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9th July 2015

Folkestone Road
Hello, just been doing a search for images of our new house, 17 Folestone Road, and came across this blog! My husband and I are due to move over to Singapore from the UK in October this year...perhaps next time you are in the area you can give us a knock and come in for a brew!
10th July 2015

17 Folkestone Road
Hi...great to hear about you moving into this house in October. What a coincidence! It was where my mother lived as my grandfather was working for the foreign office. We now have our own travel business in England but travel regularly. It would be great to come in for a brew when we are next in Singapore. I hope it all goes well. Kind regards. Lewis
24th September 2014

And then when its all done...celebrations. Well done.
31st August 2013

Beautiful memories beautiful people x
29th July 2013

Take Me Home......
WOW! Nothing else to say! No, truly a brilliant description of your last country, NCY definitely being a country in its own right. Your evocative description took me right there, I could taste the cool white wine, see the multihued sunsets, smell the coffee and hear the green man saying walk. Also a great summation of your joint and several skills, now even more finely chiselled.Welcome home....to the future!
22nd July 2013

This adventure is coming to a close.
Appreciate what you have done and dream of the future travels. NYC seems the perfect last stop. An amazing city, indeed! Music fills the air, people rushing here and there....the energy... the vibe, it can't be explained. Can't wait to read about your adventures in Taiwan.
20th July 2013

Good to see you here again:-)
we absolutely loved Capurgana although the thought of the way over there and back still gives me chills haha We also did not make it to the shore because of the fuel shortage haha Actually we have a lot of photos in the same spots as you guys:-) great place that many people skip in Colombia. Great that you made it there:-) B&T
20th July 2013

On our short list
I would love to see this city. What a great photo!
20th July 2013

Oasis of peacefulness and simplicity
Sounds perfect! Glad you didn't let the food or lack of....ruin your adventure. Great stuff and can't wait to read more.
20th July 2013

your great
hiiii.....ohhhh its so an exciting travel..good for you..i'd realy like to have trip to there..i'v never had traveled abroad....its very beautiful dictrict...by the way your pic are so nice..by fatima from iran
14th July 2013

Good to see you blogging again
It is bad when work interferes with travel and writing. Amazing photos. Perserverance is the key to finding an appropriate beach setting.
14th July 2013

lovely to have your blog to read again, now you have the time and right mindset! How can you remember such details? Lookin g forward to some more xxxx
11th October 2012

Good camp journal
I love this camp journal. Pretty pics and honest words. Kudos~! Sorry to hear about the deforestation. I am a Malaysian native and i know what you're talking about. Breaks my heart all the time. I also camp in the jungle almost every month. It's been a long time since i go to Cameron Highlands and it's chilly weather. Some advice from a camper to another though. Malaysia is very rainy. Therefore always bring a good, light flysheet (tarpaulin) when you camp. If possible get a 10 feet by 12 feet or similar, this is large enough to live under and very light and small to carry in an back pack. Put up your half the tent - entrance side, under the flysheet . This is because when it rains (and assume it will rain everyday), you will still have a living area/dry area to do activities and to sit around. Just imagine if you didn't have the gazebo/shelter and it was raining straight for 5-6 hours. You can't cook in your tent, right? And staying in tent for hours on end won't be a good experience unless you're sleeping in it. Just a tip though, but great job there. Love reading this. Gimme a holler by mail if you wanna join in my monthly camping. Cheers, Aditya Veeraksana Veerak.
17th July 2012

Hi, I was very amused to read you blog, I'm from the UK and have been living in Padang for the past 13 years, I'm an English teacher in muslim university and have opened my own orphanage for street kids. Your experiences with the local people is all too familiar, it has taken me many years figure out the culture and how things work. If you ever come back to Padang or have any friends that plan to come here send me an e mail, I'm not a guide hehe, but I know the culture and the people inside out from years of experience and would be happy to help/advise fellow travellers :)
23rd January 2013

Hello there, Sorry not to reply sooner, we have been totally off the blogging scene. But reading your comments about the Mentawai islands has reminded me of how amazing and crazy those times were. 13 years in Padang, wow, and what great work you have been doing there. If we ever return (which I know we would love to) then we will be in contact with you, thank you for the kind offer. Hannah
6th June 2012

where are the names of those islands?
hey! I found your story quite interesting and I am thinking about going there. Could you tell me what the names of those islands are? Thanks so much in advance. Lilly
23rd January 2013

Sorry didn't reply
Hi there, So sorry we didn't reply have been completely out of he blogging loop. The islands are part of the mentawai archipelago, Siberut is the main and largest/most populated island. Masalot is much harder to get to...you have to brave the likes of Mas and Corne! Did you already travel there? Hope your adventures were as wonderful as ours, Hannah
28th October 2011
On the count of three...1...2...3!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Even though the shorts are featuring! I love it! x
28th October 2011
On the count of three...1...2...3!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Even though the shorts are featuring! I love it! x
18th October 2011
A paddling pool full of fish

Its a really a great padding pool for fishes.After seeing this pool on your blog i decided to buy it.Please let me know from where I can get it.
15th October 2011
Ferries at Tarakan port

hai there....
Im from Tarakan :D...thanks for visiting and coming back :D
23rd July 2011

Great trip in a wonderful place, on the bucketlist, Enjoyed your photos, happy travels
22nd July 2011
A woodpecker knocks

Wow what an evocative description
the flow of the script moving with the river , the rhythm timing with the paddles you invoke the spirit sound and soul of the amazon yourselves a simple and natural part with Jose a javier
12th June 2011

Well done;-)
Great story and the fact that you did it on your own- just fantastic;-) Enjoy;-) B&T
8th June 2011
amidst the salt piles

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