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Africa February 17th 2009

Feb 13, 2009 Well now, there is not a whole lot goin on in my small little village of Abokobi and the nearest city where there is any type of night life is about a 1-2 hour trotro ride (which really isn't too bad). So after school on Tuesday, Bethany (the other white girl) and I had to go to the airport in Accra to pick-up a package that was sent to me from home and being held by customs. We get to the airport, asked like 100 diff people where we had to go who all gave us diff information, then I call the place and they tell me to take a taxi to the Fed-ex office in Asylum Down (pretty morbid sounding name for a town). - but when we get there, they tell ... read more

Africa February 13th 2009

Reflecting upon my 2nd week here in Abokobi as it comes to an end, I'm so relieved that things have gotten so much better and that I'm finally starting to feel at home! My students not only listen and behave, but when I walk into the classroom., they all stand and say,"Bonjour Madame Jaymie"- its fantastic! For the most part, all my students (I've got a total of about 35-40) are really catching on nicely to this French stuff and they really seem to enjoy it as well! I rode the trotro with one of my 3rd graders the other day and she came up to me in the street, said hello and asked me how I was doing IN FRENCH!!! We spoke in French the entire 20 min on the trotro! Not to mention that ... read more

Africa February 12th 2009

The naming system in Ghana is very unique and unlike any other system in the world. When a child is born,it is kept indoors for at least seven days. On the eighth day, the child is given a name. The waiting period was to lessen the pain that the mother would go through should the baby die before the eighth day. Days of the week in Ghana are very important aspects of the naming culture. In Ghana everyone is supposed to have a day name in addition to their other names. The day of the week on which one is born determines what name they are called and it is different for a boy and for a girl. My name is Akosua, because I was born on a Sunday, and that is what a lot of ... read more

Africa February 12th 2009

Let me start off by saying- What an experience this is! Nothing like anything I've ever experienced so far! The first week here in Abokobi didn't go so smoothly... I was constantly frustrated with the disorganization of the school where I'm working and its classes, not to mention the rediculously hot and sticky weather. I shower 2 times a day with cold water bc there is no hot water (which normally would bother me but I'm actually grateful to not have it in this heat). I have 2 kittens who wait outside my door for me to come home after school and they always jump right into the shower with me. The food is basically the mush I'd imagined- but surprisingly its not that bad. Some of the things I've eaten include: Jollof rice with stew, ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra December 25th 2008

It's coming up!!! I leave for Africa January 31st! Here is some basic info of where I will be for the first 3 months in Ghana, as well as my website and contact information. I will let you all know whats going on and what I'll be doing in Uganda as the time gets closer. But for now, a little about me in Ghana: I will be working at the Kiddy Kare Nursery and prepatory school in the village of Abokobi outside Accra. It is located in the East District, Abokobi-Accra. Abokobi is a small village which lies in the East of Accra, It is 28 Kilometers from Accra and 4 Kilometers off Accra /Aburi at Oyarifa.It lies close to the foot of Akuapem Hills. Average temperature 27 -33oC- so it's going to be extremely hot. ... read more

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