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29th April 2015

This was very informative. I'm thinking of signing up for a two week course at Kibbutz Lotan this summer. Would you recommend it for somebody who would like to learn about permaculture?
6th December 2014

Informatiove and detailed
Hey..it was treat to read this article and I wished there was more to it :) I scrolled loterraly to and fro to check if there si more to read :) good work
6th December 2014

Thanks for your comment
Thank you! We are flattered and happy if this blog was helpful in your travel. There are some treks around Huancavelica if you are interested in trekking. For me, I wish I stayed for a day in Castro only to explore this remote village and scenery around, but there was no hostel there, as I can remember. If you have any specific question feel free to ask, who know... maybe we recollect something. Good days, Ram
11th September 2012

Amazing experenice!
HEY! It looks amazing! I'm going to Israel next month, would like to work in the community too Could you give me the email address or contact to the Eco Kibbutz Tzivon. Galilee. Israel? TKS
25th September 2012

Hi Sadly the venture in Tzivon no longer exists because of lack of cooperation from the residents of the Kibbutz. However I think meeting the people at "Goats with the Wind" can be a very nice welcome and a good start. Good luck and enjoy, Ram
28th December 2010

Benadu is actually¨Venado¨, or venison. It´s the accent.
23rd August 2010

Impressed by your endurance to penetrate the jungle and all the efforts and joys it brings you. Gabri and I had a quite comfortable trip in my camping van all through Europe April to June, Gabri had then to go home, her mother got worse and has now passed away, it is not easy, but I think the worst is over... How long are you staying in Peru/South America? I myself will probably spend the winter in Australia... Regards to Liss and sending you both a big smile Peter
15th August 2010

Volunteer 1978
I was a volunteer on this kibbutz in the spring of 1978. I worked mainly in the fruit packing shed and in the orchard. The accommodation was basic but what a beautiful place and wonderful people. The experience was just what I needed at that time in my life. Happy memories which will stay with me always.
8th July 2010

Hi, There isn't really a single designer - as far as I know - it is a work of number of people renovating and changing use of existing chicken houses. However, the leading persons are Daphna Yalon, an earth artist and Danny who lives there and he is the master builder. Have a look at their website: http://www.eco-artvillage.org/index_eng.asp Maybe try to get to Adi Brief who is I think the administrator there via facebook. Cheers, Ram
15th June 2010

This is beautiful,it is a good idea that i will work on in the future for an art center ,do you have the contacts of the designer ,i will appreciate if i can inquire from them how they did it .
19th April 2010

Greetings from Chiloe
Hi Liz, Hi Ram! I really enjoyed reading about your adventures here on the Island. Your walking sticks are here and ready to go when you pick them up the next time you come. Hope all the wooden pieces got safe to the UK. Your photos are great and they did bring a lot of memories, I had a great time myself! Hope to see you soon and if you need anything, just let me know. All the best, Cyril.
From Blog: Chiloe Adventure
14th April 2010

So glad our blog brought back good memories for you, and happy you enjoyed reading it, thanks
14th April 2010

Navimag response
Hi Mario, Thanks for your comment. We were really lucky with the weather whilst we were on the navimag trip and mostly had good weather, that said early morning it could be quite chilly and as the evening drew in it was also cold, but good hat, neck warmer, warm fleece and windproof was enough to keep warm.
13th April 2010

cool pics. you guys must of had fun
13th April 2010

WOW! cool pictures that is a nice place to have fun
13th April 2010

was it cold out there? and how cold?
13th April 2010

I enjoyed your post. Your Chilean adventure looks awesome. I miss it there. My blog is looking for travel photos, stories, accommodation reviews, and food reviews. If you have the time and have some to share, email us at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com or check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
29th March 2010

Nice journal Liz
Hi Liz! This is Leo from the farm. I hope that you and Ram are well. Can you include a link to the farm's website on this page of your blog? Just search for 'goats with the wind' on Google and you'll find it. Thanks for putting me up in Haifa, Leo +
26th March 2010

just lovely thank you
thoroughly enjoyed this. wonder if vonnie wants to pass by chiloe - with me - on her next return from aus... your mushroom shot. did you know it is called Fly Agaric. it is highly toxic in that it can send you tripping, you think you can fly. It grows in Lapland and that is why Santa Claus the flying red coated man with snow (white bits) on his cloak and beard is dressed the way he is. He and his reindeer - the bog standard equiv of cattle in Lapland 'fly' though the night sky in the perception of the lapland reindeer herders who have been nibbling on Fly Agaric. The reindeer also eat this fungus. interesting n'est-pa. liz, i have booked to do my glasto steward course at Priddy nr cheddar on fri 23rd april 6-30-9.30pm. why don't you apply for this date as well so we can go together. you'll be home by then and ensconced in murhill, did you get the date alternatives? ill email it to you again. do give it a go - it will be fun .lots love to you both x beth
From Blog: Chiloe Adventure
22nd December 2009

Volunteer 1985
Me and my wife were volunteers at netiv halamed he in 1985.What a wonerful time we had!!! Looking at the photos of the chicken sheds brings back happy memories. Collecting thousands of eggs per day,chatting to some wonderfull jewish friends(Dovale,Mimi,Effie and many more).We were supposed to stay for 2 months,but ended up staying 6 months!! One of the most memorable times of my life..............Eddie Leeuwner.
1st November 2009

Reading about your bicycle event I really got a good feeling. It's really good! You proof that the image of the Middle East presented by the media as a place where everyday life is only about the conflict is so blatantly wrong. I hope to hear more like this when I travel to Israel with Charity Travel. I am looking for charities to support. Should you know any deservable initiatives, please reach me at charitytravel.blogspot.com

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