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28th September 2010

How good to hear from you, and see the great pictures . Take care. Love, Grandma S
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11th September 2010

great pictures
Thanks so very much for including me in your pictures and comments. I loved them , and it is so good to see what you are seeing. Take care. Love, Grandma Shenk
11th September 2010

Next update: The Summer Palace.
11th September 2010

You've got a point about the pandas, I guess I lost the third one.
8th September 2010

Like the pictures
When are we going to see one of you????
7th September 2010

great zoo
You got some great zoo pictures. I love the pandas.
7th September 2010

writing English is OK, I take it?
You took an oath not to *speak* anything but Chinese, but I suppose writing in English for your blog is alright. Skype won't work for voice calls, I guess. That's pretty intense, but also a great way to learn the language. Thanks for keeping us all updated through this blog!
5th September 2010

That is amazing to see the bugs on a stick. a new item for the state fair!! I might really believe you are in China now, seeing the forbidden city and the lights and people. What a great experience.
5th September 2010

So far so good, I'm having a great time and hope you enjoy reading about it.
4th September 2010

Hi from Erie
So happy you had a good trip to China. I enjoy the pictures. Hope you have a great time this semester in China. We were steamy, but today it is windy and cool. Guess I prefer the in-between temps!!! Enjoy, but take care. Love, Grandma S
3rd September 2010

it is a good thing you didn't take too much stuff along. your room looks very small. Do your feet hang over the end of the bed? Looks like you enjoyed the missiles. it's fun to see the pictures. you will have to get one with you in it sometime.
1st September 2010

Hope your trip was good and you have a wonderful time on this venture. I am anxious to hear all about it. Take care. Love, Grandma S
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