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29th May 2017

I cannot see you????
29th May 2017

We know what we look like!Sent from my iPhone
26th May 2017

Beautiful photos. Looks very interesting there
From Blog: Cochem & Trier
24th May 2017

Great photos.
From Blog: Koblenz
23rd May 2017

The asparagus looks wonderful. The ferry, boat ride looks very relaxing. Has the weather improved.
From Blog: Middle Rhine Day
21st May 2017

Don't see you!
From Blog: Cologne
19th May 2017

How about a few photos of the both of you. Great photos. Is it getting warmer. 20 degrees here today and warmer this weekend.
From Blog: Brussels
18th May 2017

John, you can use one of my PCs to use the backup service when you are with us in Luzern. See you on June 5th. Take care.
From Blog: War Memorials
17th May 2017

Yes I did read about the blog closing down. I am sure you will find another one. Great photos as usual.
From Blog: War Memorials
16th May 2017

As we grow older, I think we increasingly realize that there is no right or wrong, just different points of view. And, over time, our opinions will change regarding such things as drug use and sex. It is interesting to note that Singapore w
as built on a swamp and has developed very differently.
15th May 2017

Beautiful photos of the Palace! Happy Mothers Day from all the way back in Canada, eagerly looking forward to all of your posts onward! Lots of love!
13th May 2017

Living the life there John! Amsterdam is so beautiful! Have a fun and safe trip!
13th May 2017

Back in the old days, you had to mail your money for museum tickets weeks in advance. Now, it can be done over the internet. No standing in line. No more "We are sold out!" Ain't technology great??!!
12th May 2017

Good for you both! You made i!!Now, staying awake is the challenge.Wonderful city to explore on foot.Wishing you a super holiday (while I evaluate a college's distance education program). I will get a break reading your e-mails.
24th September 2016

Yes, I was there twice, in 2005 and in 2010 and met Silvie and Wanda, Michael Lord's wife.
24th September 2016

This is where I started teaching way back in 1966!
15th December 2015

Thank you for taking me on a trip - a virtual trip. I got to sleep in my own bed and drink whatever I wanted. I didn't have to convert any money or avoid scooters. But, I didn't have the real experience of seeing, touching and smelling stuf
f. I didn't learn how the people felt about their country and their history. I didn't feel the sweat dripping off my body. However, I used my imagination and my past experiences in Southeast Asia to conjure your experience daily. Thank you for taking me away from the snow for a few minutes each day!
11th December 2015

Hey, you had something different - wine instead of beer!! In the world you are currently in, insects seem to be part of the diet. I am told that the global environment would be in better shape if we all eat insects or at least some and move
d away from beef. lamb, and goats. I do envy you a little - rice wine can be very good. Your travels are almost over and you are still healthy and safe! Congrats!!!
11th December 2015

My favourite day of your trip! Laughing Buddha, coffee, greenhouses, waterfalls, tea, noodles, silk! Cool!!!!
6th December 2015

The rain must have reminded you of home - where, guess what, it is raining!
5th December 2015

Everywhere you go there is beer. So I wonder what humans would drink if there wasn't any beer... They would probably invent it!
From Blog: Trip to Hoi An
5th December 2015

They must have had fun getting up there in their wedding finery.
From Blog: Trip to Hoi An
5th December 2015

Now, that's one cool elevator!
From Blog: Trip to Hoi An
5th December 2015

I guess you won't be bringing any of these home as souvenirs.
From Blog: Trip to Hoi An
30th November 2015

You have had a busy day! Love the scooter transport photo - superb packing and balancing skills. On one of my trips to Delhi, I saw computers and televisions being delivered via bicycles - perfectly packed and balanced. It did occur to me t
hat each load was probably worth more than the delivery person received in salary in an entire year.

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