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29th March 2010

I enjoyed your Thailand post. It reminded me of my time there. My blog is looking for good travel photos. If you have the time, check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
27th March 2010

This is a very moving blog. The thought of the Orangs being made to walk in high heels and make up is really distressing.So good to know there are some ways in which they are being protected. I feel friendly towards Mina, and in awe of you Han for being so close. A truely interesting and informative blog. Mouty
From Blog: Bukit Lawang
27th March 2010

Another enlightening Saturday morning in the office. Brings back the memories (the FMP - not so much the peace and love bit - he he he!) Enjoy the North with Hannah's folks - Pai is beautiful - enjoy meeting the old hippies who never left! Keep em coming!
25th March 2010

Lewi - take your sunnies off in the sun sometimes, you like you've been skiing! Apologies to have missed a few, read three in one go and loved them all. How cool are the ubiquitous 100cc scooters? All sounds awesome as ever - now off back to the rain with me, and on to the next adventure with you. Enjoy x
From Blog: Krabi & Phi Phi
18th March 2010

Steeped in culture
HI, I am sitting here in Villandry after another epic journey, not unlike some of yours except for the cost! First Great Western seems to think it is operating in India or worse 2.5 hours late. Your Chinese New year was good and my feeling is you are becoming steeped inthe culture. Great lol m
From Blog: Phuket & Trang
17th March 2010

wow! the trek through the rainforest sounds amazing, I envy you the sights of orangs and gibbons. David Attenborough, true gent, of course!!
From Blog: Bukit Lawang
4th March 2010

Tuk Tuk
Co-incidentally we ate at the Tuk Tuk noodle bar in Soho last Saturday night!! No motorbikes or people being sick getting there! Funny that!
From Blog: Lake Toba
2nd March 2010

i have only been to KL airport so next time may visit on a stop over to Ozz although exchange rate for Aussie dollars is very poor which may affect you both when you get there. The adventure continues and withh all these exciting experiences it will make normal living seem rather dull! Hope the 'cow pats' are improving their shape for you both and you are keeping well in Thailand. I must say I would love to go there again. Look forward to next contact Lx dad
From Blog: Kuala Lumpur
28th February 2010

It sounds like Heidi, says Sas, thinking of Heidi's mountain life. I bet it didn't feel like Heidi at the time, but a wild and courageous (stupid?) adventure. Sas says she had a good time listening too it and she would do it too. She would also complain about the sick and "make people clean it up, quickly". The lake on an island on a lake on an........sounds a bit Alice in Wonderland like, just hot. Such stories you have to tell. Love M and S xx
From Blog: Lake Toba
28th February 2010

Beardless wonder and proximate volcanoes!
Hi Han and Lewis, Well another set of experiences and fantastic pics.It really is great and makes us feel part of your travels.A still live volcano is quite a companion. I wonder how the schoolgirls would have reacted to Lewi with a beard? Not so handsome perhaps! Han you look so brown and healthy in the pictures, and Lewis you are always eating! Saskia says she is practisng making perfume which she will bottle and keep for your return. Not so sure about the end product of that.Mod says the accounts of your fun and travails are almost all too much for him, but glad the beard is no more. Lok forward to the next episode. Love M
From Blog: Bukittinggi
27th February 2010

Hi you two. Just read your latest entries.You guys write so well,gives us real feeling for the places you stay. Youre doing such a good job of keeping us all i touch.Some of your adventures do sound a bit worrying though! Stay safe and well. Lots of love xx
22nd February 2010

Never heard of the place....
Yo! Wow. This is somewhere I've never heard of and it sounds awesome! - a little bit of yet-to-be-trampled by tourists paradise. Sorry to hear about the slightly negative bit with Mas etc, but I guess it's those things which highlight how good the positive experiences are - and make you feel lucky you don't live like that. Keep enjoying the road - last three stories were brilliant. Peace and Love x
21st February 2010

What a Life!
Hi Han and Lewi, Thankyou for your last two blogs. We have all enjoyed them very much, especially the photo's of you with a beard! I felt quite tense reading your hassles with Mas, but it is all part of paradise I guess. The time on the island sounded as if it made up for it quite a bit though. Sas says, "hello Lewis and Hannah, hope you are having a good time.I am making a teddy bear by cutting up your old socks!I have been on half term and I don't want to go back to school tomorrow,but I will. Looking forward to seeing you both in China". Walked round the cliff path below the house today, not paradise but close, just a lot more mud and no eco pigs. Love Mouty, Mod and Sasxxx PS keep up the blogs, they are great. Printed some off recently and sent them to Gandhi, who still insists he cannot use his computer. He was v pleased.
21st February 2010

guys this looks amazing, something unreal! your both looking so brown now. han your leg looks painful, hope its better now :) cannot wait to come to Thailand, its so soon now! looking froward to seeing you both, lots and lots of love, stay safe :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15th February 2010

HI, great that you went there, gandhi will be pleased to hear about it all. V sad about the destruction. It is difficult but possible to believe. A real lesson in what the media tells about deforestation. When I was there it was deep jungle with monkeys and tigers. Still great that you were there and that you sourced blankets! Well done intrepid travellers! Food looks amazing and v english or even cornish. Like the pics of you both, food does seem to come high on the agenda. William says good on you to L for fishing the beers out of the river but what a mut for not securing them. Love m and m
14th February 2010

Avid reader
Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading about and seeing your trip! Photos and descriptions are excellent. I always look forward to the next instalment. Keep it up!
From Blog: Kuala Lumpur
10th February 2010

welcome back
Not sure if my last one worked - missed you guys over last couple weeks so hood to hear from you. Hannah - this is a great story - really loved it. Enjoy Indo
10th February 2010

Great Hannah
Hannah - this story is brilliant, have missed you guys the last couple of weeks - glad to hear from you again - really awesome stories - enjoy the next bit.
29th January 2010

Thank you
Thank you Hannah Lewis for posting this beautiful pictures of my home town, if you have some-more pictures then I insist you to kindly post it.
27th January 2010

missed one
just keeping up the record
From Blog: Kerala: Kannur
26th January 2010

Hi there
Hi Guys, Mairi pointed me towards your blog. Good to see you're having a great time. You know, I think I stayed in that very hotel in Pokhara. What a place. Big love to you both from the Flushing Massiv, Jamie
25th January 2010

lovely to hear all your news, everything sounds amazing. its all so detailed and makes us wish we were there. lots and lots of love xxxxx
From Blog: Going, Goa, Gone
20th January 2010

Goan Heights Goin!
What a party. Sounds qualified fun, but just right for new year celebrations. What to say but at least you did not have the snuffling pigs underneath the toilet seats! All needs to be done tho and you are more hooked on India than party Goa, so good judgement there. Ps The story of the snuffling pigs is available to the strong of stomach
From Blog: Going, Goa, Gone
20th January 2010

just shows you the negative western influences on the culture although I am not sure what you call Russian , very sad really You thank people for xmas presents but I didnt send any because nobody told me how or where!! I suppose everyhing has changed radically. good photos although some could be more close up. Look forward to speaking to you soon Lx
From Blog: Going, Goa, Gone
20th January 2010

Brilliant last line - give up writing now and quit like Alan Sheaer - in his prime.
From Blog: Going, Goa, Gone

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