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18th July 2023

So cute!
I love this little guy!
18th July 2023

These pictures and your writing are great. Really brings it to life for me! Is this a snake? It's really cool!
26th June 2023

Impressive photos! Great eats!
8th June 2023
Los Danzantes

Love this pic!!
From Blog: Oaxaca
8th June 2023

Great photos!!
I love all the mural photos and the narration of your trip. Tell me, was there mescal??? hee!! Sounds like a wonderful time!!!!
From Blog: Oaxaca
7th June 2023

This is a great introduction to Mexican ruins. Thanks to you, Jennifer.
From Blog: Monte Albán
15th March 2020

Fried Potato Spiral
I finished up reviewing your trip today. The pictures are magnificent and the fried potatoes made me so hungry. Keep traveling and taking pictures! (But keep your distance...)
From Blog: Osaka
28th July 2015

Le Marais
Le Marais is a perfect get-away in the greater Paris area. Many tourists bypass the district so a visit allows you to see daily neighborhood life.
From Blog: Paris
4th July 2015

I would also love the opportunity to visit Sweden for a second time and do more exploring outside of Stockholm. But then I would also enjoy revisiting and reliving my first visit. (The midsummer night photo is entrancing.)
From Blog: Stockholm
27th November 2013

Nice work...!!!
From Blog: Xi'an
26th December 2011

Nice blog
appreciate your detailed observations and analysis. going to IN in a month and found a lot of useful information.
22nd November 2011

Your description of lack of sanitation is spot on - But there are better places
I have never read anybody describing the lack of sanitation in the Indian towns any better.I am from India and I am sad about it.The problem here is that the government just dont care and neither do the people.People are so used to the lack of cleanliness that, it is almost accepted without a question that a crowded place cannot be clean. I have no clue if there is an escape from it.Having said that, do try visiting the southern states next time, if you travel here. They are better in terms of cleanliness but not a fraction of what it is, in a city like say Toronto( I havent been to the US, but have been to Canada once).It must be great to live in a clean city.I have heard San Fransisco has it's share of issues with urban poverty.But I am sure it is far far better. Take care.
10th November 2011

The monkeys are too adorable but I would be freaked out if they were shaking me down. LOL I'm so glad you had a fun trip! It must be hard to see the trash and neglect in parts of India. You want to think of it as a wild and beautiful place, and it is, but with so much over-crowding comes problems of trash and sanitation. I hope that you two enjoyed your time there and are eagerly planning your next trip!!
10th November 2011

Sounds like a beautiful and peaceful place. I love the pic of you guys in the matching scarves!
From Blog: Darjeeling
10th November 2011

OMG, that train is nasty!!!!! What the heck?? :( Oh man. That sucks!
From Blog: Varanasi
10th November 2011

I need whatever bra those stone statues are (not) wearing. Those are some well held up ladies! LOL But seriously, those are some amazing carvings and while I'm reading this here at work, we'll just call it art. ;) I'm sorry the town didn't have more to offer, but seeing these in person had to have been worth it!
From Blog: Khajaraho
10th November 2011

I love the picture of the two of you at the Taj Mahal!! I had no idea that the wife he had built it for had 14 children! What a wonderful and crazy and sad story. Sounds like you guys had a great time, but I'm sorry for the rude tourists.
From Blog: Agra
10th November 2011

I love the elephants in their Sunday best. But I bet they were hot, too! Though I'd love an elephant ride. I love the pictures of you at the Temple, and only you would find a train load of French tourists to pass time with!! LOL
From Blog: Jaipur
10th November 2011

Loving all the pictures! The temple details are amazing and so intricate. I love the wrestling elephants. And leezards!!!!!!
From Blog: Udaipur
10th November 2011

I'm loving reading about your adventure. The pictures are fantastic!! I love that there are so many more of you now that you have someone traveling with you. ;) Sounds like a promising start to your trip!
From Blog: Mumbai
31st October 2011

The little yellow fruits are Malay gooseberries! (Phyllanthus acidus)
Wiki link: Just thinking of the tartness makes my mouth water!
28th October 2011

My top 3 spots for this visit. The people here really made me feel welcomed. Don't be discouraged by the jeep/train insanity.
From Blog: Darjeeling
27th October 2011

Amazing Journey!
Your words and pictures have provided me an amazing journey for which I thank you! Your descriptions of the sites and explanations of the happenings transported me to India. I am glad you are both home, safe and sound; I am glad you both had this wonderful journey. I hope one day to meet you in person. Thank you again for sharing this journey!
27th October 2011

Thanks for following along!
I'm so glad you've enjoyed the blog. If you'd like to you can subscribe and be alerted when I make future postings. Thanks again for following along, and I hope you'll accompany me on my future travels!

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