Victoria O


Victoria O

Hi! I am newly graduated doctor, hoping to secure a pediatric residency position at the location of my choice on March 19th. I recently traveled to Ecuador for work for a month, then to Peru for 11 days for fun. I've been looking for a place to put up pictures but also tell the stories that go with them - stories that are often too long and complicated for mere captions on a photo-sharing website. My only regret is that I wasn't able to do this at the time of my travels. But with the magic of the internet (and the changeable date stamp for each blog entry) I can write the entries and post the pictures I always wanted to. :-)

I also hope to begin a new travel blog soon - whether it be traveling locally in the US to visit family, hang out in Vegas with CFHI alumni, or go on foreign adventures with my friends. Either way, I want to travel again and soon! (Preferably with SCUBA diving this time). Stayed tuned!

North America » United States » Virginia » Lorton February 2nd 2009

So, I had thought I was going to do a travel blog while I was actually in Ecuador and Peru back in Sept/Oct/Nov 2008, but for some reason it just never happened. Now back in good ole VA, I have a ton of pictures, and haven't really told that many stories about my travels. I figure, why not do a blog now so I can put all the pics I want up, put it together with the pics I took that day, and tell a variety of stories at the same time. Plus, I'm avoiding some other real life stuff I have to deal with right now. The following entries will begin with my month in Quito, Ecuador, then go on to my vacation in Peru. Even though it is after the actual trip, please enjoy ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 29th 2008

What's the Plan for Today? Today's plan was head to the school by 8:30am for more orientation, go on a tour of some of the hospitals and clinics we'd be going to, then lunch at a local restaurant. OK cool. So we did some more get to know each other stuff at the school, learned more about cultural differences and what to expect while in Quito, then my mom Lorena came to be our tour guide for the day. She took me for my first ride on the Trole - another method of public transportation several blocks downhill, or east of the Metro on Ave. America. It was very crowded, and a little nerve wracking. We had just been told how to carry personal belongs on the Trole - backpack on the front, carry nothing important ... read more
Eugenio Espejo
Julie, Caitlin and Peter
The other table

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 28th 2008

First Morning Starting around 7am on Sunday morning I heard the family and the other student moving around. I had already been up for a little while, not even needing my alarm, due to the fact that the temperature in my room kept fluctuating throughout the night and waking me up. Also, the lace curtains hanging in my room don't exactly block out a lot of light, so it gets bright pretty early. Once I heard the other student out in the hall, I got up so I could get the 411 on how to live in this house - rules, eating schedules, etc. before I made a mistake. Emily was from Nebraska and was there doing a research project for her undergrad thesis, and at that point had already been living there for a month. ... read more
Dining table
Our MetroBus stop
The school in La Y

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 27th 2008

Miami to Quito There were both good and bad things about my flight leaving the US. Good - wine I had with dinner and awesome ice cream sundae for dessert. Bad - gross dinner, half full wine glass was taken away without my consent. Good - in flight movie. Bad - couldn't hear it well enough to follow. Good - lightning storm outside. Bad - couldn't get any of it on film. Moving on. In addition to the delay at the gate in Miami, there was also some weather (obviously) that we had to go around. This meant that I was now about 2 hours behind schedule. I landed in Quito at 11:20pm, which is one hour behind VA time. So I was TIRED. When you get off the plane, you have to walk down a ... read more
Front gate
Second Door
See?  Dark hallway

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 27th 2008

Flying First Class, American Airlines, DC to Miami Flying to Ecuador can be an expensive undertaking, unless you have a father who travels a lot for business and accrues a large amount of frequent flyer miles. :-) Based on my fly dates, I "had" to travel first class - which is awesome. Big comfy seats, adequate leg room, and one flight attendant for only 10 people. Right after takeoff, Devon came around with a Diet Coke and a bowl of warm, mixed nuts. I enjoyed my nuts while reading my first book of the trip Legend. But after I was finished, Devon came around with that stupid rolled up, hot hand towel. What I was supposed to do with that, I do not know. I declined, but everyone else in Business Class went to town with ... read more

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