Joel Meadows


Joel Meadows

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Western Highlands » Mount Hagen October 10th 2010

A car full of young men screeched to a halt beside our bus and started shouting at all the people who had got off for a short break. Everyone quickly ran to the bus and pushing and shoving, started to clamber on. I turned to Howard and he shouted “Tribal fight!” and urged me to get back on the bus. With everyone looking on edge and all of the windows tightly shut we continued on a few hundred meters to the next village. There was a big group of sullen looking men waiting by the side of the road, all holding machetes and with black paint smeared on their faces. Thankfully they paid very little attention to us and we crept past and continued on our way a little more mindful of where we would take ... read more
Making new friends in POM
PNG Roads...
The Family I stayed with in POM

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan June 10th 2008

Crossing the border from Pakistan was no trouble at all and I was ushered through in less than an hour, it was once I was in Iran however that things started to get more complicated. I was issued with an army officer and told that from now on for my own safety he would travel with me. This didn't make much sense because it is far more dangerous on the Pakistani side and I had no guard there, but I had no choice in the matter so off we headed. On the way to Zahedan (The first big town on the Iranian side) we passed a number of checkpoints and at each I was issued with a new guard along with the accompanying paperwork which meant a lot of standing around on my part. Finally arriving ... read more
Beautiful tilework in a Mosque in Yazd
Roof inside the Jameh Mosque in Esfahan
Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore May 26th 2008

Pakistan Zindabad (Long live Pakistan) we all chanted as the Pakistani border guards marched back and forth swinging their feet up to touch their hats and then stamping them down with a loud slap on the pavement, all the while glaring at their Indian counterparts on the other side of the border gate. These guys are picked for their height and strength and look very intimidating marching around purposefully with AK's slung over their shoulders. After watching the "show" from both sides of the border I have to say that I felt prouder to cheer from the Pakistani side! The atmosphere surrounding the ceremony made me think of sporting events in Australia with rival fans cheering as they made their way to the stadium. Arriving at the border in our mini van we piled out to ... read more
Doing my best to blend in...  :P
Chilling with the Paki's!  :)
The kid who brought in the guns

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna April 30th 2008

Nepal is like India on holiday. :) It has the same Indian flavours, cows on the streets, women in bright saris, men clustered around chai shops in the morning, but they are all watered down a bit, diluted. Everyone isn't in such a hurry to get places and even though the traffic may seem chaotic it is nothing compared to Indian streets. The people are also more friendly and laid back, prone to easy genuine smiles. Combine this with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet and you have a pretty interesting place in which to spend a few weeks! KATHMANDU Walking out of the Airport in Kathmandu it was so nice to see Mum's smiling face amongst the sea of blank expressions! She had arrived a few hours before me and had already ... read more
Beautiful flowers on the trail
Chilling with some Sahdus
Prayer candles

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi April 15th 2008

While traveling through India I learnt a lot about myself. It is often stated that travel has this effect but from all of the countries that I have been to, India has been the biggest "test" to put it bluntly. :) I found myself in situations that I had never experienced before, and sometimes discovered that I reacted to these situations in a very different way to what I would have expected. Put simply traveling in India reveals your limits, or perhaps a better explanation is that it stretches you in new ways. How much frustration and physical discomfort are you willing to accept to get to a certain place, how low your standards for a place to sleep can fall, how much shouting and pushing from a group of touts you can take, how long ... read more
The aftermath of Holi!  :P
Small rat at Karni Mata
Temple art in Khajuraho

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake March 22nd 2008

Burma has suffered immensely over the last century. First there were the three Anglo-Burmese Wars with Britain. Then World War II with the Japanese and British fighting for control of Burma. Finally in 1947 Bogyoke Aung San (the father of Aung San Suu Kyi) met with the colony's executive deputy chairman of the Governor's Executive Council and signed a pact which stipulated self-rule within one year. Unfortunately Aung San was assassinated by a rival political party before this happened on 19th July 1947. There followed a period of political upheaval where the country passed from one party to another and there was much unrest and unhappiness with the standard of living spiraling down. On 8 August there were massive demonstrations by the local people the subsequent government response left over 3000 people dead. The Government renamed ... read more
Dhamma-yan-gyi Pahto, Bagan
Inle Lake
U Bein's Bridge 2

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai March 4th 2008

Two years on and I once again find myself starting off a year abroad in Thailand! This time I had the pleasure and privilege to travel with Clara (AKA Claz) who was my "buddy" while I was studying in Vienna. The only complaint that I came up with after 5 weeks of travelling together was that she was too nice! I'm sure if you asked her the same question she would rattle off a plethora of very reasonable and truthful complaints about me, so thank you for putting up with me Claz! :P After crashing Michael's Valentines Day in Singapore and having a quick look around the city and the National University of Singapore Campus (where I'll hopefully be studying Engineering on exchange for one semester starting in August) I caught another flight on to Bangkok. ... read more
Feeding Elephants bananas on Koh Pha-ngan
FMP crowd in front of the Drop In Bar
Rafflesia arnoldii

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands July 22nd 2007

After a long break from travel following my year in Europe I once again managed to escape (only for a month), and decided to explore a bit closer to home. Initially the trip to NZ was going to be relatively small with Justin and me meeting Dan in Auckland and travelling around together but when the rest of our friends heard about it they decided to join too! So it went from 3 to 10 and ended up being one of the best holidays I've been on, but now I'm getting ahead of myself... Jumse, Deadman, Katrin and I arrived in Auckland to be greeted at the airport by Dan and Morgan, both of whom I hadn't seen in ages! Dan had been on exchange in Canada for a year and I hadn't seen Morgan since ... read more
On top of The Remarkables
Refreshing Swim

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 1st 2006

Cruising down the Autobahn at 220km/hr I was a little surprised to see Miro pull out his mobile phone and begin to sms someone, occasionally looking up and braking heavily just in time to avoid a collision with the car in front... As if this wasn't enough to put us on edge he had told us only minutes before that he was from Slovakia and had a job as a meat worker. With thoughts of ending up in pieces in his boot we buckled up, put on our friendliest smiles, and did our best to keep the small talk going. Jasper first suggested that we hitchhike to Amsterdam about 3 months ago. At the time I remember thinking that's an awesome idea but also thinking that it might be one of those great ideas that never ... read more
The Map
Our First Lift
Welcome home party for Jasper

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov August 30th 2006

The easy answer is that he never existed but I did find out about a very disturbing character called Vlad Dracul Tepes who had the nasty habit of sticking people on spikes and leaving them to die a slow and painful death. Dracul is derived from "son of the dragon" and Tepes means "impaler", thus you get the charming name of Vlad the Impaler, son of the Dragon. This bloodlust led to the myth of the Vampire Lord we all know as Count Dracula. Sadly this was one of the main reasons why I chose to visit Transylvania but after seeing a number of towns and their surroundings I can easily say that this area has far far more to offer than vampire myths and haunted castles. Before traveling to Transylvania I spent a few days ... read more
Statue in Bucharest
Some Church I dont know the name to...
Elaborate Canderlabra

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