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Middle East » Israel » South District » Ezuz June 9th 2009

I had a couple off days following the bike ride to get ready for the next adventure, which was to be another week with goats, but this time in the desert, in a small village called Ezuz. I had found this volunteer job on the HelpX site, so contacted Celia (the owner) and arranged that we would arrive on Tuesday 26th, by bus from Beer Sheeva. We set out at around 2pm and took the train from Haifa to Beer Sheeva, via Tel Aviv. Then at Beer Sheeva we took the bus to Ezuz, arriving at around 9.30pm. The train was filled with football fans all off to Tel Aviv to see the final (of some cup or other) between Haifa and a Tel Aviv team, (Haifa won) so I did not get a seat, and ... read more
Celia - Farm owner
Milking parlour
Milking duty

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District May 24th 2009

Well, here we are again, I think I left you with the promise of a 55k bicycle ride in aid of wounded and disabled to help integrate them back into normal life and to encourage them to take up sports. This was to be my first real cycle on my new ‘Trek’ it was going to be a real test to see whether or not I have mastered the gears. I decided against using the cleats as I really did not want to look too much of an amateur by falling off the damn thing whilst struggling to get my feel unhooked from the pedals. We had to set out at 5am to reach the Kibbutz at Mizra the start and finish place of the ride. It was funny to be driving to the event at ... read more
Second stop
Here is Ram

Middle East » Israel May 20th 2009

I have to say that the desert trip was a really tough trip and it took me a fair amount of time to recover. I must have been tired as I ended up with a cold sore which I always get when I am tired and run down. In fact since that trip I have felt pretty grotty, but just put it down to tiredness. Anyway, enough of all that, I was thinking back over the last few weeks and it seemed to me that I had not done anything very much, then I really started to think what I had done and to be honest, it has been a fairly busy time again. Is it me, do I have to be busy, busy, busy and achieving something to feel I have been alive, probably I ... read more
Ram's home
Passover feast with Ram's family

Middle East » Israel » South District May 6th 2009

On April 29th at about 8pm ‘Guide Ram’ decided that it would be good to go off to the Negev Desert for a few days hike and start the Israeli Trail. So within a couple of hours all was packed and we headed down into Haifa to catch the night bus heading to Eilat which departed at 11.30pm. After five hours we arrived at our destination which was Timna. We started the hike with trepidation, have to say the luggage we were carrying was killing. It was not things like make-up clothes or non-essentials it was mainly water. I was carrying about 6 litres and Ram was carrying 9 litres. Between us we carried the bare minimum in clothes, wash gear, sleeping bags, bed rolls, cameras, cooking equipment and food for the few days trip, but ... read more
Vardit Canyon
Barak Canyon
Snake in the bush

Middle East » Israel » North District April 28th 2009

The two weeks since my amazing stay on the goat farm with Dalia and Amnon have passed in a blur of activity. I arrived back in Haifa fairly shattered and was glad of a good hot shower and long nights, peaceful sleep, no howling dogs, bleating goats or sheep to keep me awake here! April the 20th around 8pm marks the start of the Holocaust Memorial day, all the shops, bars, businesses close at around 7ish and everyone goes home to watch the television, which is a non stop catalogue of the awful things that happened to the Jews in the second world war. For each memorial day they have a theme and this year it was children. So you can imagine it was fairly upsetting to witness what had happened to the children during the ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Yodfat April 21st 2009

Liz goes volunteering and Ram stays at home to work the garden I left Haifa on 12th April to head for the hills and Yodfat where I had agreed to go help out on a goat farm -חלב עם הרוח (Chalav Im HaRuach - milk with the wind) - for a week. I had previously gone to the farm to talk to the owners about helping, and have to say, at the time they did not seem to be that friendly, but you know me, I always like a challenge so thought I would go along anyway. If I didn’t like it, there was nothing stopping me from leaving. So I arrived, down a very pot holed bumpy track, at the farm on the Sunday afternoon to find Dalia the owner was away until Monday afternoon. ... read more
Chalav Im HaRuach
My Room
Footpath in the making

Middle East » Israel March 2nd 2009

After 8 years in UK I am leaving back home to Israel. The loose plan is to stay there for a few months, tackling some family duties and planning the big trip. It will be a good chance to experience some new things. Liz, my girlfriend for a year now is going to come with me. We are thinking of doing a week or so on this HelpX thing have been in Israel as a kind of a primer to our grand adventure. Ram and I took a bus to Paris, and had three nights in there, in a Very cheap hotel, but it was really clean and good. Sian lent me her Paris guide and we walked non-stop for three days. Round all the quarters, through the different ethnic areas, found all the covered markets/passages ... read more
Co-existance clock tower
Akko at sunset

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