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24th February 2012

Very good pictures of the Corpus Christi Area.
21st February 2012

Latest Update
Hi Jack & Susie! We're jealous! Looks like you're having a great time. Thanks for all the updates. Love You Both. May the angels continue to be with you for a safe & wonderful trip.
12th February 2012

Such beautiful creatures! (Except for the last one)
11th January 2012
Sunset over Laguna Madre 3

Great sunset picture, very different.
10th January 2012
Sunset over Laguna Madre 4

A very beautiful photo - colour, clouds and great framing.
4th January 2012

Loved the Roma, Texas photo
You are capturing the essence of America in your blogs. Great job.
25th December 2011

That's my kind of sledding, you don't get wet or cold!
25th December 2011
Sandhill Crane 8

What an awesome picture!!
25th December 2011
Old Town 5

Wow! It's beautiful!
25th December 2011
Old Town 2

Jon would be heaven in this store!
10th December 2011

Been to both these places. So peaceful!
30th November 2011

Very good Jack keep them coming. Albert
29th November 2011

Grand Canyon
You got some really good pics at the Grand Canyon. The light, clouds and the colors of the canyon come through great. Three weeks ago we were at Hoover Dam and the new bridge. Like you, the last time I remember the dam was a long time ago. We went down into the dam on the generator tour. Got some good pics. I'll check in again soon.
27th November 2011
Entryway at the Venetian

Wow! Magnificent!
27th November 2011
My new RR

Ha Ha! You in a rolls? That's difficult to picture. ;)

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