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26th July 2020
Noreen and Jim Schaefer

Overland trip to kathmandu
Dear Jim and Noreen, after 33 years I am trying to reach my fellow travelers. I have contacted 9 already. We are. Sharing great pictures and memories on a Facebook Lage. I like to invite you to join. Please let me know when this message reaches you! Cheers diederik.
13th December 2016
Fine Stone Work on Temple

Mr. Broomhall Nice to meet you. I like the pictures and the information about Ingapirca you wrote in your blog. I am a native tour guide here at the Ingapirca Archaeological Complex.
From Blog: Ingapirca Tour
14th February 2014

muchas grazias! great that you posted this article since i am looking for an opportunity to go gliding in ecuador... my basic spanish makes it a little difficult to contact the club.. but i'll see what I can do :)
8th June 2013

Thank you so much for your blog and recommending the side trip to Stewart. I have ridden the Cassiar in the past but this time I saw your blog and twisted my riding buddy's arm to do the side trip to Stewart/Hyder and to check out the Salmon Glacier, an amazing day. Thank you!
3rd June 2012

Nice picture
colorful matchboxes houses
7th September 2011

Que emoción más linda me ha dado esto. No podíamos esperar otra cosa del gran ser humano que Dios nos puso en nuestro camino y en nuestra aventura del club. Gracias Juanito por su amistad y por los gratos momentos que pasamos juntos.
28th August 2011

Alexis insight
Thanks. I enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your photos. I have been a fan of the Chilcotin for decades. I am currently considering a cabin that's for sale at Alexis Lake, so this was timely. thanks again....
6th April 2011

I found this report interesting because at school our class was asigned an island from the galapagos. And guess what island I got! Can you think of what it is. If you guessed Rabida because I am commenting on this blog, then you are very smart, maybe even smarter than me a 7th grader. We were told to make a 3d model of the island (it looks totally awsome), to make a poster with info on a few aspects of the island ( such as soil formation, plant life, animal life, staticstics of the island, conservation, and so on) and on top of that a CREATIVE oral prsentation. Ok Ill get to my point. Up until I read this blog I had no idea about what to do for the oral part of report. But thanks the author of this blog I now know what it was like to be at the island, experience the rare wildlife, ect. I know I still have a lot more planning before this up coming Thursday (that is when the report is due) and I still have to worry about my group, but I am really satisfied on where I stand for my report.
30th November 2010
San Antonio de Ibarra

From Blog: Otavalo Culture
8th November 2010

thanks for the thorough Otavalo language school info - very helpful in my research!
15th March 2010

Hi John: I am a friend of Mariettas and have been kept up to date on the happenings in Chile through the girls in the office, not quite sure how to contact Marietta. This is very neat how you have your webpage set up I wish I would of noticed this earlier. Anyways I am so glad to hear you are both fine and your comment about the chairs in the mall. My family was in a 5.5 earthquake when we were in Disneyland and my son made a similar comment, I was panicking and when I found them he looked at me and said "Hey wasn't that cool mom we didn't even have to stand in line for that one". Please give Marietta a big hug from me and we will see her next week. I look forward to meeting you when you return. Joyann
7th March 2010

my family is there too
HI Mariette, Carrie, Mom and my 2 brothers, Audrey and a nephew are there right now. Mom, Carrie, John and Audrey are to fly home Monday - presently they are advised they have to fly to Buenes Aires, collect their baggage and go through customs there - that will make an even longer flight home. They were neighbors to you this past week staying in Zapallar for most of the week. They were south of Santiago the night of the quake and have some awesome pictures posted on facebook. Vern's place had no damage - no power either. Bottom line is they are enjoying their vacation. If you are biking you might give Vern a call as he is an avid biker too. If you are back in Santiago and near Ava Los Condes his restaurante is called the Tortilla Factory - Vern lives just outside of Santiago on the way to Farellones if you are exploring. There are so many great sites in Chile to enjoy. As you are in Concon notice the highway along the ocean to Vina de Mar - I walked from the bus stop at the north edge of Concon to Vina - not planned - it took me about 7 hours or so because i stopped along the way to take in the sites. It is wonderful there and I am wishing I had gone down this year too. Keep having fun -there is a great restaurant in Zappallar called El Chirinquito right on the shore. We go there every visit to Chile and always start with the Machas Clams yum. Can't you tell I am missing the place. Enjoy, Carla How about those Pisco Sours - that is the Chilean drink I think.
8th February 2010

