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5th January 2012
Amarillo, TX - Crystal Pistol

crystal pistol???
trashy strip club lol
28th July 2011
Cuba, MO - Hickory Bar B-Q

you missed it
well ive ate at this palce and if you didnt go in you missed a good meal
27th January 2011
Holbrook, AZ - Empty Pockets Saloon

Good Stuff!!!!!!!!
I know the owner there at Pockets? Good ole Bob is a good guy and a Army Vet like me.......Hope you all stopped by for a drink and say hi, there are grat people who work there aslo
15th January 2011
Amarillo, TX - Big Texan

This is not the Big Texan. I use to work here and it's the Country Barn. The Big Texan is located on the east side of Amarillo.
28th November 2010

verynice crystolpistol was my amarillo favorite circa1975
30th September 2010

Hi Old Friend
Found your blog on OLQP web site, for class of 68. I am still in quincy, started my own counsultant business, and loving it. Kids are gone-youngest 2 in college, 2 married and 1 in the army. My dad died in July, so Lake Camelot will be sold. Many memories from that place. I am on face book--friend me---love mary
26th September 2010
Amarillo, TX - Crystal Pistol

this is a Big ladies titty bar
11th August 2010
Holbrook, AZ - Hilltop Cafe

We stopped here for a quick breakfast.. it was the absoulute BEST Huevos Rancheros we have ever had. I choose the red sauce, my husband had the green sauce... Both were EXCELLENT, fresh and Homemade!
19th July 2010
St. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe

this was the town i grew up in
to whom ever it may concern: i went to school with david, and sincerely miss my roots. How is Marie's 5 boy's? If I remember right ... it's Kirk, Chris, Doug ,David ? Am I right? I can not for the life of me remember your Fathers name, only the fact he set-up hell of a rullet table at the St. Clare Catholic church picinic! Please respond I MISS home
17th July 2010

I enjoyed your blog. What great experiences.
9th March 2010

I had a fina gas sta. on hy 66 just out side of st.louis
I now live in fl.and been here 42 years
3rd March 2010

thanks for the info
24th January 2010

Very beautiful pictures and very entertaining trip it sounds like!
29th October 2009

The old house picture you have is actually in bristow oklahoma 74010 and the papas ceramics and gifts is in depew ok 74028
11th April 2009

Info regarding photo captions from a native amarilloan
The Blue Front Cafe is actually still open. The Crystal Pistol is a strip club, but I thought it was amusing you thought it was "cute."
2nd April 2009

Look at whats going on
Great escapes ! You can fined the best Salvaged Car to get around in . Check us out at Lubbock Auto Salvage.
13th March 2009

Love, love NM
Yes, New Mexico was one of our favorite states to go through on Route 66. Thanks! Miss you guys!! Love back Jerry and Rita
5th March 2009

Love, love NM
These were awesome pictures! I've actually seen some of them while traveling New Mexico. NM is truly the Land of Enchanment. Look forward to seeing more! Love, Bryan and Vickie
7th January 2009

Happy Travels
No problem Jan - I just deleted the first one. We will definitely sa 'hi' to Mickey for you!!
7th January 2009

Briley Parkway?
I don't think we were paying attention enough to be able to confirm one way or the other as to it being Briley Parkway. Oh well.
7th January 2009

Route 66 - Tracey
Hey Tracey - glad you got a chance to take a look. We are having the time of our lives. Sorry we didn't respond sooner - really didn't look at the site at all through the holidays. It was good to see you and hope all remains well at work. I'm sure you're doing an awesome job with everything and so thankful to you in helping make this leave happen. Talk soon I hope. Rita
6th January 2009

Was it Briley Parkway?
Yeah! They're back on the road again! We've been looking forward to another posting. Rita - I think Briley Pkwy is a splendid route around Nashville much to the disagreement of Bryan. He's a "plow though the middle of downtown kind of guy". Briley takes you past Opryland Hotel, etc. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you next month! Feliz Ano Nuevo! Love, Bryan and Vickie
11th December 2008

Hi Guys! How are you? Had some time to catch up on your latest pictures. Keep having fun and hope you are in a warmer place than is awful, already had a really good snow storm and it is collllddd! From the pic's - it looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. Happy Holiday's if I don't talk to you before then. Tracey
10th December 2008

Cracklin Rosie get on board
Thanks for the weather help. We're looking forward to seeing you guys but not looking forward to the weather. Oh well...we had to get back to it sometime!!
8th December 2008

Cracklin Rosie get on board...
Yes, I can just hear you two! How much fun is that! Loved the latest update and will wait to see more. We had some freezing rain this morning but is supposed to turn to all rain. Tomorrow is a high of 49 with rain and the Wed is sunny with a whopping high of 29. Hope you can stop by!

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