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16th September 2013

Hi from Sue, Anaesthesia
Jenny, Prague looks so beautiful. What a great way to see the city - walking. I'd be happy to stay here for most of the trip. Your trip so far sounds wonderful. Sue
24th January 2011

The Ultimate Tourist
My name is Jennie and i would just like to inform you that there now is a webpage called http://theultimatetourist.com, where tourists around the world finally can get some use out of all the photos they have, posing by different tourist attractions. Here you can choose from over one hundred attractions and typical touristic activities, upload your photos and collect one tourist point for each photo. Reach different levels and everybody over 80 points will become Ultimate Tourists (Remember you have to be in the photos yourself, to prove you were actually there.. :). So if you want to compete with your photos, or just spread the word, go into theultimatetourist.com Swedes are dominating the top 20-list for the moment. Challenge them! 
24th December 2010

Photo taken 25 June 2006 while on cruise of the canals.
24th December 2010
Day 50 Denmark, Copenhagen

in what month took this picture
28th October 2010

Thank you
I truly enjoyed looking through your photos. What a wonderful experience.
23rd April 2010

Rovaniemi to Tromso
The bus stopped along the way so there is no reason why you could not have a day at various places. The drive into Tromso was beautiful, scenery magnificent, roads twisting and wet, and had I had a car, would have stopped a day or so out of Tromso.
22nd March 2010

Rovaneimi to Tromso
Wonderful to read your journal entry. We are thinking of driving the 9hrs from Rovaneimi to Tromso and would love to know whether you think it would be worthwhile or should we take the bus. Wondering whether you were able to hop off the bus and visit Inari or Muonio or Levi or if it was straight through. Would love to hear from you if you have time.
22nd December 2009

Jenny, thanks for posting your Spain pictures. You took some wonderful photos, and the commentary is certainly helpful. Connie
25th June 2009

love ya mum
very nice
13th November 2007

Amazing Australia
Brisbane is a very pretty place with lots to see and do, then not far away is the Gold Coast and Surfers - great shopping on the GC - sales galore with massive bargains and for girls - shoes to die for.
13th November 2007

Looking at your pictures of Brisbane is getting me excited about my trip!!
4th September 2007

Thanks for that - our guide misled us.
4th September 2007

That was an Elk!
Don't take offense, but that was an elk that you saw, not a moose.
10th July 2007

I hope you fall in love with Scotland like I did last year...if you're after a good hostel in Edinburgh St Christophers on Market St is good as is the International Student Hostel in the grassmarket...enjoy Scotland, it's my favourite place on earth :)
26th June 2007

Princess Mary
We didn't see Princess Mary as we believe she was at the Summer Palace. I don't recall seeing much if anything about her as we walked around, although we weren't really looking.
25th June 2007

Did you see Princess Mary? Were there things about her everywhere? Apparently everyone loves her...and she's living every little girls fairytale. :)
21st June 2007

Wonderful times
Thanks Rosie - right now I would like to be there as you may well believe - and yes absolutely fantastic memories.
21st June 2007

What a wonderful world
Your holiday looks wonderful and the places that you have visited have been extraordinary. What wonderfu memories you both will have when you are old and gray?? I have loved looking at your photos and reading about all your travels and exploits. Well done both of you for having such a great spirit of adventure and sharing it with the rest of us.
17th June 2007

I don't look good
Thanks Bec and hello Mum. There will be a couple of photos of Vera soon but I don't think there are any of me.
17th June 2007

Looks like you're still having fun but put some pictures of yourselves on the website!! My mother is now following your journey and keeps asking what you both look like...hopefully she's being inspired.
7th June 2007

A Worthwhile Escapade
Congratulations, well done. I can only envy you two brave travellers. Your trip has obviously inspired you and taken you to hidden places within you , and like the tulips you've opened to greet God's creation.
6th June 2007

Fantastic time so far and more to come.
Thanks for viewing my diary and photos. We had such an experience it is a pleasure sharing with you a little bit of our adventure.
6th June 2007

Great Journal
To Jenny Fraser: Debbie and I think you write a terrific journal and your photos are superb. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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