Sorry to be a little slow getting to this post but what an experience for you! I just can hardly believe the awesome photos!!! Especailly like the "playgirl" shot on the "beach" hahaha! Anything in life will seem very mundane after this, eh?
From Blog: Antarctica
27th January 2010

Directing Traffic
John I notice in photo 4880 on your Flikr there are three penguins with their little wings out. Are they pointing at this strange looking creature on the beach that somewhat resembles Santa Claus in sunglasses or signalling to the others they are making a right hand turn? Good to see the great adventure is going well. Lots for the memory banks - go hard. Cheers, Dave Scott
From Blog: Antarctica
27th January 2010

Well John you have been to the end of the road and then some... Sorting out the path home will present itself when the time is right. Mary Lou is navigating the Panama Canal today. My Machi Picchu trip was put off at last minute because of a passport issue on my end, lucky me, we'd be in the group of tourists who are stuck right now. Proof once more that bad things sometimes happen for good reason. Take care and keep on blogging :) - Sandy
From Blog: Antarctica
23rd January 2010

my first visit to tagas cove
I first visited Tagus Cove was in July 1946. My second visit was Christmas 1947.The sailing ship Yankee Clipper was anchored there. I was a tuna fisherman out of San Diego. On Xmas day 1948 we were anchored there. I have a lot of fond memories of the Galapagos islands. My last trip there was in 1958
8th January 2010

John: You really need to write a book on your travels - I commend you for living your dream! You're style of writing makes it so the reader can almost listen to your voice (al la Rick Steves) describing in vivid coloure detail the sights and sounds of South America. I'm glad that Dennis Tomlinson reminded me of your Blog. Happy travels and perhaps we'll listen to more of your adventures at the campfire next summer! Best wishes to you in 2010. Drive safe. Kevin O'Neil
From Blog: Chile
1st December 2009

Enjoying your trip.
Hi John, Thank you for the extensive and descriptive blogs. It is good to have this contact with you and we are delighted that your trip is going so well. Ride Safely!
From Blog: Peru
29th November 2009

megusta muchisimo my ciudad espero que sigan saliendo dia en dia mas adelante soy de absul vivo en los estados unidos y megusta muchisimo lo que asen por nuestra ciudad y un cordial saludo de este con patriota para todos ustedes
From Blog: Ingapirca Tour
26th November 2009

Hey John, Happy Birthday. Your writing is great. It is so interesting to read and keep track of you. That is amazing that you met Eric and he's from Edmonton. I can't wait to see what you have to say next. Ride safe, dude!
From Blog: Peru
26th November 2009

Happy Birthday!
Hey, John! Happy 55th Birthday! I am just a couple of months behind you! And no, I am not a dinosaur! Shelley
From Blog: Peru
25th November 2009

Somebody likes Peru :)
I had forgotten that you were doing Machu Picchu with Megan - good call to wait and have those memories with her and hopefully Melinda! Tomorrow I meet with the travel agent and I should have a good idea if we will make it there in January. Sure hope so... I left Lake Titicaca off the itinerary and from your pictures I am OK with my decision. It helps when you go somewhere I think I do or don't want to go - your pictures are telling me the story first :) - see you and continue to take care!
From Blog: Peru
9th November 2009

Hi John, The trip is sounding great! you should skip across the border into Bolivia from Peru. You can go across of the border near Puno, Peru easily. Then head south through La Paz to the towns of Sucre, Potosi and Uyunni. Amazing scenery and towns as you travel south. Uyunni can be then used as a springboard to cross the Atacama into Chile. We spent 4-5 days in the desert which felt more like the moon (assuming you haven't had your fill of deserts by then!). Bolivia is also a great place to head into the Amazon as the bolivian side of the jungle is still quite undeveloped. I can't comment on much of Chile north of Santiago as we only really spent time in Arica and the Atacama. We were able to take the ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales though. It is a great little boat ride if you get good weather. We had terrible weather so we didn't see very much, but were able to relax for a couple of days with all the other tourists. Patagonia will be great. You could easily spend a year just there!
5th November 2009

Awesome pictures!
What an adventure! The pictures are amazing and I enjoy reading your journey notes! WOW! Talk about a trip of a lifetime! How nice to connect with familiar faces as you go . . . keeps homesickness at bay! Be safe! Following closely!

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