highlights of our (highly organised) OZ trip was an evening boat trip with a keen birdwatcher. We saw thousands of eagrets coming in to roost, plus the huge bats and a croc. Look forward to reading your next entry. Take care Helen
From Blog: On the water
10th April 2016

Hola Judy
Hi Judy, I'm following your blog with interest, admiration and anxiety! Interest in your account of the food, people, sights and all that you're discovering about Brazil; admiration at your tenacity and ability to keep your nerve and to make yourself understood in Portuguese; anxiety at the uncertainty of it all, culminating in events in Salvador. I'm so glad all is well and that you're ok. Hope this week goes more smoothly and that you can have some relaxation on one of those beautiful beaches, Clare X
10th April 2016

Hola Judy
Please don't worry About me Clare, I will be fine. Particularly after leaving Salvador. I do have to transit through Salvador once more but apart from that will be staying in smaller places which are always safer.
10th April 2016

What a day Judy......sorry you had to experience the theft and complicated police procedures after that. Made me quite tired reading it, I need a cup of tea and a sit down. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Helen
10th April 2016

What a day!
Sorry to hear about the robbery as well as the attempted fraud using one of your credit cards. At least it wasn't a violent assault and the bank had the sense to stop the cash withdrawal or more probably the perpetrator was unable to supply the correct pin (I assume that the money was not actually withdrawn from what you said). Fancy having a virtually illiterate policeman! I think we're going to be exposed to similar risks in Vietnam but at least there will be 3 of us in Hanoi and 2 in Ho Chi Minh, The online blogs for Vietnam warn about studying maps etc. in the street and if you use your phone they advise standing right up against against a wall so the phone can't be grabbed from behind. Take care and keep safe! Love Carol
9th April 2016

Airbnb accommodation
Hi Judy Hope you've reached Salvador safely by now. I agree re the problems peculiar to airbnb. Before I left for Oz I took a private phone number for all of my hosts and phoned them as soon as I arrived at the Greyhound Bus stop.train station or ferry terminal. Obviously that meant an international call each time but I was only on the phone for about a minute. With the exception of one place where the owner was on a long-distance bike ride I was then picked up by car, so never had to find my way to the accommodation on my own. It seems much harder in Brazil where the hosts don't pick guests up. I also did a lot of self-catering in the evenings, as I had access to a kitchen and eating out in Oz is quite expensive. I wasn't bold enough to go out on my own in the evenings anyway and was usually too tired from sight-seeing/hiking during the day. Looking forward to your next blog. Love Carol
From Blog: Off to Salvador
8th April 2016

Not surprised about the packing and unpacking!
Am really not at all surprised about your packing and unpacking experiences! When I was touring the east coast of Australia I think I unpacked and repacked every 3 days i.e. every time I moved on to my next airbnb! I just left the bottom layer in place (which consisted of presents for the grandkids) every time. Ouro looks lovely on the photo. Looking forward to hearing all about your next stop. Love, Carol
7th April 2016

Intrepid drinker
Hi Judy, not only are you an intrepid traveller, but also an intrepid drinker. Sounds a pretty potent drink! Really enjoying your blog.......especially as the weather is so dismal here. Look forward to the next read.
7th April 2016

Watch out for the caipirinhas - I remember cachaca being deceptively strong! :) Glad to hear you're doing well though - looking forward to reading more about your adventures! :)
6th April 2016

Love reading your blog
Really enjoying your adventure, sounds amazing and awed by your fearlessness! We missed you last night, another success with Malala, we're really coming on a pace! Linda seems to be staying now that we've pulled our socks up! See you soon, jane
6th April 2016

Ouro looks (and sounds) lovely' as does your pud! Glad to hear you're finding your way around. Just imagine how difficult it would be if you didn't speak Portuguese! Will send separate e-mail now before I get too lazy - although nothing of interest to report really. Love Carol
5th April 2016

After reading blog 2 & 3 together
I am full of admiration of your coping skills Judy, I think I would have been reduced to quivering jelly by some of your situations. The "industrial" quantity of garlic description was a pearl, how did your inside react to that ? I'm not expecting an answer to that, incidentally. There is very little news here about the forthcoming Olympics. How goes it there ?
5th April 2016

Preparations for the Olympics
Hi Paddy. Sheila told me that they are building the Olympic Village on an area which is full of lagoons (?) Of dirty, stagnant water. Let's hope that they clear this before the athletes arrive or they will all be going down with dengue or Zika!
5th April 2016

Good job you learnt some Portuguese!
My goodness! I wonder how on earth non-Portuguese speaking tourists who are trying to travel independently get on! It all sounds very interesting, if somewhat disconcerting. I hate not knowing where to get off buses in a foreign country where I can't speak the lingo. Am getting very lazy now in just commenting on your blogs instead of writing a full-blown e-mail. Love Carol
4th April 2016

Quite an adventure
Am enjoying your blog - thanks for the detail - it makes it all seem so real and as if I were there too. Glad you are able to practice your language skills, hopefully all that hard work is paying off. Looking forward to the next instalment! Take care and enjoy every minute. Penny
4th April 2016

agua de coco
Interesting Judy - le gusta agua do coco, se venden aqui en Inglaterra?
5th April 2016

Agua de coca
No tengo ninguna idea, Mike. Tal vez en Londres o otras ciudades grandes
4th April 2016

whaooo! That picture at night of that relaxed atmosphere made me sighed! It really reminded me of Brazil! Looking forward to your next episode! Now I can really travel with you!
4th April 2016

Enjoying Rio!
Hi Judy, Sounds as though you're enjoying yourself now. I do think it takes at least a day to get your bearings in a new city. You seem to be making the most of your opportunities to speak Portuguese. It's amazing that you manage so well after only a year - I bet Sheila was very put out when she found out! Will send a separate e-mail soon. Love, Carol

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