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Joshua Erb

Hello, my name is Josh...but if you're on this page you probably already know that. I've been living in France for quite some time now, and I've got exciting stories to tell. I hope you're somewhat interested in whats happening in my corner of the world...if not you can easily navigate away from this page using the address bar at the top of your explorer.

North America » United States » Illinois August 23rd 2011

An Incredibly Important Update! For those of you who still receive updates from this blog and are still interested in hearing about my global travels, I have moved to Blogger! I just like the format a lot more and I think it will be much easier to deal with while abroad. So if you'd like to hear all about my escapades in Morocco this upcoming academic year follow the link: Josh's Many Travels... read more

Europe April 18th 2009

Greeting fellow readers! I know that I've gotten into the really bad habit of writing only about once a month...and I'm sorry I know that there must be certain people who bight their fingernails with anxiety waiting for my posts. (Okay, maybe not but I enjoy the thought of people worrying about me enough to destroy their fingernails.) So, to fill everyone in. I just got back from a trip which allowed me to be in a total of six countries in 12 days. After doing the mileage math and such you should be able to understand why I'm feeling pretty half dead on the day after my return. So please excuse any serious spelling errors or illogical sentence structures. Also, to add to my tiresome journey, I decided to change families the weekend after getting ... read more
Street in Germany

Europe » France » Auvergne » Moulins March 26th 2009

So...Looking at my most recent entry before this one and realizing that it's been about 36 days since the last time I've blogged, is probably not a good thing. But I'll remain optimistic, at least it wasn't 37 days! As you may have guessed, a lot can happen in a 36 day long period. Just to give all of you an idea, I'll list everything I've done since getting back from España (Spain). First thing I did was go back to school and take what the french call the "Bac Blanc" (pronounced "Bak Blawn" héhé.) The best american comparison I can think of is a practice ACT/SAT. And I'm sure all of you will be shocked to hear that I took the entire thing in FRENCH! The only results worth hearing about are the ones I ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona February 15th 2009

So, I dated this entry as the day before the end of the trip. Actually it's the day after the end of the trip, but just pretend that this a cool summing up on the last day kind of entry. So, to make a long story short, Spain was incredible. I saw and did things that I would never have imagined a year ago, I made friends that I'll never forget, & of course, I put my feet in the Med. Sea once again. I'm almost wish that I had had a horrible time because now I'm going to be insanley depressed when I have to go back to french school, and I don't get to see any of the people I met ever again... ...Anyway, I'll leave you all with a bit of wisdom that ... read more
On the beach.
Greatest Church Ever!
Dahli Museum

Europe » France » Auvergne » Moulins February 4th 2009

So, I decided it would probably be going idea to update everybody on what's been going on here before I leave for my trip on vacation. And since I discovered the the cybercafé only cost 1.50€ with my "youth pass", I told myself go for it. So yes, this upcoming mondya I'm leaving for the first of two trips in Europe. This one lasts from February 9th to Febraury 16th (If I remember correctly). I'll start out in Paris, go to Dijon & Lyon, and then it's off to Spain! Yes Spain, the magical country where the sun always shines and the cigarettes are half as expensive. Among other things I'll be visting the museums of Picasso & Salvador Dahli. I'm so excited I can barely contain my enthusiasm (whether I can spell it or not). ... read more

Europe » France » Auvergne » Moulins January 21st 2009

So, a lot of things have changed since my last update...a month ago...yeah, sorry Anita, my mom told me all about what I was putting you through. But yeah aside from the national news that happened yesterday, a lot more important things have happened in my personal life. After a rough ending with my first host family, I am now living comfortably with my seconde family accross the street...yeah, big changes. But one things that's changed is my computer situation...and that's why I'm blogging from this awesome cyber cafe I discovered, so I hope you enjoy this blog, it's my most expensive one yet. I've also seen many things whilst visiting France a bit with my new host family. In fact I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time in my life the day after ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune December 10th 2008

Alors, pour commencer je vais parler en française, mais vous n'inquetez pas je vais écrire en anglais aussi...en fait je crois que il n'y a que de deux ou trois personnes qui peut comprendre ce que je suis en train d'écrire...bon...ça suffit je vais continuer en anglais, même si j'aime bien d'écrire en français de temps en pour ceux qu'a compris: ne dites personne que j'ai fait beaucoup des fauts. So today, I'm writing for an incredibly important reason. Wine. Yes that's right, and not just any wine, today I visited one of the most respected one cellars in all of France. If there are any wine experts reading right now get ready for a huge name drop. Here it comes: "Bouchard Père & Fils". I know right? For those who have absolutely no idea ... read more
French Spread

Europe » France » Auvergne » Moulins December 7th 2008

So this past week-end was exceptionel. In fact a little bit more than exceptionel. Saturday morning at the early hour of 9:30 I departed from the tranquility of my host home and set out on a fantastical voyage with a "hyper cool" lady from my rotary. With her and her family I celebrated christlmas 19 days early... and whew it was quite a time (Elizabeth, only you will ever know why ;-). At the christmas lunch that I spent with this delightful family (which took place from 1 to 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and no that is not a typo) I had the distinct honor of service the champagne that we had with our dessert. Seeing as I'm not habituated to this the family decided it was a perfect picture oportuninty(?). Hence the picture, ... read more

Europe » France » Auvergne November 29th 2008

Long time no update, so I decided to log in and fill in the gaps a bit. You'll have to excuse an spelling or gramatical errors that show up in my blogs from this point on, the longer I'm emerged in the French language the more I forget how to spell in my first. So, here's what's been happening since last I posted. I think it was right after my autumn vacation, so I'll take it from there. Since then there has been almost nothing going on here in my corner of the world. The next major holiday isn't until Christmas (Nöel) and I've basically just been heading to the daily grind everyday since vacation ended. Yesterday, in honor of our american roots the four americans at our school (myself included) threw a thanksgiving party and ... read more

Europe » France » Auvergne » Moulins November 9th 2008

So, realizing that a month is probably way to long to wait for the next update of my blog I decided to only wait 23 days. No need to thank me, I feel obligated. So last week during my fall vacation my family went to a well known European tourist trap named 'Center Parc'. It was a really great time, and between fighting boughts of homesickness (which always seem to come when you don't have work to focus on), having the awesome black paint job wash of my camera, and it snowing and raining, I manged to actually have a little bit of fun. That's right I'm very optimistic. Once we got back from vacation we went to our monthly rotary dinner where I had the distinct honor of meeting my district's governor, and that's what ... read more
I tied the tie myself.

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