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5th July 2010

Yum Bedbugs!!!
Exciting!!! I've always wanted to be immersed in a culture where the primary language isn't English. I wish I knew another language than Hawaiian and Māori. I guess there's still time for that. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!! :)
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18th April 2010

heck yes we are surfing! I need to get better too...hopefully I'll have some time over the summer to practice! I was using a longboard, I still suck lol.
10th April 2010

That sounds like so much fun!!! You're gonna be way more tan than me come the fall semester haha. Can we please surf in the fall? I promise I'll get better over the summer and we'll do it K? Kay. Were you on a longboard or shortboard?
31st March 2010

woo break!!
You're on break too then? For how long? I'm going on break starting this Friday which is nice. Yeah enjoy all that warm weather haha. It's so flippin' cold here :( Sounds like your having tons of fun though :)
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31st March 2010

Hey Joellen, I enjoyed your Costa Rica post. It reminded me of my time there. My blog is looking for some good travel photos and travel reviews. If you have time check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
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20th March 2010

Even Hawai'i? I guess I can agree to that just because Hawai'i is no longer as beautiful as it once was :( Sounds like you're having a blast!!!
30th January 2010

great photos!
don't you just love all the photos moments with the critters and plants? I didn't think you'd have computer access there - this is cool! thanks for the updates. peace, tall J
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28th January 2010

rice and beans, rice and beans, rice and beans......
So - how many times have you had rice and beans so far? Isn't it great food for a vegan? I love eating in Costa Rica. Guess we won't hear from you for awhile? going 7 hrs into the boonies... Say hello to the iguanas for me. love, Tall J
From Blog: Orientation Day
26th January 2010

You made it!! Tell us all about it! Use your snake-shit-kickin' boots yet?
From Blog: Getting Ready!
26th January 2010

Bon Voyage!
...and a safe one! What kind of snakes do they have in Costa Rica?
From Blog: Getting Ready!

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